Wolfire Quits Overgrowth to Work on New Game

By: Derek Yu

On: April 1st, 2009

Small Tank

In what’s undeniably an intelligent and well-considered move, Wolfire Games have decided to drop their current project, Overgrowth, to work on Small Tank, a game that features a very small and cute tank. Although furry-lovers are bound to be angry over the switch, I think I respect Wolfire’s decision. Because quite frankly, the world isn’t yet ready for a rabbit with boobs that aren’t at least a D cup.

  • robert

    Yeah, I laughed

  • http://lumberingdream.com/ !CE-9

    maximum respect to Wolfire.=)

    …even on a day like this.

  • Xion

    I totally forgot what day it was.

    I’m totally looking forward to this tho. Overgrowth was gonna be lame anyway, no doubt. Everyone knows rabbits can’t ninja.

  • Lorne Whiting


    Anyway, this is totally sexually exciting for me, because I am not into the bestiality scene of Overgrowth, but midgets? Certainly.

  • Sergio

    My heart skipped a beat before my brain caught up a second later. Good work…

  • Opinion guy

    I’m so looking forward to this game, it’s gonna be fucking epic!
    Seriously, who wants to play a rabbit, and ninja the shit out of dogs, wolves, cats, and other creatures?
    That’s for furfags, clearly!

    Now, Baby Borns in tanks, that’s a real man’s game!

  • Levin

    April shit

  • alspal

    This game looks so much better than Overgrowth

  • nine

    I wants the chibi MGS. friggin April.

  • Michael Yamada

    I hate april fool’s day for I am a fool.

  • Paul Eres

    Also Nintendo won a lawsuit over platformers, so all platformer indie games will soon be removed from the TIGSource website, forums, and database. This includes Cave Story, Iji, etc. You may want to make backups before we delete them all. :)

  • bateleur

    Why do some commenters have to spoil all the fun? When I saw this post I was looking forward to all the fine comedy in the comments thread. :-(

  • Nikica

    Oh jesus, I was like no please don’t do that, I didn’t move for 1 minute and when I clicked on comments while I was waiting that the page loads I remembered what day it is. I hope Overgrowth will be out this year.

  • Mike Hawk

    This was the best joke they could think of? I guess the 6 people that still care about this game were having fits of the chuckles this morning.

  • Fart master

    It’s funny that….

    The fake game looks like a more fun/interesting project than the real game.

  • Eclipse

    i actually like it more than overgrowth

  • yougiedeggs

    I preferred the John Madden makeover :)

  • Quetz

    I’m just glad it’s going to have lens flare.

  • sinoth

    Needs more bloom.

  • Fuzz

    By the way, Cactus died. =O

  • fs

    After all the hype and effort and shit I read about this game Overgrowth I was so excited to see what would come of it. Now they just drop it like that and no one cares? Fuck small tanks.

  • fs

    haha just kidding guys i had you there for a second didn’t i?

  • undertech

    No, you had yourself for a second there.

  • Melly

    In order news, I am a girl.

  • Melly

    And what the crap, the bloom in that screenshot is totally NOT optimal. Needs to be bumped up at least 34 kilojousts.

  • moi

    As long as it’s a slap in the furries’ face, it’s A-ok with me!

  • Foogooman

    Lugaru is awesome though, I hope they finish Overgrowth.

  • Flamebait

    Haha, I love their pisstake of modern shooters:
    “We haven’t even mentioned our favorite new feature yet… the cover system! You’ll latch onto things so hard you’ll think you’ve bathed in super-glue. Exploit the third-person camera to blindfire with deadly accuracy…”

    Kill.switch was pretty fun in its day but it started a horrible trend.

  • namuol


  • http://www.mawsoft.com/blog Impossible

    Now that I’ve met Cactus, if there was news of his death I would not be surprised in the slightest.

  • Person what enjoys indie games

    Damn furries.

  • Hey anti-furries?

    Fuck off, noone seriously values your opinion.

    Anthropomorphic characters don’t always have to be used in a sexual situation.
    So um, go die?

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    I hope this isn’t an april fools joke. This actually looks pretty fun.

  • Juhkystar

    It’s obviously an April Fool’s joke, but with all of the people actually wanting to see it made, they would be smart to make a quick game and sell it. I mean seriously, Chibi Tank Wars would be a hilarious game.

  • Dusty Spur

    Seasoned chain-smoker meets cabbage patch kids.

    Why am I reminded of Venture Bros?

  • Chris Whitman


    When I was growing up, every second television show was about anthropomorphic animals fighting, and I turned out all right.

    Why is it that some people see the specter of ‘sexual deviancy’ lurking in every shadow? Are you just flat out terrified of sex, or do you really feel the need to punish everything deviating even slightly from normality?

    Yeah, it’s pretty out there that people fetishize giant animal suits, but what’s more fucked up is that some people care enough about it to loudly and persistently state their disapproval at every opportunity, even regarding something only cosmetically related.

    Please leave your neuroses out of my video games. I am trying to have fun.

  • William Broom

    Uh, Chris… who are you even responding to?

  • Scott

    What’s weirder is raging about obvious jokes barely mentioned once by a few people.

  • kongming

    *Please leave your neuroses out of my video games. I am trying to have fun.*

    Furry detected.

  • Not Chris


  • Melly

    I’ll buy these guys’ games on their balls alone.

  • Chris Whitman

    I’m not angry at an April Fools’ joke. I’m angry that you can’t bring up something like Overgrowth without responses of “zomg furries.”

    If the accusations are a joke, please explain to me how they are funny, because I don’t understand why accusing someone of having a sexual fetish is funny.

  • Derek

    Hey, Chris-

    The Wolfire guys related a story to me earlier this year about how someone accused them of being furry-lovers. We thought it was funny, so I gave them a poke in the post about it.

    Of course, now that I’ve explained it, it’s not quite so funny! But I don’t think anyone was seriously trying to persecute furries here.

  • http://www.paul-jeffries.com Paul Jeffries

    “I don’t understand why accusing someone of having a sexual fetish is funny.”

    I’m guessing you’re not British – practically our entire culture is based around the exact opposite assertion.

  • Flamebait

    Fetishes are hilarious. Anything that can be easily construed as sexually fetishistic is thus also hilarious.

    It’s not “punishment” because nobody (as far as I can tell) is making a serious accusation. What Jeffries said.

  • A furry guy

    Yeah, i’m a fur – and in the words of the /b/-tard that i am not: i lolled ;)

    This was, in fact, one of the only (of very many) april-fools jokes that caused me to release a chuckle, so yup – successful, well done, and people need to grow backbones.

    (p.s.: i know furries are creepy to a lot of people, but just to make sure that people are aware – not everybody in furdom is a horrible, huge pervy furvert or whichever term you wish to use. Just because /i/ am does not mean that everybody else is ;) )

  • Flamebait

    ^ Awesome. I was also gonna say this, but I couldn’t think of how to phrase it: people can take the piss while not presenting a real indictment.

    Incidentally, one reason why privacy is so important is that if everyone knew everything going on in everyone else’s heads, we’d all be perverts.

  • Mike Hawk

    ^thanks buster bunny. your heartfelt post has opened my heart

  • Not not chris

    Hey not chris, I tried to say the same thing in much less pleasant words but I bet the moderator didn’t let my post in…
    Yeah self righteousness and mind-police rule TIGS these days.

  • eobet

    I hope that WASN’T an April Fool’s joke.

    The design of the tanks and the character is really great.

    I wasn’t looking forward to that bunny game and still isn’t.

    But a well balanced game of classic tanks is always welcome!