Super Meat Boy Teaser

By: Derek Yu

On: February 19th, 2009

Makes me hungry! And here’s an interview with SMB manly men Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, on Destructoid.

  • gnome


  • Eclipse

    the video is really full of errors but is pretty weird and appealing at the same time

  • sockpuppet

    wow that was sad…and sad…

  • PoV


  • Jad

    It’s so .. 90s MTV O:

  • Terry

    That’s absolutely brilliant.

  • Trotim

    Jumper rip-off

  • Jamal

    Super Mario Brothers called. They want their initials back.

    Nice vid.

  • Adamski

    Cool advert, but I dont remember the original game being that spectacular… Can anything get on wiiware nowadays?

  • dot scary thing.

  • Fuzz

    “It’s like on America’s Funniest Home Videos when a baby accidentally throws up in its parents mouth when they are playing airplane. It’s gross … but the baby is still cute, so it defaults back to amusing in the end. Where as if Tommy and I were playing airplane, and I puke in his mouth people would probably think that’s pretty gross… ”
    Edmund McMillen is amazing.

  • IceNine

    Needs moar gameplay footage.

  • pnutz

    That was all in-game.

  • Huzzah

    that wasn’t ingame footage

    why have a trailer, if you’re not gonna show in game footage

    for all we know, that could be the in game footage

  • Alec


    Your mom is in-game footage.

  • Edmund

    You cant have ingame footage when it doesnt exist. This trailer was made to get people who dont know anything about meat boy interested in what meat boy is.

    its a teaser.

    gameplay videos will come in the next 3-4 months

  • Jamey

    I second Adamski. I really don’t see what was spectacular about the first Meat Boy. Actually, I thought the graphics were wonky and the gameplay was tedious. There was a strange “I need to beat this level” force to it, but I really didn’t have any fun while playing.

  • trav

    holy Jesus, that was messed up! HE ATE HIS LEG!

    P.S. moah game play footage needed

  • Masna

    Huh… this looks like it could be good. =)

  • Anthony Flack

    Unfortunately, I still don’t know anything about Meat Boy, except I’m guessing it will be a bit sick. I’d need to know more to become interested.

  • !CE-9

    holy shit dudes, best teaser ever.

  • Fuzz

    Anthony- The original Meatboy is on Newgrounds, so you can just search for it there to get a taste of the game. It’s a vertically scrolling platformer. It’s not actually particularly gross, your character just leaves a trail of blood wherever he goes, and the villain is a fetus in a jar with a suit, top hat, and monocle named Dr. Fetus.

  • Robotacon

    Does the guy with the horrible teeth carry a fetus inside him???

  • Fuzz

    I don’t think that that guy is even in the game, but you never know…

  • Anthony Flack

    Fuzz – thanks, will do