Dwarf Fortress: Life Imitates Art

By: Derek Yu

On: April 16th, 2009

Tarn and Scamps

A programmer dwarf reclines with his pet and his lute.

Happy belated birthday, Tarn. Congratulations on the new kitten… gulp!

I’m going to get flamed for posting this, aren’t I?

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    is he in a forest?

  • Soulliard

    At least he didn’t get a pet carp.

  • toastie

    Somehow I knew in my heart that he looked like a mighty dwarven warrior.

  • Duckmeister


  • defacid

    Awesome. My birthday was two days ago.

  • torsion

    I’d pay for a “life imitates art” indie developer calendar.

  • FishyBoy

    Someone get Pixel, hit him on the head until he gets amnesia, and drop him in a cave with a glock or something.

  • Xion

    FishyBoy: lul

  • Xander

    Haha, by the extension we need to split apart all of Flashbang. One wakes strapped to a jellyfish, one behind the wheel of a jeep and one to a jetpack brontosaurus.

    That would be the greatest calendar ever!

    Also by further extension; Life imitates Art, Art imitates Data.

  • ChevyRay

    Happy Birthday, Tarn! You’re an inspiration to all of us!

    … or, most of us at least!

    … okay, the nerdiest of us. But an inspiration regardless!


  • Bood_War

    Derek Yu
    Tarn Adams
    Jon Blow

    Gah, I can’t think of anyone else

  • Corpus

    Tarn is the incarnation of Productivity. I bet he didn’t even take a day off on his birthday.

  • http://theatreinathens.blogspot.com Dorian

    Since he’s got one kitten, he probably won’t have to worry about a catsplosion…probably.

  • Chris

    Some immigrants will bring another cat, and then there’ll be trouble…

  • Craig Stern

    Ha! Nicely done. Happy birthday! (By the way, your cat is adorable.)

  • Mark

    Kittens :D

  • http://www.phubans.com/ phubans

    A cat is fine too.

  • Bood_War

    If a male cat is brought, there will be a catsplosion. If a female cat is brought, there will be a catsplosion. If a dog is brought, there will be a catsplosion…

  • yo

    Lacks a cap, and where is curly brace?

  • shipwreck

    So he DID write that catchy tune for DF!

    Happy birthday, master dwarf.

  • magallanes

    Dwarf fortress can be resumed as:
    “jesus christ it’s a elephant, get in the fortress! ”


  • Fuzz

    That kitten is really scary…

  • http://elvisbrevi.blogspot.com Elvis Brevi

    Happy birthday from Chile!

  • http://www.toadsanime.deviantart.com/ Toadsanime

    And an even more-so belated Happy Birthday from me, too.

  • Person what enjoys indie games

    PWEIG Cancels task: Driven insane by Dwarf Fortress’s complexity

  • http://www.mattmakesgames.com Matt Thorson

    Happy birthday, man I don’t know!

  • data

    I’ll just leave this here…

  • Cobalt

    Scamps looks a bit like a bird with that crazy fur. Hummingbird.

  • Undertech

    data’s cheek muscles are bigger than my biceps. I am humbled once again.

  • undertech

    On topic: that is a fantastic picture.

  • Allen Smithee

    I wish I could actually play Dwarf Fortress and be just as amused by this

    Too bad it doesn’t run right on my computer…

    But still, a wicked picture indeed.

  • gulo gulo

    i keep on accidentally playing the df bgm