PixelJunk 1-4 Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: May 12th, 2009

Moving on, then! Here is a trailer of the latest in the PS3 PixelJunk series from <a href=“http://www.q-games.com/” “Q-Games’ website”>Q-Games, tentatively titled 1-4. It looks floaty and physicsy and fun! Think Solar Jetman (one of my favourites), or Oids or something, but with impressive liquid physics, destroyable terrain, and slick, modern visuals. I dunno if the music in the trailer is from the game, but it seems cool too!

There was a contest going on to pick the name of 1-4, but it looks like the entry period is now over. (Sorry, folks!) Anyway, you can still find more about the game <a href=“http://pixeljunk.jp/namingcontest/index.php” title"PixelJunk 1-4">here.

  • Trotim

    I doubt the music is from the game because I remember the “lyrics” at the end from an ad. Search “sinking about” on Youtube.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Ah, I see! Thank you sir. :)

  • Paul Eres

    looks great, looking forward to this

  • shinygerbil

    One of the very few reasons I can think of why I’d like a PS3. Looks beautiful.

  • http://www.roachpuppy.com IceNine

    Oh man, I played OIDS so much on the old Macs. Pretty crazy how that orb had an entire lake’s worth of water in it too. Looking forward to this game. It looks like a good example of innovating without relying on entirely “experimental” gameplay… but rather taking something old (OIDS/Solar Jetman) and adding modern twists (fluid system, pretty graphics) to make a fun new game.

  • namuol


    I can’t help but think of dwarf fortress when I see this D:

  • Arne

    I can recommend Gravity Force 2 (Amiga). It’s two players only. While it doesn’t have little running men like Oids/Choplifter, there are lots of fun weapons and equipment to use.

  • http://www.hermitgames.com MattHermit

    The music is High Frequency Bandwidth, one of whom is Alex Paterson of The Orb. I expect they sampled that german ad.

  • judgespear

    I didn’t think Q-Games was indie. Yeah, they make downloadable games on the PSN. But also, I hear they’re sort of a second party developer that works for Sony and Nintendo. They developed the XMB Media Bar interface for the PS3. They also made Starfox Command on the DS. In fact, the company itself was developed by a former Argonaut Software employee (same company that made the original Star Fox on SNES).

    In fact, if you check the About PS3 section of PS3’s operating system, they’re credited under “3D Graphics Technology.”

  • http://realnoyb.googlepages.com Noyb

    I kind of like the name 1-4. Hearkens back to the lava-filled Bowser’s castle (level 1-4) in Super Mario Bros.

  • Flamebait

    That looks intense.

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    Hard on get! Love this groups stuff; Eden’s recent expansion pack was fantastic.

  • Will Vale

    Jeff Minter’s pretty indie, and he did the music visualiser for the 360 didn’t he?

    This looks great, anything with caverns and gravity is bound to be worth a look and the physics is impressive.

  • Zaphos

    Look so sweet! <3

  • alspal

    This will be fun.

  • http://www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    judgespear: Q-Games themselves aren’t indie; the PixelJunk games are their self-funded projects though, and they have full creative control over them. Just like if you made a load of money building a house, and you used that money to build your own house, that house doesn’t belong to the people paying you to build their houses.

  • Alex

    Pixeljunk hasn’t made a good game yet and it looks like they’re keeping the trend going with this pile of shit!

  • http://www.threeli.com/ Eli

    There’s a certain relaxing quality to the game-play in these trailers; here’s hoping it translates into the actual product.

  • http://iterationgames.com jph

    The gameplay looks good, lov the fire vs water theme! These images are sorta washed out though,. . contrast please.