Jazzuo Has Discovered YouTube

By: Derek Yu

On: April 3rd, 2009

Jazzuo, the creator of Sexy Hiking, Star Wars: Episode VII, and Hermies, would like to tell you about the two games he created with Mo’Minis, a platform for rapid development of mobile games. (via TIGForums)

TIGdb: Entry for Jazzuo

The second video after the jump:

  • AmnEn

    Fail :/

  • durp


  • Krux

    there are better games out there.

  • Bennett

    Truly the Harmony Korine of the gaming world.

  • JoeB

    I love this guy. How can you not like him?

  • sinoth

    forced humor is forced

  • mots


  • http://www.casualexplosion.com Uesugi

    When you try too hard to be weird, you become annoying. :( True weirdness comes effortlessly.

  • Starflier

    Nice to see the mass spam on the forums came to some good… Jump looks like a perfect cell phone game, but I’m wondering if the small size of phone screens would make platform golf hard to play?

  • DragonSix

    Pure fail detected.

  • kongming

    Stupid 4chan memes detected.

  • http://lumberingdream.com/ !CE-9

    it is idiotic in the noblest kind of ways. stop hating.

  • Eclipse

    he’s crazy, i lolled so hard.
    too bad the graphics in the game sucks : at least the gameplay seems nice

  • qnp

    Whats with the retarded comments on this game?

    It’s like reading a PS3 forum, or did someone pull the comments directly from YouTube?

    All that’s missing is someone to write “epic” and “something something much?” and a lolcat image…

  • AmnEn

    Ah, I forgot this is Tigsource. The place where everytime someone dares to have a different opinion, he is ultimately met with insults and flames.
    So yes, that video can only be described by the word failure. It tried to be funny, but it failed to achieve that. It tried to be informative, but that too failed. So, nothing interesting and nothing funny going on, what’s the point of the Videos then?

    Thus, fail.

  • cactus

    I think the videos are funny. But that’s probably in part because I’ve played the dude’s other games before, and know that he’s probably not faking the accent and to some degree the poor english.

  • J

    “Whats with the retarded comments on this game?”

    No surprise there. Have you played Sexy Hiking? It’s like blunt force head trauma in game form.

    Then you finally get over the tree, and you can’t stop yourself from playing just a little more…

    Also, I swear Yellow Ninja stuck his arm through his head at the end of the second video. Truly a ninja master.

  • Rolf Soldaat

    The video’s were pretty funny, but the games look really uninteresting.

    (notice how his “mobile phone” is actually a TV remote).

  • JW


    2nd game looks good tho

  • Uhhhh

    I like Jazzuo he is strange, it is a bit contrived, but it is not “fail” He has a real knack for game mechanics. You guys should give Wild Girls a try, it is actually quite fun

  • Ilia Chentsov

    Actually, he discovered YouTube long ago. I still remember the videos about the girl with a stretchable boob.

  • Bob

    Oh, Jazzuo, what will you give us next?
    Man his stuff is crazy.

  • Fuzz

    Jazzuo’s games are actually very good gameplay-wise, and the weird graphics and sound and story make it that much better.


    Jazzuo was a funny-crazy dev, I hope he’s not become just a mouthpiece for the mominis spam campaign.

  • Fenster

    That golf game looks sweet. That’s the kind of unique game mechanic that makes Jazzuo’s games interesting.

    But I have to say comments like the ones AmnEn, Krux, sinoth, mots, and DragonSix posted are why I rarely read the comments on the front page any more.

    If you’re not willing to give more than a tired meme or one-word response, then don’t post. This isn’t YouTube and this isn’t 4chan. Take that crap elsewhere.


  • AmnEn

    Funny how you guys snarl at memes and then go about owls, monocles and cave story ripoffs. Quite the Hypocrites.



  • JoeHonkie

    Those games actually look quite clever for cellphone games. I would play them, and I didn’t even like Sexy Hiking.

    I could have done with Yellow Ninja, though. Honestly.

  • Derek

    AmnEn, please stop victimizing yourself. Opinions go both ways, you expressed yours, now move on.

  • AmnEn

    I’m not victimizing myself.
    Some websites comments don’t have that effect on me, sorry. I just can’t help but notice the irony and hypocrisy that has drafted into Tigsource lately.

  • Derek

    TIGSource is not a single being, it’s a collection of people from different backgrounds, some who agree and some who don’t. If you think the overall culture of the site/community is rotten, then make an effort to change that culture by posting more positive material.

    Besides, it’s going to get really annoying fast if you default to the “TIGSource is a bunch of hypocrites” argument every time someone disagrees with you or takes issue with how you express yourself. That’s the beginning of a persecution complex if you keep it up.

  • falsion

    anyone who can actually hate jazzuo has no soul

    i love the man, he is the best indie game developer ever.

  • Alec

    <3 jazzuo

  • Dusty Spur

    AmnEn, they snarl at 4chan memes. The memes that work their way into every website with any sort of communication between users. Every community as tight-knit as this is going to have its inside jokes, memes, whatever you want to call them. I’m sure you have plenty of inside jokes with your friends, most people do. Maybe you didn’t find it that funny, and you want to express that, that’s okay. And you have a right to be annoyed when everyone jumps on you or anyone else who shares your opinion. But instead of being snarky, do what Derek said and make a positive change! Or at least an attempt at one. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you tried, right?

    Alright, I’m done pretending to be Dr. Phil.

    The video about platform golf reminds me of one of the newer episodes of Delocated. “It’s be a real shame if my driver slipped out of my penis and hit you in the face.”

  • Cobalt

    Did anyone else get an e-mail advertising Mo’Minis? Some dude sent me a mail awhile back claiming that he saw me on a development site and his e-mail address had the Mo’Mini’s domain. I thought it was kind of wee-ode.

  • Ilia Chentsov

    >Did anyone else get an e-mail advertising Mo’Minis?

    I did.

  • RhysD

    The platforming golf idea has already been done millions of times before…even on mobile…google Worms Crazy Golf platforming golfing at it’s finest :P

    but this does look like it has some original ideas to make it stand out…but the shot limit is already kind of like par in normal golf.

  • www.pokemon.edu

    Sexy Hiking makes me want to insert a hot coal into an orifice while totally kickflipping that 3 stair set in front of the school. Do you guys like computers? That’s cool.

  • Radix

    I’d be surprised to see anything that wasn’t shit (deliberate attempts aside) come out of mo’minis, at least the competition version.

  • jaded dev

    Did you all read MoMinis Terms and EULA for their game studio? No rights are maintained by you for anything you create on that platform.

  • Radix

    I remember reading and thinking; it’s worth it for a shot at the prize money but fucked if I’ll make anything once the competition’s over.