Zeno Clash – Releases today! (Or, right now!)

By: Xander

On: April 21st, 2009


Man I love these steam-shots. They basically cover everything I want to say anyway!

So yes, pre-loading has started on indie shooter-fighter hybrid Zeno Clash so if you’ve already purchased the game be sure to start downloading through steam in order to play it as soon as it releases!

Well, that’s the theory anyway. Also this will be the last day then that the 25% discount will be in effect, so if the recent positive reviews have encouraged you to check it out you can still save a fair amount in the price of admission. Good luck Ace Team!

(Update: Game is out! Steam Unlocking Begins! Discount is over!)

  • Rolf Soldaat

    Pre-loading now, can’t wait!

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    bought and preloading fuck yeah fuuuck yeaahhhh

  • bob Jones

    Does this require steam?

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    You can get it on Direct2Drive too.

  • Tenderfoot

    I have it preloaded… I’m just waiting… looks so good…

  • Caliber9

    Preloading preloading!! I cant wait to play. Now to convert 11 am pdt to my time zone…..

  • Gite

    In celebration, today I’m gonna walk to work in a straight line without letting anything change my path, when I get there I’ll eat people and remove the eyes from anything that can see me, then I’ll pee on myself and starve to death anonymously!

  • Valkyrie

    ^ Sounds like a full day.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    got it weeks and weeks ago and preloaded ;D
    and i already know it will be fucking awesome.

  • Caliber9

    I never got that part, starve to death annonymously. That makes no sense, I thought it might be a bad translation. Does that make sense to anyone else? what does starving to death have to do with your identity. Anyways, Ill have to wait until i get home tonight to play it.

  • Blueberry_pie

    @bob Jones and Alex May: the Direct2Drive website says that their ‘version’ also uses Steam. I guess they just give you an activation code that you have to enter in Steam.

  • Super anon

    Pre-loaded. Just one hour left! :D

  • Merkoth

    I played it for a bit, and it’s great. Thanks Gite and Caliber9 for the spoilers, by the way…

  • Hiacynt

    Dear TIG,
    Thank you very much for this early news, as I was looking forwards to this title and thanks to you I managed to buy this awesome thing before the discount expired :)

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • JP

    Direct2Drive is taking it’s own sweet time in providing the activation code. I didn’t mind the fact that I wouldn’t be able to pre-load the game, but I can’t understand the delay now that the game has been released on Steam for close to 2 hours.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    it’s still not released here :

  • JP

    @Eclipse – Where are you located?

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    oh crap, i only had to reboot steam :P

  • JP

    Lol, well I just visited the D2D UK site and the 25% off limited time offer is still going on, I guess that could be the reason for delay in giving the activation codes. Once the offer is over and the price is back to the regular rate I “hope” the codes are given.

  • JP

    I have purchased from the D2D US site btw.

  • Xander

    Good news!

    I really like punching things in the face.

  • JP

    The codes are now available..rejoice!
    For those who missed out the offer on the UK site is still live.

  • Flamebait

    I guess it means she didn’t inform anyone else of it, so it wasn’t in protest, for the sake of art, etc; she was just insane.

    Gonna buy it when it drops to $10. Not that it’s terribly expensive now, but *I’m* terribly cheap.

  • Caliber9

    Yeah thats what I guessed but I don’t think that’s the correct wording… Sweet its ready to play!

  • sinoth

    I like it so far! The combat is interesting enough to keep playing, but after a few levels I can already feel the repetition kicking in. The world and character designs more than make up for it though, and are really a joy to look at. Time to continue :)

  • Xander

    Finished! I’ll try to put up a review in the morning. Expect mostly positive things. And face punching. And why I played with subtitles on.

  • dar

    crap.. any tips on how to fix this? can’t play at all.


  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    tried it.


    the environments are really small and like little arenas, but i think it’s a design decision to have very detailed places without having an AAA title budget, i don’t know why but i was expecting more exploration but the game itself is really cool! like an old skool beat’em up done well in current gen :D

  • Armyofnone

    Just finished it. God damn, this game was worth my money. Short as hell, which is dissapointing, but amazing! The visual style had me floored, and the combat was superb. Buy it! :)