Cockpit Compo: Results!

By: Derek Yu

On: May 4th, 2009

Enviro-Bear 2000

The results of our Cockpit Competition are in, and the decisive winner, with nearly 15% of the votes, is Justin “Crackerblocks” Smith’s Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation. What else can I say about this game except that it was “bear-y” well made! HAW.

Really, though, the basic concept is enough to make me bust a gut, but what I really love is the look on the bear’s face as he’s grabbing at things in his car. It’s a great use of the theme, too, since it’s very hands-on (paws-on?). Humor, style, creativity, interesting mechanics, and wildlife in motor vehicles – this one’s got it all.

Here are the top ten entries of the compo:

1. Enviro-Bear 2000Crackerblocks

2. Okkuplektor0rel

3. Star Cannontocky, compound, and EEsoteric

4. vectorLocustjph wacheski

5. Cockpit Crash 1984David Pittman

6. Flying Dutchmanastrofra

7. Vessel-IVmuku

8. Aqua Kitty Sub-Submoogled

9. Landfalltoastie

10. Viewpointsagj

To be honest, when I announced the compo I wasn’t sure whether the implied third dimension of theme was going to be a problem for people. Thankfully, I was rightly shamed by the 41 games which got submitted. This was a really fun one to watch develop!

Congratulations to Justin and all the other entrants! Many thanks to everyone who participated and/or helped out with the competition. Coming up next: the one you’ve all been waiting for…

  • Adamski

    Where did Filth come? o.0 I thought his was pretty awesome…

  • gnome

    And what an excellent compo that was…

  • o


  • Paul Eres

    What always happens with these contests with me is that there are so many games that I want to try them all, but get confused and wind up not trying any of them. I still have the downloads for the previous few contests on my computer, but never got around to trying most of the entries. Have we now reached a point where there are so many indie games that one person can’t possibly play them all (excepting TimW)?

  • Paul Eres

    I didn’t know what ??????? meant so I looked it up and was happily surprised:

    “Preved (Russian: ???????) is a meme in the Russian-speaking Internet which developed out of a heavily-circulated picture, and consists of choosing alternative spellings for words for comic effect. The picture, a modified version of John Lurie’s watercolor Bear Surprise, whose popularity was stoked by emails and blogs, features a man and a woman having sex in the clearing of a forest, when suddenly a bear comes out, and with paws raised, says “Surprise!” in the original version, or “Preved!” (a deliberate misspelling of privet, ??????? – “hi!”) in the Russian adaptation. In keeping with another popular trend of image manipulation, the iconic bear (dubbed Medved (errant ??????? – bear)) has been inserted into many other pictures where his appearance adds a new dimension to the joke.”

  • Melly

    TimW came from the future. That’s how he does it.

  • agj

    That is hilarious, Paul.

  • carrot

    ill go ahead and say kudos to enviro-bear

    that game rocked mah socks off.

    and my friends are startled too

  • Konkur

    Enviro-bear was nice. But imagine if it was multiplayer – with limited natural resources, not enough fish and berries for every bear. And each round one or more bears who didn’t eat enough food die and are eliminated, round after round until only one bear survives. Pure natural selection.

  • RazputinOleander

    Enviro Bear was jaw-droppingly awesome.

    I’m so curious to see what the next competition is!

  • toastie

    I love you.

  • BeamSplashX

    I would BEAR Justin’s children.

  • Impossible

    The one we’ve been waiting for = Adult Compo? :D.

  • Fuzz

    No, B-Games, silly.

  • Radix

    Not the offensiveness compo?

  • Impossible

    I was looking forward to adult. B-Game already happened once, yeah its nice, but meh.

  • Ivan

    The ability to make the bear cry was so incredibly satisfying. Great game.

  • Synnah

    Surely the one we’ve all been waiting for is Giant Naked Men?

  • Enigma

    No, Derek said it would be B-Games II.

  • BeamSplashX

    Bootleg B-Makes?

  • lumpi

    These compos are probably the best thing that happens to gamedesign today. More inspiring, cool and original than most commercial titles of the past few years combined. Congrats to Crackerblocks. I laughed tears.

  • Ivan

    Just ust wanted to make mention my 3 other faves in the compo:

    Okkuplektor and vectorLocust, both for their sleek design and environment, sound and esp for okks music. Flying Dutchman was also great for its art and playfulness (despite obvious influence).