Relay for Life – Indie Music Cancer Drive

By: Derek Yu

On: March 18th, 2009

Relay for Life

Last year, Josh “TwiTerror” Whelchel and the independent game community raised over $800 for Relay for Life, a program sponsored by the American Cancer Society to help patients with cancer and to honor those who have died. Josh did this by selling copies of the very excellent Spirit Engine 2 soundtrack for $5.

For this year’s Relay for Life he’s hoping to raise even more by giving donors (of at least $10) a digital soundtrack that will contain music from a variety of talented musicians, including Kyle Gabler (World of Goo), Alec Holowka (Aquaria, Paper Moon), and my good buddy David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter). If you donate $25 or more, you’ll receive the soundtrack on disc. Not only that, but Josh will throw in a free copy of his upcoming album for anyone who donates $10+!

It’s a fantastic deal by itself. The fact that you get to beat up cancer at the same time makes it a must-have! Let’s try to blow Josh’s $1500 goal out of the water!

  • Rolf Soldaat

    Well they have my 15 dollars.
    I love paypal (and indie music).

  • TeeGee

    Great idea! Donated.

  • Quetz

    Just kind of curious, will the physical album have a proper cover and/or liner notes?

  • Mark-P

    This is fantastic stuff. Good cause + great indie game music. It doesn’t get much better.

  • Troy RULES

    I haven’t heard of a single one of those musicians.


  • kongming

    Shut up, Troy.

  • Alec


  • Alehkhs

    Wow, this is taking the indie community to a new level. Great idea guys, my money is on the way!

  • Banana

    I’m still waiting for that game where you play a distressed mulatto lesbian single mother with AIDS in a wheelchair who’s given up on the deadbeat father who’s white w/ blonde hair and blue eyes and in the military, then traveling the world helping thrid world countries build water purifiers and eventually become president of the United States only to then get pneumonia or tuberculosis and die and be buried in a landfill out of compassion for all ages, races, diabilities, creeds, colors, and orientations. I mean, think about the children, dammit!

  • Josh

    Wow Derek! Thanks for posting this (:

    @Quetz – You will receive a shrinkwrapped CD with full album art, jewel case, printed CD, and the likes.

    Thanks again everyone! (:

  • Evalia

    Love Relay for Life, I try my best to participate every year in some way – last year I joined with the Merry Young Widows of Caledon group in preparing a racy calendar, with all proceeds to RfL in Second Life. The RfL communities in SL are huge!

  • Josh

    Oh, I also want to update:

    We up’d the goal to $2,500 because we still have a month to raise money.

    Furthermore, talented singer/producer/pianist Karen Kosowski is also contributing. One more name to add to the list (:

    Thanks again everyone! Your participation has been phenomenal.

  • Cobalt

    Big Giant Circles? I saw him on OC Remix. He made a remix of Go Down from Unreal Tournament and it’s pretty sweet.

  • Edmund

    i wish this included indie games as well, i would have gladly donated a few games for this.


  • romulo

    definetely going to jump in and donate. Is the music you receive DRM and GPL? What is the license and conditions to use the music on another works?

  • romulo

    ops DRM free i meant, my bad.

  • Josh

    It is DRM free. The music includes some re-arrangements among other things, so it will probably be closed license to be safe.

  • BeamSplashX

    WHOA David Saulesco. Haven’t seen that name in a looooong time. Also, my moratorium on spending money (college!) is filling me with conflict as to whether I should get this…