Planet of Goo

By: Derek Yu

On: April 21st, 2009

Planet of Goo

2DBoy’s World of Goo has been released in Japan today, on WiiWare, as “Planet of Goo.” It’s even got it’s own page on Nintendo’s website. Okay, now that is just really cool – congratulations, Kyle and Ron!

What does the name sound like in Japanese?

  • shinygerbil

    As far as I can make out, it sounds like:

    Guu no Wakusei


  • Uesugi

    That is correct.
    “Goo’s Planet” or “Planet of Goo”

  • Tyrone

    Congrats to Kyle and Ron. The page on the Nintendo site looks nice.

  • Glaiel Gamer

    Pranet of ogo-o

  • dgs

    trying to access the japanese page, but can’t understand anything. and it rather slow

    I think the game is good.

  • j

    Useless comment…

  • alspal

    Japanese writing looks so artistic.

  • TurninJapanesa

    Wouldn’t it sound like

    “Pranet uv Goooo!

  • Enthuso

    Congrats to Kyle Hayes and Ron Jeremy on this one… huh what??? Oh I’m thinking of a different Goo…

  • Kornel

    “Goo” no Wakusei, I’d guess by the title…

  • Random

    La li lu le lo

  • Uesugi

    It would sound like Puraneto obu Goo if you wanted to use a heavy Japanese accent on the English.

  • none

    or if they used katakana

  • shinygerbil

    probably more like Puranetto. The extra ‘t’ is important.

    but yeah, this is all digression