Kyle Gabler’s Global Game Jam Keynote

By: Derek Yu

On: February 4th, 2009

Here is 2d Boy‘s Kyle Gabler, giving a keynote for the worldwide Global Game Jam, which took place this past weekend (Kyle appears at 1:40). As to be expected, it’s a pretty hilarious and informative video, although I noticed a continuity error – at around 5:45 Kyle is wearing a jacket, but before that he isn’t. Also, at around 1:45 I was not wearing pants, whereas before I was.

I demand an explanation.

  • I Like Cake

    It’s okay: I hear Kyle just has that effect on people.

  • Powergloved Andy

    Saw’d this keynote a couple of days ago. He’s right. Art games are totally in!

  • Super-Toad

    mysteries of the clothes :D

  • Sergio

    Thanks Kyle, I learned so much!

  • qrrbrbirlbel


  • Raigan

    I want to know what some of those games in the montage were.. one looked like a giant biped made of springs!

  • Blechkkk!

    Ya, Art games are totally the shit right now… unfortunately that’s literally the truth… Many of the art-games (artsy games? artsy fartsy games?) Are shit! Many of them belong up Peter Molyneux’s bum where they should stay and ferment until they turn into flowers and rose buds.

    Funny Keynote though…


    He’s Yellow because he had just met the green fairy!

  • lumpi

    Yellow is better than geek-pale… at least I think that was the gaffer’s concept.

  • doft

    so, keeping Objective point of view is the most important. right?

  • qrrbrbirlbel

    greeny fairy… absinth?!

    i thought it might be liver failure or something. poor guy

  • Eclipse

    why there’s mid aged people before kyle? who they are? : that’s quite creepy

  • Eclipse

    also Kyle looks as the yellow guy from Sin City and that’s scary as well.

  • nihilocrat

    hahahahahahaha white eyeliner. Golden.

  • nihilocrat

    >> why there’s mid aged people before kyle? who they are? : that’s quite creepy

    Let’s say some game developer first played video games on his Atari 2600 when he was, say, 10 years old (plausible) when it came out in 1977. This would mean they were born in 1967, which means they are… :shudder: 42 years old!

    Cmon guys, just because you are middle-aged and create video games, or hell, even just like them, doesn’t mean you’re “creepy”

  • Eclipse

    but those ones were ._.

  • MikeK

    Yes! the more you care the higher the chances you’ll fail… its so true!

    Are some of the games that were made going to be featured here?

  • alspal

    As long as you don’t enjoy playing or making your game, then it will be really awesome!

  • gustav

    i guess that explains why I ALWAYS FAIL BAWWW

  • http://http gnat

    coool. Can’t wait to see all of the projects that come of this.

  • DragonSix

    “Yes! the more you care the higher the chances you’ll fail… its so true!”

    I disagree. The more you care, the more you’re willing to put a lot of time and effort into it. Motivation, that is.

    Though… The side effect is that you’re more and more exigent with the results. I guess that’s what was his point.
    I’m too unforgiving with my own games… and I never released anything.

  • Teknogames

    most awesome video ever. Love the explosion titles

  • gulo gulo

    i just realized
    games are kind of lame

  • gulo gulo

    not because of the video though

  • MikeK

    DragonSix.. Yes, what you stated is obvious. I agree, it would be stupid for me to not agree with you. I mean i care a lot and thats how i put in a lot of effort myself.

    Basically if i were to re word it i’d just say “Don’t force it”. The more you “force it” the worse things are.

    By care i meant (and believe kyle means) more of “don’t care what other people think”. The one time i did a competition where i didn’t care so much about what other people thought, it turned out they loved it the most. Thats what i mean by failing. Being carefree in SOME facets of your being can yield better results. Obviously Motivation and passion are not these facets.. Sorry if i blurred all those lines together in my really short post.

  • Valkyrie

    You also have to realize the context when he says, “Don’t care.” This is about making a game in 48 hours, where you’d lack the luxury of time to perfect every last detail. If you get caught up one thing, putting the care and attention into it you would a long-term project, the rest of the game isn’t going to be made. I took it as “Don’t linger” rather than “Don’t think your game will be any good.”

  • RMVX

    Never knew the Tyra Banks show was educational :o