GDC/IGS Videos

By: Derek Yu

On: May 6th, 2009

For those who were unable to attend, and those who want to relive the magic:

Thanks, Fuzz, for uploading cactus’s presentation!

Also, the GDC Vault has released 3 videos: Jason Rohrer’s IGS session, titled “Beyond Single-Player,” The Indie Game Maker Rant, and The Game Design Challenge: My First Time, which features Heather “moboid” Kelley and Erin “The Ivy” Robinson. Thanks, Simon!

Hopefully more is on the way!

  • Simonc

    Direct links to the GDC Vault videos:

    Indie Game Maker Rant:

    Rohrer’s ‘Beyond Single Player’:

    ‘Game Design Challenge – My First Time’


  • alspal


  • Caliber9

    I can’t watch them did you have to have attended gdc?

  • AClarkFS


  • Noyb

    When trying to view the indie game maker rant, I get the message, “Authentication failed. Please log in to the GDC portal before attempting to launch this presentation.” =(

  • simonc

    We’re experiencing some technical difficulties on the GDC Vault due to the amount of traffic, should be fixed in the next few hours. (Sorry!)

  • Data

    I love how Derek’s laughter can distinctly be heard in the crowd during cactus’ presentation:

  • Caliber9

    oh good to hear, i cant wait to watch these!

  • alspal

    I was able to view both, so it should be ok.

  • Esquar

    Not yet for me, even the one that was working before, the design challenge is now asking for authentication.
    I’m in europe, if that helps.

  • Caliber9

    Aww, none of them are working for me yet. Still getting the Authentication failed notice.

  • simonc

    They’re fixed again as of right now (10.50am PST on Wednesday). Sorry about that, we had unexpected demand and have fixed.

  • xerus

    The indies are out for blood and bandwidth, simon.

  • Bood_War

    My god, cactus has the same computer as me… :D

  • anony mouse

    You guys are so f*cking lame.
    Cactus is a retard hack. This “indie”
    scene thinks it’s so cool, when in reality it’s all just a bunch American, experimental gameplay garbage. And you know it! Where’s the “imagination”, “heart”, and “artwork” in these “games”. It’s all so uninspired.

  • Ivy

    The worst part is, my future kids are going to find that video the first time they google me.

  • lumpi

    “Alter Ego”

    Jason Rohrer asked what game I would show to Roger Ebert, and it would probably be Alter Ego.

    Check it out, you can play it in a browser:

  • Harpy

    Pssst, hey Mr. /Miss anony mouse. You do realize you are posting on an indie game sight, right. I thought you might have gotten lost on your way to IGN’s site and decided to post here. In addition, Mr. Catus is from Sweden just in case you cannot tell from his accent.
    I still give you a C- in trolling though. It is lacking in the lulz.

  • Fun Games

    Hey Guys – Did any of you go to the sgow that Mochi put on in SF?