Malstrums Mansion

By: Derek Yu

On: April 1st, 2009

Malstrums Mansion

Malstrums Mansion is a free, browser-based adventure game from ACE Team, the creators of the upcoming first-person brawler Zeno Clash. Visually, it looks like an old Macintosh game, and the various macabre backdrops are gorgeously rendered in black and white. Not too surprising, considering that Zeno Clash was an IGF Finalist for Visual Art this year.

The game, which is inspired by Shadowgate, is suitably spooky, and even though it doesn’t quite live up to the NES classic, it’s still quite cool. (A save feature would have been welcome, though.)

TIGdb: Entry for Malstrums Mansion

  • dcalogue

    We are actually thinking of stop doing big games (like Zeno Clash, too much work) and start doing this adventure games… I just hope the market isn’t too saturated!

  • Powergloved Andy

    The adventure market can never be too saturated! Blasphemy! Also, this is great fun!

  • IceNine

    First thing I thought of when I saw the screenshot was old Apple games and lo and behold, the game runs on a Pear OS :) The old school instruction manual DRM was an awesome touch. I kind of miss adventure games and I think theyre due for a resurgence. Very cool game, what a throwback.

  • Bennett

    Shadowgate was a Mac classic first, thankyou very much.

  • phubans

    Nice find! I loved Shadowgate and The Uninvited. I played this for several minutes and got to the mausoleum but died and yeah… A save feature would have been nice :P

  • Kenzya

    I wish I could examine multiple items instead of having to go back and forth between the buttons…

    But I am having fun with this game!

  • Nemo07

    Uh… what happened to this article on the front page? It’s all gibberish and what looks like a part of some (really strange!) comment conversation…

    WTF Derek.

  • Nemo07

    …and now it’s gone. I’m going to look absolutely insane, aren’t I?

  • FUCK

    I can’t finish it, I’m up to the room with the two coffins.
    Can’t figure out what to do!

  • louis

    I am presently stuck there too. I love the game so far, but I sure would like a hint :)

  • phubans

    That’s the room that killed me ;_;

  • Aaron

    I’m absolutely loving this game, but I’m also stuck in the room with the coffins and I’d also sure like a hint.

  • Hinter

    If you go to the fireplace with the crow above it, use the crow, and use the knife on the door.
    Dunno what you can do through it though ._.

  • Powergloved Andy

    I can’t make it far. I end up getting blown up or mawl’d by an animal. I’m decent at adventure games, too. I can’t figure it!

  • Powergloved Andy

    nevermind, I figured it out. =P

  • cbordeu

    go to …there is a whole section dedicated to the game… :)

  • Jay

    what a great blast from the past!

  • Stargoat

    Shadowgate is one of my favourite adventure games. Gonna check this out now!


    I finished it, pretty cool.

    For people stuck at the coffin room:
    Break the third grave stone with your shovel.
    Look to the left tower for a key.

  • renkin

    ‘Shadowgate’ was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the image. Amazing game, not least the music (NES-version). Gonna try this.

  • gnome

    Fantastic. Possibly the best web based thing I’ve played these last months AND it came complete with a faux vintage Apple GUI. Besides hadn’t played anything like Shadowgate since , err, Uninvited.

  • Vallen

    This reminds me of Avatar, a browser-based multiplayer RPG. It is from the same developer who created Noctis.

    Check it out, but be prepared to be a little patient and die a few times before getting the hang of the game.

  • Joseph

    Seeing a Mac Classic-ish desktop running inside a browser on an OS X desktop makes me feel funny. In a good way.

  • deadeye

    This game looks pretty sweet. It’s exactly the kind of game I wanted to make (and tried to make) when I was a kid. Damn, I miss HyperCard :P

  • nitram cero

    I won it, it’s more addictive than some newer games I can think of.

    It’s a good game, with about an hour of gameplay for sure.

  • WOoSh!

    What does the code it gives you do?

  • mcc

    This looks fantastic, it seems a big unforgiving about not having a huge monitor though?

  • yns88

    Well, we won’t find out until the game is released.

    Things like this are the real gems of April 1st :)