World of Goo Now on Linux

By: Derek Yu

On: February 13th, 2009

World of Goo Linux

Still hot, still 100% DRM-free.

  • PHeMoX

    What? No jump? ^^

    Awesome news though.

  • Eclipse

    i’d love to support linux too in my future game, but for huge games it can be quite an hassle… read that interesting post about it on j. blow blog to know what i mean :P

    great news for the linux people anyway

  • OrR

    Awesome! And just in time for my switch to a new PC running Ubuntu! :)

  • RazZziel

    And with improved manymouse niceness!

  • Troy RULES

    Bro, IWBTG took me like two days to beat. Granted, they were during the last two days of high school so that’s all I was doing on my laptop, BUT STILL.

  • Troy RULES

    Don’t mind my last post, that was meant for the post blog post above it.

  • Breadcultist

    The Windows demo seemed to run flawlessly in Wine. I’ll check out the Lunix demo anyway. Maybe I’ll buy the full game… I quite liked the demo.

    But right now I’m in the mood for something more violent and digital…

  • Cobalt

    Nice to see GNU/Linux being supported and DRM being kicked in the head. I’m not really into puzzle games, though…

  • MikeK

    …..still 90% > piracy rate..


  • namuol

    “Porting” can be a hassle, yes.

    But if you develop the engine with multi-platform support in mind from the get-go, it’s not bad at all to support Linux, or OSX for that matter.

    Granted, supporting varying hardware can be a major chore in and of itself.

    The real trouble is when it comes to advanced graphics techniques, because video drivers vary tremendously across OSs, thanks to vendors. <3

    Kudos to 2D boy. The question is, do I buy the Linux version of WoG even though I already have the Wii version?

  • Cougarten


  • Ilia Chentsov

    The demo installs, but won’t run on my EEE PC.

  • handsom harry

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