GDC ’09: Fez Trailer II

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: March 24th, 2009

Internets, rejoice! Over a year in the making, it’s finally here. The second Fez trailer.

Another TIGSOURCE EXCLUSIVE, courtesy of Polytron Corporation.

  • BMcC

    So. Good.

  • Gravious

    2nd post!


    Ok, so yeah, looks much nicer, more polished :D

    Cant wait

  • Lazer

    I just cried a little.

  • Mayor McCheese

    I can’t wait. I’m screaming!

  • XUE

    the music is beautiful.

  • BMcC

    **@ Leigh:** LOL indeed, sir!

  • XUE

    (…and so is everything else in the trailer.)

  • GirlFlash

    looking really sweet, so is 2009 the release year of the game or did polytron just want to date the video? =p

  • Blake

    damn! (that’s cool)

  • Chris Whitman

    OH MAN!

    That looks crazy good.

  • Dr Haisook

    Looks really great. And that 8-bit inspired music is even more awesome.

  • Splinter of Chaos

    The trailer had me at [beep] [beep].

  • Garbled

    Sweet, finally. Oh hey, black holes and flashlight mode~

  • Gravious


    After going away for a while and then watching it again, my feeling is the game seems to have changed fairly fundamentally.

    This video really shows fez as being a 3d game with graphics that look 2d in screenshots, far more than being a 2d platformer it seems more of a 3d puzzle than it did before?

    I may be wrong.

    Also, anyone else getting a strong EVE Online vibe from the (awesome) soundtrack?

  • jsut

    Anyone know who is making that lovely music for them?

  • RT-55J

    Cave Story rip- *gets shot*

  • Bennett

    OMG Speccy graphics! SOLD!

  • Bennett

    (I’m serious, by the way)

  • K

    XBLA bound ?(please)

  • Mark

    Anyone know a mirror for this video? It won’t play for me here.

  • KniteBlargh


  • Flamebait

    I dig the post-punkie chiptune.

  • roffelol

    other than the 8 bit graphics, how is this going to be different from C.R.U.S.H?

  • IceNine

    I don’t think it ever was a 2D platformer. The gameplay in the trailer looks similar to the version we got to play at GDC last year. Still looks like you flip the camera one side at a time. I don’t think you can move when you use the free-form rotation camera.

  • Ampersand

    Am I the only one who finds the music for this otherwise charming and nostalgic game downright annoying? I am a fan of 8-bit music just like the next guy but next to the classic works of genius such as “Bionic Command”, “Gremlins 2”, “T.M.N.T.”, and “Ninja Gaiden”, these chip tunes are neither memorable nor appealing.

  • Garbled

    WTF, my post got ate.

    @ Mark
    Try the original source on Vimeo:
    vimeo dot com slash 3841540

    @ Ampersand
    I do find (and have been finding) the music a bit lacking. Actually, a lot lacking. Frowny face.

  • vanarbulax


  • Eclipse

    looks awesome.

    roffelol: GTFO…

  • Taro

    please please bring it to XBLA!

  • Ben

    @ Ampersand

    Yes you are.

    The music is super sweet, and about 500x better then anything I heard during my 8bit gaming days

  • Dragon MC


    I can’t wait.
    Now, what platform is this going to be for, so I can start saving up?

  • Garbled

    I posted a post but it kept getting ate.

    @ Ampersand, no, I agree with you. There are a lot of superb chiptunes and faux/pseudo-chiptunes out there, and this is lacking.

  • IceNine

    It’s written in C#/XNA so it’ll be on either or both Windows and Xbox.

  • mirosurabu

    What’s the genre of the music in this trailer? Chi[ea]p trance? ;P

    It’s decent though.

  • DalaranJ

    I’m worried FEZ is falling behind The Underside in terms of trailer production rate.

  • Paul Eres

    “Am I the only one who finds the music for this otherwise charming and nostalgic game downright annoying?”

    As bad as it is, pointing out that it’s bad in an insensitive way is worse. :)

  • Jad


    Oh man, you didn’t listen

    You didn’t even try

    Go back to those chiptune and just LISTEN to what happened there in them good old days.

    I mean yeah the chords are more trance:y than anything that you heard during the chip 80s but what the hell

    journey to silius
    castlevania 2:belmont’s revenge (gb)
    castlevania 3


    They fucked around with volume to create fake-delay echo, blipped and blopped around notes in octaves to create fullness of sound that noone would believe a pulse synth would have, the western composers bathed themselves in arpeggios and fat chords while the japanese used quirky compositions and arpeggiating melodies, countermelodies and basslines to imply advanced jazz harmonics in a medium where you can only play 3 (sometimes 4) at once.

    This is .. a square/pulse bassline and then some phasing in/out pulse wave notes and some noise-based drums.

    I mean. Just. It’s good music, it creates a very nice feeling (though I don’t feel it suits the game 100%) using limited resources, but…

    It is simply not 500 times better than the game music of old. I know this is a subjective issue so I dunno why I’m arguing about this but I’m just trying to say ..

    This music is good, I agree, but I URGE YOU to listen to some old nes music and just FROLICK around in the yummy fullness and richness of the sound.

    and if you don’t like it then ok. Nerdrage over.

  • BMcC

    **@ Gravy:** Nah, the game’s always been like this.

    **@ Whoever:** The music is great. Chippy tones, but much slicker than the wall-of-sound approach in most old games. (At least, that’s my opinion.)

    It’s by Jason “6955” DeGroot, who has done crazy chiptune remixes in the “traditional” style before. Fez’s tracks have clear intent.

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    Oh my god. Once he entered the cave my heart stopped. Style to the max.

  • Jad

    BMcC: Yah, does hold true for a lot of classic tunes like the super mario bros theme song, most megaman songs, bubble bobble, etc.

    But on the other hand castlevania 3, kirby’s adventure .. there are still lots of nuanced stuff there O:

    Man, I’m really coming off as the naysayer, well, I do really like the track and it’s obvious that the composer knows what he’s doing, and that the simple utilization of pure soundwaves without faux-delay and bloppiness or arpeggios is intended and not sign of lack of skills. So yes. Happy rant over .. ?


  • BMcC

    **@ Jad:** Yeah, there are definitely some gems from back then. I was responding to that other guy more than you, I guess. I wanted to point out that the tracks are stylized and purposefully different from the average chiptune.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    My nipples are so hard right now.

  • rz.

    OMG. so sexy. <33333333333333