Gang Garrison 2.0

By: Derek Yu

On: February 10th, 2009

Gang Garrison

The aftershocks of the demake compo are still being felt – FAUCET’s Gang Garrison has just reached a feature-packed 2.0. Quoth mrfredman:

Remember Gang Garrison, the TF2 demake that burst out of the Bootleg Demake’s competition? Well, we pretty much haven’t stopped working on the game since its initial release, and its come a very long way. Where it was once an amusing but unfinished prototype, Gang Garrison is now a complete and polished game with tons of new features. Whether you’ve played some of our older builds or you’re totally new to the game, I highly recommend you stop by our site and download the latest version, it completely blows all previous incarnations out of the water.

All 9 classes from Team Fortress 2 are now represented. I had a go at them earlier this afternoon and they’re all very unique and fun to play. Joining a game was very painless, and while I did encounter some lag, it usually wasn’t too bad.

GG 2.0 has more of everything – more options, more maps, more communication, and more explosions. Talking about it makes me want to go play another few rounds. Good work, guys!

TIGdb: Entry for Gang Garrison 2

  • Your Mother

    Also try: CAVE STORY, Knytt Stories


  • pach

    I love how Dixie Normus made it into the screencap. Pronounce his name outloud if you don’t get it.

    Find me in game as “-_-“

  • Permanent

    This is a good advertisement for TF2, why isn’t Valve trying to crush it?

  • cliftor

    Don’t be silly. This is VAVLE you’re talking about.

    They’re the ones who, rather than crushing love-songs, give them jobs or official funding!

  • alspal

    Unfortunate that the graphics are a little inconsistent, having a mix of various pixel resolutions.

  • pach

    we tried to keep it as consistent as possible, but if you’ve ever worked with pixels, it’s very difficult. Previous versions were all the same resolution, but that limited the game greatly. So compromises were made. I don’t think it’s so terrible that graphics are inconsistent.

    Plus a lot of the user-made maps are very detailed but at a high resolution. We couldn’t just turn them away.

    BTW, all the art are made of single pixel blocks zoomed in around 6 times. The actual art is much smaller.

  • Anonymous

    Good job, gUYs

  • Valkyrie

    If anything, Valve would probably hire them or give them props on Steam or something. Unfortunately, I lagged too much on the Demake build to fully enjoy it. Damned internet.

  • Bleagle

    I just tried it and I have to say its nearly unplayable for me. The most annoying things are the stairs. It takes me 4 minutes to get on a little platform because I have to stand at the exact right point to jump on it. But if you run up a stair, you usually end up at the end, and if you run down its the same. Its so hard to stand on the right pixel. And how the hell do you pick up your “Flag” after you killed the enemy holding it? My team was jumping around, trying to catch it, and an enemy runner came by and just took it again. Trying to follow him, but NO. Theres this freakin stair again. Without double jump its impossible.
    And the invisible guy needs to be made more invisible, or change the whole concept, because you always see him. Maybe make it that he cant move while being real invisible.
    I hope you understand my “stair-problem”. At least the game doesnt lag for me…

  • Rayza Black

    You can pick your flag back up, you just defend it till it goes back, DUH! Haven’t you played Tf2?

  • Boo

    the “invisible guy” (Infiltrator) does go completely invisible. Here’s how it works: the infiltrator is invisible to anyone he stands behind. You can also right-click and he’ll go completely invisible. However, being hit by a bullet will reveal him for a moment and he will bleed a bit.While completely invisible, you can left click to stab. Grabbing “flag” will undo the complete invisibility though.

    As for your stairs problem, just stop at the spot where you will be moving, and jump. I’m not entirely sure what your problem is.

  • none

    It would be great if this game would be polished enough for Valve to support it! Anyone remember Codename: Gordon?

  • Eclipse

    pach said about 6 hours later:
    “we tried to keep it as consistent as possible, but if you’ve ever worked with pixels, it’s very difficult.”

    it’s not, it is the base :

    none said about 13 hours later:
    “It would be great if this game would be polished enough for Valve to support it! Anyone remember Codename: Gordon?”

    unluckly yes, cool idea but the game was crap…

  • none

    I always deemed Codename: Gordon as being pretty average, I hate 2d platformers with mouse-aiming, it just feels loose.

    Anyway, apparently someone has posted a thread over at the Steampowered User Forums! Nice.

  • Gandalf

    I already posted my review, so go ahead an read it!

  • PHeMoX

    I’d try to poke Valve, they might be interested in a Steamy deal. ;)

    I’d have to say though that it would very much surprise me if Valve would accept the inconsistency in the graphics resolutions. :(

  • Bleagle

    Thank you very much Rayza and Boo! I indeed never played the original. (my pc could never handle it) Thanks for the info with the infiltrator!
    And the thing with the flag is strange, never played a game with this kind of mechanic.
    I played only 2-3 maps and the stairs were a big problem on those. Ill search the map names and tell you. Its just that on short stairs its hard to stop at the point I want to stop because you keep “gliding” the stair up after releasing the button. It feels a bit glitchy. But I do not say the game is bad. I really like it. Great job on that demake!

  • ssid

    Gee whizz, another awesome demake that is WINDOWS only >:/


    For those who don’t know, pressing Q on the class select screen lets you play as a secret person…

  • Corpus

    ssid, applaud non-Windows versions, but don’t whine about the lack thereof as if it’s a surprise to you.

  • Leroy

    Low-res graphics combined with hi-res looks awful :-(

    I don’t judge a game by its graphics, but this is something that stands out too much.

  • ZombiePixel

    What, no Linux version? What do you guys work for Micro$haft or something?! There’s gotta be at least 2 people who would play it if you released a Linux version!

  • Flamebait

    I don’t like it. The gameplay is impressively TF-esque in spite of the fewer dimensions, and the balancing isn’t that much worse than TF2 itself [/stab]. But the input delay makes it unbearable (I guess there’s no client-side prediction). And there isn’t as much depth (no pun intended) of maneuver and tactics as in the original.

    It is a good effort though, and I didn’t like TF2 anyway. TFC is one of my favourites.

  • Z

    The inconsistency of resolutions isn’t that much of a problem, I think. What put me off the game was the incredible lag, you cannot play well when there’s a 2 seconds delay between every action-reaction. Otherwise, it’s pretty fun.

  • pach

    To those complaining about lag and delays: Join a different server!

    It’s not the game, it’s the server you’re on. The most reliable servers [as said by the community] are “Bacon Town” and “[w00t].”

    And if you still can’t get a good nonlag game, host your own server. It’s really easy; read about it in the ReadMe or on the Forums. You do need to port-forward your router, but just search how to do that for Game Maker on Google.

    Trust me, on a server there is virtually no lag.

  • Flamebait

    pach, it’s the game. The local machine’s response to the player’s input should be near-instantaneous, i.e. equal to that of a single-player game. This has been the case of almost every real-time online multiplayer game ever made.

    I recall Half-Life mods being playable at latencies around 300 ms. Gang Garrison’s delays are too jarring for me even at ~100 ms. Guess you could get used to it, and it might even be a design decision. But the delay is definitely because of the game… you’d have to play on a server with a very low latency (~20 ms) for it to be unnoticeable, and I bet few of us live close enough to any of the servers.


    Well I’ve played the old versions of this quite a lot and the lag is still annoying as hell. If there are too many players it’s virtually impossible to be useful without being a heavy, because it’s way too laggy to snipe or pull off some awesome demo moves.

  • pach


    I really don’t understand. It could be just a few people because to the best of my knowledge, there is virtually no lag to most of the community on the right servers. The delay of a keystroke is definitely not perfect, but it also shouldn’t be noticeable.

    Try disabling particles and gibs in the options menu. Oftentimes the mass explosions cause lag spikes.

  • Flamebait

    pach: Just played on an official server, and it was the same problem: a constant and relatively long input delay, just not quite as long a as last time. Still makes control difficult.

  • Hempuli

    This lag appears almost every time I play it, though never so bad that I couldn’t play. I love this game.

  • d3sphil

    thoughts: Awesome! Love all the puns; smoke, faucet, etc… I play this game more than most others at the moment, but I just bought Flower, so that might take over for a couple days.

    lag: I had bad lag at first, but I’ve changed servers, and it’s alright. Every now and then it spikes, but overall ok. There is a bit of getting used to the movement; its a bit unresponsive at times.