Trailers A-Go-Go

By: Derek Yu

On: April 11th, 2009

The extremely weird first-person brawler Zeno Clash is coming to Windows April 21st.

Here’s some WiiWare Night Game gameplay for you. (Source: GregWS)

Old-school run n’ gun action from Teknogames, creator of Armed Generator Doom Machine – this one’s called Action Fist. (Source: AuthenticKaizen)

  • VladErmakov

    Night Game is a brilliant

  • Fools

    Night Game looks insanely awesome.

  • Craig Stern

    Holy crap–Night Game looks amazing.

  • Spenot

    Say, wasn’t there a game in the making similar to Night Game, only instead of a ball, the protagonist was a little kid? I remember the trailer (at the end of it, a huge spider appeared from the darkness), but I can’t remember the title.

  • cigarettes

    wow. night game. i want it.
    and zeno clash.
    and braid too? im going to have no money.

    action fist looks awesome too. i think AuthenticKaizen just makes it his job to find great games.

  • cag

    @spenot: perhaps you are thinking of FEIST?

  • raelz

    Zero clash: Amazing beginning of the trailer. I hope the whole game will keep this atmosphere. Night game: Well, that’s nifflas, it’s bound to be awesome. Action Fist: great run’n’gun with great music. So much awesomeness in one post!

  • jolli

    teknooooo what happen to lapratans

  • jolli

    o and wheres brother jellyfish :(

  • RayRayTea
  • RayRayTea

    Spenot: Limbo? Makes NightGame look really bad.

    Aww urls not allowed… click on “RayRayTea” then.

  • Alex


  • JoeB

    Can’t wait for the Action Fist. Looks awesome.

  • Karry

    Night game looks all pretentious and conceptional and stuff, but…can it even be considered a game ? I didnt see any challenge in the video, no puzzles, no skill, nothing. Just roooolllllling around. Great.

    The other one is okay-ish.

  • b0rsuk

    I’m comparing Night Game to Knytt Storries.
    Both by the same author. Similar style, visuals, sounds. But Night Game has much more inflexible controls. You can only roll the clumsy ball. I think it’s a bit like reading a book where you can predict the exact ending 300 pages from the end. I like what one guy said about Knytt Stories in ‘Design Panel’ serries: it’s much more rewarding to pass complicated challenges with a nimble character than primitive ones with a clumsy character. I agree, and that’s why I think Night Game will be fun to watch but not much else.
    An example of a game which had excellent visuals, audio, physics and concept but clumsy and annoying character – Gish. Gish was fun, but it would be much better if Gish was a bit more nimble while keeping some inertia.

  • RayRayTea

    When will somebody finally make a good Blade Warrior game!

    Hmmm now here’s an idea…

  • Craig Stern

    Karry, I think the puzzles and skill in Night Game are going to be in how you navigate the world; just getting from point A to point B looks like it is going to be a puzzle that also requires some reflexes and sense of physics. Watch the trailer again.

  • King

    Very well put Craig.

  • TCM

    I love when pretentious and arrogant people presume all others to be arrogant and pretentious on the basis of them liking the trailer of an unreleased game.

    Or something.

  • Chris Whitman

    I don’t think the word ‘pretentious’ means what some people here seem to think it means.

    In other news, I’m pretty excited for both Zeno Clash and Night Game. 2009 is already shaping up as an awesome year for indie games.

  • TCM

    *I don’t think the word ‘pretentious’ means what some people here seem to think it means.*

    I know it doesn’t.


  • Gene G.

    Wow, there is 3 games coming out, all of which involve silhoutted characters in a physics-based world.

    They all look very cool, but come on. What happened to the indie gaming world? Why does everything have to be silhoutted? I kinda wanna see some color.

    Action fist looks cool, but nothing amazingly new either. Just another Gunstar Heroes-ish shooter. You can only put so many spins on the same gameplay mechanic.

  • Valkyrie

    “Armenia peed on herself and starved to death anonymously.”

    Fucking sold.

  • Impossible

    b0rsuk: Have you actually played Night Game or are you making assumptions about the controls based on the videos? The ball in Night Game isn’t hard or clumsy to control, imo. You don’t get 100% direct control with zero inertia, and it still behaves like a ball, but it is much easier to move around than Gish is.

  • Radish

    The night game remind me of a certain game…that you control a ball…the difference is that one is less imprvessive visually and you have more control (you can be different kind of balls)…the name escape me at the moment.

  • jimmykane

    Wow, Zeno Clash looks fantastic. Got this nice, twisted Neil Gaiman-esque look to it.

  • A Guy

    I’m looking forward to Zeno Clash more than Night Game. It looks great, and that narration in the trailer is pretty awesome.

  • Lyx

    Radish: I think you are remembering “Ballance”. That game was more about dexterity and reflexes…. nightgame as usual for nicklas seems to be more biased towards atmosphere, rather than gameplay.

  • Jeff

    Radish — you’ve gotta be thinking of Within a Deep Forest. Honestly I am really surprised this isn’t a nifflas game since it seems like such a direct comparison. What else have those guys done (besides Wii Cave Story, which couldn’t come soon enough)?

  • Alex May

    Uh it is Nifflas’s game, Nicalis is codeveloping it.

  • Robert

    *Watches Zeno Clash trailer*
    Congratulations to its makers, you now have my attention and interest…

  • qnp

    I was really digging the Action Fist music.

  • Jeff

    Well, awesome. WaDF was one of my favorite indie games, and I’m sure NS is going to be a stunner too.

  • Dustin

    “They all look very cool, but come on. What happened to the indie gaming world? Why does everything have to be silhoutted? I kinda wanna see some color.”

    Because it’s easy as fuck to draw and people love minimalism. And to people complaining about the lack of gameplay, you should be grateful it even has a little bit! Knytt didn’t have any at all.

    It did have non-interactable characters and moody music though so instant classic!

  • Spenot

    @ RayRayTea: Thanks, yeah, it was Limbo.

  • Huzzah

    Action Fist looks better than all of these art games.

  • Phasma Felis

    I really hope the dialog in the final version of Zeno Clash is less stupid. I mean, there’s “charmingly weird” and then there’s “doesn’t actually understand English…”

  • Phasma Felis

    Though I do like the girl in the Zeno Clash video, whose expression so clearly says “what the *fuck* are you talking about?”

    Sadly, I fear that was not the developers’ intention.