All Aboard the Party Boat!!

By: Derek Yu

On: May 20th, 2009

Party Boat

Avoid the Missiles!!

Flip for Multipliers!!

In messhof’s Party Boat.

TIGdb: Entry for Party Boat

  • Derek

    I swear I got over 500,000 points last night, but now I can’t remember.

  • Adam Atomic

    dollah boat y’all!!

  • ssidbroadcast

    These controls are… strange.
    This music is hilarious.
    These graphics are… nice.
    Overall? Not bad.

  • Skofo

    Best video game music of all time.

  • messhof

    Dag, Derek. My highest was ~270,000.

  • stank-hamature


    i have nothing to add

  • Derek

    289440 we’ll start from there.

  • BMcC

    Dolla Dolla– oh, Adam already did that. :x

  • chris

    messhof games are the only games i get excited about anymore, i’ll probably be checking for thrill of combat way way too often until he posts it

  • BMcC

    Okay, this game is pretty super fun, and also hilarious.

  • Phasma Felis

    I must be missing something. I don’t mind simple games, but why is “do exactly the same thing with no changes until you can’t anymore” fun?

  • Anthony Flack

    Damn, one player sprite, one enemy sprite, and a boat… that’s just about the extent of it. There’s nothing here that couldn’t have been done on the Atari 2600. But it’s so addictive, I think I’ve hurt my hand a little bit.

    And I’ve only just broken 200,000.

    Having two independent score factors that multiply… that’s video gaming’s equivalent to crack cocaine right there.

    There doesn’t seem to be any obvious exploits, and the game gets harder and harder while barely changing at all. This is a really nice design! Anyone who doubts it ought to try making something equally simple, and see if it works out as well.

  • Deacon Blues

    All of Messhof’s games seem like they could be done on the 2600. I find them to be hit-or-miss, but this was fun for a couple of minutes.

  • jss

    @chris thrill of combat is up. $4.99, windows only.

  • Anthony Flack

    “this was fun for a couple of minutes.”

    Did you try to beat Derek’s score? I did (and I didn’t). Competitive scoring is essential for this sort of thing – it goes from a curiosity to a challenge.

    And as a high-score challenge, this game delivers.

    289440 – dammit, another fifteen seconds and I woulda had that.

  • cactus

    I also think it’s a really nice and simple concept.

  • Fex

    413400 points! I’m coming to get you Derek!
    This game is fun to waste a few minutes into!

  • Alex May

    I suck at this game

  • ortoslon

    436050. Will record a video soon.

  • ortoslon

    What happened to my post? 436050 points. Will record a video soon.

  • BMcC

    Right with you, hao. :)

  • Anthony Flack

    436050? Huh. Clearly, I suck too. Bring on the video, ortoslon!

    Mind you, the scoring is exponential, so the chance to smash your previous high score to pieces is always just a few more seconds away. So tempting.

  • Sparky

    The feel and mechanics here are really good.

    I’m a bit bothered, I admit, by the mix of vector art and low resolution pixel art. If this game rendered all its vector art to chunky pixels, it would be solid gold.

  • ortoslon

    710010 points (sorry, Derek), now I need to repeat this feat with screen recorder on.

  • ortoslon

    Also, Anthony, the scoring is quadratic, not exponential.

  • MedO

    Actually I think it’s cubic, as the score for evading a missile increases as well.

  • ortoslon

    Interval between missile explosions increases as well, and flip rate decreases as the player tries to evade nimbler missiles. So it’s a roughly quadratic function of playtime up to the point when the player decides to stop doing flips and concentrate on missile corrida.

  • raigan

    AAAAAAAGH I can only barely get 100k.

    This game _needs_ a highscore list.. it’s pretty easy in flash, just a php script and freeSQL db.

  • messhof

    I put in a highscore list. This is when shit gets real.

  • ortoslon
  • raigan

    awesome!! now if only i didn’t totally suck..

  • ortoslon

    I’ve recorded the promised video (873180 points). Click my nickname to watch it.

  • messhof

    changed it so you can only have one score up per name

  • raigan

    wow, nice recoveries near x39 and x62!!

  • Sparky

    Ooh, a high score list.
    I’m with Raigan, though. I’ve never even approached 500000.

  • ortoslon

    Thanks, raigan. I’ll record another video when I feel that I’m approaching the peak of my skill, and it will be more interesting because the infinity sign pattern doesn’t work well after x100. My current 1288K score is basically what would have happened if I hadn’t been hit at x15 in my video.