Videogame Nation

By: Xander

On: May 18th, 2009


If you happen to be in the area of ‘Manchester, England’ anytime from now until September, you’d do well to stop by the Urbis Centre to check out their Videogame Nation Exhibition which is an exhibit mostly surrounding the British games industry. Interestingly, as spied by Negative Gamer, there’s actually a small section dedicated to indie smash-hit Darwinia. The exhibit as a whole seems to cover everything from the DSi right down to the early days of ‘Jet Set Willy’ and the old bedroom programmers like The Oliver Twins. It’s interesting to see such a thing created surrounding video games, and for there to be an indie presence is rather heartwarming. Be sure to check it out if you have the chance, as it sounds like a worthwhile trip, but if that’s impossible then check the Negative Gamer link for a bunch of photos from the event (Such as the one heading this post).

  • BeamSplashX

    Goodness, this would’ve been the perfect time to visit Manchester. Oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to music-related tourism when the time comes (unless this exhibit comes back to Manchester down the line).

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    Well, isn’t that dandy!
    Wish I could go, I do.

  • Michael Rose

    Hey… I live in Manchester! Gonna have to go check this out tomorrow. Nice one Xander.

  • GirlFlash

    OMFG something awesome happening near me, I could cry!

    and some of the speakers putting in an appearance over the next few months are really exciting too. i’ll definately be making a few trips :D

  • Graham Goring

    I was at this exhibition on Saturday. They have a Rainbow Islands machine. It is 50p a play. Booooo!

  • Stevie J. Panek

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