All Of Our Friends Are Dead

By: Paul Eres

On: May 9th, 2009

All Of Our Friends Are Dead is an atmospheric run and gun platformer. It’s pretty short (I finished it in under two hours), and what’s going on isn’t very clear, but it does a good job at immersing the player into a strange alien world and has nice and stylized visuals. To me it felt like a cross between Glum Buster and the final alien levels of Contra and Super C.

Though it’s not just a “zen platformer” as moi in the forums described a particular type of game, which I took to mean games like Knytt and Seiklus: there’s too many shooting enemies, precise platform jumps, bosses, and deaths from spikes for the player to zone out while playing it. But it shares their emphasis on carefully building up a strong sense of the game’s world and atmosphere with little interesting touches.

My only minor complaint is that the movement is a bit too slippery, causing me to fall into spikes unless I’m precise about it. But thankfully the emulator-style quicksave/quickload feature means that’s not a big problem. That and I wish the game were longer, as is often the case with games I like.

EDIT: Here’s a mirror for those who are annoyed by RapidShare. Also this is the willhostforfood download. Don’t download the first download in that forum thread, it’s v0.9, instead get v1.1 at one of the above links.

  • Stephen

    Played it, liked it, got genuinely creeped out by the ominous ZALGO-ness of it all.

  • tunnelingcat

    i called the number like you said…. he answered the question…i thought it was silly… so i didnt wear silver… oh god…oh GOD GOD HELP ME HES THEYRE COMINGBACK OH GOOOOOOOD

  • TheGamerJ1999

    thats your phone number isn’t it ?

  • Callum Hutchinson

    So you want us to call Dejavu, a nightclub-esque place in Michigan? *snorts*