Make My Head Grow / 4’33” of Uniqueness

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: February 8th, 2009

Make My Head Grow is a two player competitive game of head-smashing and box-pushing, made within 48 hours, that recently cleaned up at the 2009 Nordic Game Jam. I find its gameplay remarkably disturbing.

(Thanks Renaud!)

While I’m here, I might as well post Petri‘s “experimental art game” entry (which apparently Heather and ’ Site">Cactus contributed to) called <a href=“” title=“4’33” of Uniqueness">4′33″ of Uniqueness. It makes me feel a little bit sad.

Check out Kokoromi’s site for more info and also pictures as well!

  • BMcC

    Heather! I had no idea you were all the way over there. Super cool! Are you gonna upload your talk?

  • Berbank

    Damn this is good.

  • Bennett

    It makes me jealous when people have such brilliant, simple and original ideas.

  • pyabo

    WTF is going on in that game? Some explain the gameplay concept, cuz I’m just not getting it.

  • YakAttack!

    This is why I love the independent gaming scene. Hahah.

  • Secret Admirer

    4?33? of Uniqueness was fucking great, but I can’t beat it haha

  • Turgid

    pyabo: Looks like you “charge up” your guy by banging his head into the floor, then use that stored mass to ram the other guy off the platform. It’s all about choosing when to charge up and when to bang the other player.

  • FISH

    just wait a few weeks.

    thats my strategy.

  • PHeMoX

    Remarkably disturbing, but remarkably brilliant as well. Awesome.

  • Edmund

    what no AVGM!

  • Phasma Felis

    BMcC: You left off the “Windows” and “Multiplayer” tags. :)

  • Anthony Flack

    Video no longer available? Already?

  • Cobalt

    Make My Head Grow is an awesome title for anything.

  • sinoth

    why is the game 55 megs. WHYYYY

  • Glaiel Gamer

    it’s a flash game, why haven’t they released it online?

  • Cobalt

    4’33” of Uniqueness makes me feel a little bit sad, too. It makes me want to kick the creator’s head.

  • Francker

    The reason for MMHG being a 55 file is that it was done in 48 hours over a weekend. Optimizing the size of animations and sound was not given a thought :P

  • Flamebait

    I like the visual and audio design, but the actual mechanical “game” part is so vapid as to make the whole thing pointless.

  • .


  • Blueberry_pie

    Ugh, too many damn griefers taking all the fun out of 4?33? of Uniqueness.

  • Cas

    This “game” looks like utter fucking rubbish.

    Cas :)

  • BMcC

    A slap on the wrist for you, Cas.

    There’s no need to be so rude.

  • sinoth

    I want a slap bracelet too :(

  • Loki


  • Eddie

    boom shaka-laka boom!

  • Cas

    I feel like being rude these days. Both of these “games” give rubbish a good name.

  • noah

    love the art and music in make my head grow, dont love the gameplay and dont see why its unique. 433 is conceptually interesting, not all that interesting to play though

  • Quetz

    I love 4’33”. I try it out every now and then (feeling a little bad about probably ruining someone else’s game.) Farthest I’ve gotten is about halfway.

  • Ezuku

    This game scares me. A lot.

  • moboid

    Hey guys.
    yeah I still need to upload my talk.

    But better yet, I just uploaded the NGJ version gaba aba by Cactus+Friends. It’s on my blog which is also linked from kokoromi. Jonatan might do a cleaned up version later but for now, get it right here!

  • pnutz

    I can’t wait for Make My Head Grow Deluxe.

  • BMcC

    Petri didn’t make Make My Head Grow.

    Joke ruined.

  • Kobel

    Cas is absolutely right. It’s almost like they just made this shit in a day or two.

  • Chris

    Has anyone actually finished 4’33”? I’m no griefer, but even I realised how easy it would be to be a jerk with windows task scheduler.
    Set to run the program every, say, 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

  • gulo gulo

    john cage games are the best composer games

  • Quetz

    Oh man, I just beat 4’33”.The ending will change your life.

  • Jason

    oh yes i completed 4″33′
    Youve obviously got a better chance if you start in a strange hour of the day

  • Petri Purho

    This thing will make playing the game much more interesting:

  • Cougarten

    @Quetz: did they have to name it end_screen.bmp ?