TIGSource Comicompo

By: Xander

On: April 4th, 2009

This is something awesome

So TIGSource, do you like things? Things that are awesome?

Good! Because this is definitely something awesome. Even the alt-text says so. Comicompo is actually a project that started last year and is only now available in all its anachronistic entirety! ‘Comicompo’ is a community comic project, where anyone who wants to participate can draw a page which eventually becomes part of a whole issue of.. something. I say eventually because this apparently took an entire year to complete due to a number of complications along the way. The theme set at the start was ‘Indie Dreams’, focussing on the unconscious ponderings of the pictured protagonist before leading into a fantastical explosion of everything and nothing.

It’s a sweet community project that everyone should check out, especially because the website suggests the next Comicompo will begin sometime soon, so register your interests in the forums! Everyone is welcomed regardless of talent and government sponsored mental health sanctions. So get ready for something special! Something great.

Something awesome

  • barold

    comic-c-c-compo bre

  • Garbled

    “Hoot hoot hoot,” like the owl clock.

  • Greender

    That looked like fun. I wanna be in the next one.

  • PoV

    You just know, by making such a post, everyone reading this wants to contribute to it right now. ;)

  • Smithy


  • headcrab.

    It is quite entertaining to notice how the protagonist gradually grows to look nothing like Smithy.

  • xerus

    Be on the look out in the art forum then for the 2nd annual comicompo sign ups. Coming soon at some point. (A few weeks from now?)


    Nice but not worth one year of work.
    Next time don’t waste so much time.

  • Toom

    Oh, dude. So in.

  • Fuzz

    The reason the character changes from Smithy to a woman to some alien to Renton is because you’re only allowed to see the previous page.

  • frosty

    Shirley, this is something awesome.

  • Xion


  • Mix

    I’m down for the next one.