By: Derek Yu

On: May 25th, 2009


Chup is a new Flash platformer from DrPetter, the creator of the fantastic music tools SFXR and Musagi. Use the keyboard to move and the mouse to launch yourself into the air. The goal is to reach the exit in each of the 16 levels. You get more points for time, gems, and number of launches used.

DrPetter makes some quality stuff, and Chup is no exception – it’s a challenging game with slick graphics and music.

TIGdb: Entry for Chup

(Source: Dan Tabar, via his Twitter)

  • Nikica

    Nice game, I love the art style.

  • AdamButcher

    Loving the chip tunes.
    But how the hell do you get past the first spiky wall on level 10? And anyone know whether it saves?

  • Derek

    It’s supposed to save automatically… but for me it didn’t in Firefox and did in IE.

  • cactus

    Cool game. A lot more fun than I initially thought it would be. Was very hard to pull myself away from it…

  • Vanguard

    I thought it said it saved automatically, but it didn’t for me either.

    It was in firefox as well.

    Oh well. I beat the game but I’m not motivated to do all the trophies.

  • AmnEn

    Doesn’t save, at least not for me. :(
    Level 10 is a Pixelhunter, try to position yourself at the left edge of the Block and aim for the top right corner of the wall after the spikes. That should get you over.

  • DrPetter

    Yeah, weird. It doesn’t seem to save properly. I blame minijuegos :)
    They have an exclusivity deal for this week, but after that it’ll go up on other sites, so we’ll see if saving will work better somewhere else.

    Thanks for not hating too much on the game. Some (crazy) people think it’s too hard :P

    (random tip: in some situations it helps to bounce off walls in combination with air movement to get enough speed in the direction you need to go)

  • Quazi

    got to lvl 15, its a bitch tho, all bout speed and some luck.

    the game was a lot of fun, especially for flash games which i normally despise.

  • Nicholas Moon

    Not my bag. Impetus: none.

  • judgespear

    DrPetter: At least you made a game, not some DEEP INTERACTIVE ART EXPERIENCE. We need more of this, more games.

  • judgespear

    Overall, pretty solid game. It does get challenging, but I see to reason to “hate on” this at all.

  • grindFIsh

    this game is painfully addictive. Way to ruin my morning :P Likewise i didnt expect much at the start but then the difficulty ramps up perfectly and becomes brilliantly devious. Up to 13, and despite my frustrations i keep giving it “one more go”. Bastard.

  • Some Guy

    Yeah, levels 1-10 are easy as pie, then from level 11 on the difficulty curve jumps at an incredibly vexing rate.

  • undertech

    Just maybe this thread won’t swell to 100+ with worthless repetitious drivel.


    Played it and enjoyed it.

  • anothergol

    Nice little game, a bit too frustrating for me but it has a nice retro feel.

    However that (minijuegos) website that hosts it looks like the biggest collection of the worst games ever made. For those who were tempted to try other ones – don’t!

  • Arvindan

    Games just keep getting better & better!!

  • Archagon

    How do you make such a smooth, bitmapped, and pixel-perfect platformer in Flash?

  • Alex

    I guess I would like this more if it was a good game, too bad it sucks

  • Eclipse

    @Archagon it’s pretty easy to do using only actionscript, i did fair more complex (technically) things myself.

    This game is very nice! i love the concept and that little bot :) lovely

  • Quazi

    the only thing i kinda disliked was the player character, it’d feel much cooler if it was a lil robot guy or something, instead of a jumping garbage can droid.

  • Quazi

    oh yes, i also noticed one of the advanced 10+ levels was just level 5 in reverse, got a lil lazy didnt you xD

  • fydo

    This game is pretty great, as is DrPetter himself!

    The secret is to use just a single bitmap object that is as big as your stage, then blit your whole game onto it. It’s a little less efficient than using separate objects in Flash, but the result is pixel-perfection and you don’t have to worry about objects and things looking strange when scaling.

  • DrPetter

    Archagon: Flash can handle 60 fps nowadays, which is a big reason why I decided to work with it in the first place. The bitmap graphics are all done by simply copying rectangular regions between different bitmaps and having a single 320×240 one attached to the scene at 2x scaling. It all basically ends up being exactly like coding pixel games in any traditional language/api.

    Alex: Yeah, it’s too bad.

    Quazi: Yes, overall I was very lazy when making this. If you look closely you’ll see that almost all level graphics are made up from the same set of 10-or-so tiles, which have simply been put together in various random ways and color-changed… Also the levels aren’t actually tilemaps, but rather arbitrary “wall masks” that I pattern-filled with jumbled tiles. Let’s call it an homage to Metroid or something?
    The main character sprite was really a placeholder until I could take some time to design a proper figure, but I ended up falling in love with this one after numerous test runs.

  • Trotim

    Nice idea and great sounds and graphics, but I personally find it too hard/frustrating.

  • shockedfrog

    Fun game, level 15 is kinda generous with launches though (7 is plenty :) but still got plenty of the other trophies to get, the time ones in particular are pretty tricky. Very well done for Flash, though a standalone download version would be awesome.

  • Kneecaps

    Pretty fun! When I saw the screenshot, I mistakenly thought it was of a tracker. So, it’s cool to know that the guy who made the game works on (awesome) trackers too.

  • Archagon

    Thanks for all the answers! What are some good tutorials for “coding pixel games in any traditional language/api”, if there are any?

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    Was pretty fun, would have loved a faster framerate however.

  • DrPetter

    I don’t know of any tutorials. Maybe I should make one? ;)

    The framerate will be 60 fps if your system can handle it.

  • sfdsfdsdfs

    no more keyboard+mouse platformers please, they’re very annoying.
    Just keyboard in future

  • sfdsfdsdfs

    oh it has keyboard only control too , boy is my face red

  • Archagon

    DrPetter, if there are no tutorials, then how did you learn? I don’t even know where to start!

  • DrPetter

    Archagon: There’s abundant information available for those who take the time to look. Almost all of what I know has been learned (over many years) by reading reference+example text/code and experimenting with it to figure out how it’s used.

    If you want some quick and relevant introductory tutorialin’, then you could check out this good old thing:

    Understand most of what’s said in that tutorial and you should be able to make traditional 2D games in just about any language, given a little time to read up on the specific tools available to you.

  • Melly

    Fuck the music is so good.

  • Archagon

    DrPetter, thank you!

  • MasterShake

    Good game.

    I’m ranked as an Overlord w/ a score of 110241. I only have 40/48 trophies, though…and I’m hungry for more. Though, at this point, the trophy challenges are just ridiculous.

    Some of the platforming in this game is enough to make even a veteran Megaman 3 player cry, so how on Earth does one expect a limbless trashcan droid to clear some of these challenges?

    The level 11 Items challenge is just evil, and the Launch challenge for the final level is nigh impossible.

    It becomes almost solely dependent on luck. A game should be about skill, not luck. Or patience, as was the case with those ‘crazy people’.