TSE2 – Selections

By: Derek Yu

On: January 29th, 2009

The Spirit Engine 2 - Selections

Josh “TwiTerror” Whelchel has just released The Spirit Engine 2 – Selections for free (as torrent or direct download). “Selections” contains 22 songs from the massive 101 song soundtrack of TSE2 (which is available for $16). You can read a highly favorable review of the latter on RPGFan.

There’s also this great live recording of a 28-track TSE2 arrangement, for those interested. Thanks, Josh!

TIGdb: Entry for The Spirit Engine 2

  • Battlerager

    This is great stuff.

  • MisterX

    I don’t need to say that I am very happy about this and like the songs a lot. Thanks, Josh!

  • Tet

    Never played the game, but the music is great.

  • Nosslak

    Why do they bother making a torrent file and then they won’t even seed it themselves?http://tigsource.com/articles/markup_help/4

  • barold

    game128.32.43.43??????CV0?ContentState::PresumedHam???$??????f??D????l#????-CommentdustinIn case anyone’s on the fence, this game is fun as hell, and challenging without ever getting cheap.

    It’s also faster paced than any metal slug or contra despite having to use your fists in leau of guns??CV0?`??CV0?`52d57c4e-4f55-4a09-b17f-a1fb0ab74571??L! ??$L???? ???D????T????-CommentDerekYes! Thanks for catching this, Xander. $20 bucks very, VERY well spent. :)??CV0??CV0???cddaa1ff-c479-41de- 9864-381edd7ef0ab??L! ??$?????(e??D?????l????-CommentZoramWith the Euro so strong lately, it’s really a small price. Just a question, how big is the download of the full version? Right now I’m on a strict bandwidth limit, so I must know

  • Josh

    It’s about 311MB (the soundtrack)