Tim Langdell: The EDGE of Insanity?

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2009

Tim Langdell

Mobigame’s award-winning iPhone game Edge has been removed from the App Store, pending a legal battle with Tim Langdell (pictured at right) over the trademark “Edge.” What’s troubling is that, according to a GameSetWatch article by Simon Carless, Langdell, who founded and owns the company Edge Games, has had a history of using his trademark to cause creators grief and to link himself with various high-profile media projects, including, but not limited to, games.

“We have legal issues with a man named Tim Langdell,” says Mobigame’s David Papazian. “If you already asked why Soul Edge (the Namco game) was called Soul Blade and later Soulcalibur in the US, you have your answer.” (via Fingergaming)

If you look on Tim’s Wikipedia page, you’ll notice that he is associated with Edge Magazine, a Malibu Comics character named Edge, and also the movie The Edge, starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. What Tim actually did on any of these projects is questionable, but my guess would be that it’s about as much work as he will do for Edge, the iPhone game, once all the dust settles. Namely, he threatened to sue the living fuck out of anyone in his path (mind you, this is conjecture).

Anonymous Ninja

You may also notice that the Wikipedia entry is oddly detailed and poorly cited for a man who no one has really given a shit about until now… it’s also under a neutrality dispute. And no wonder – the entire page is almost single-handedly the creation of user Cheridavis, who, very coincidentally, shares the name of Tim’s wife, Cheri Davis Langdell. When pressed on the issue of neutrality, Cheridavis wrote: “You are mistaken. I am writing a book on founding members of the game industry and noticed that Tim Langdell was one of the only people missing from Wikipedia. The article I created is based on my research, not on being Tim Langdell or knowing him personally.” That would be Tim Langdell, the husband of Cheri Davis Langdell, the founder of the game industry, the producer of such notable titles as Fairlight and Snoopy: The Case of the Missing Blanket, and the man who participated in these three roundtables at GDC this year:

– Who Controls a Game’s IP and Who Reaps the Financial Benefit?

– How to Design Your Game So That its IP is More Valuable to Hollywood

– How to Sell Your IP to Hollywood (Without Selling Your Soul)

If you’re wondering where Simon’s article for GSW went, it is, for whatever reason (heh), not available anymore. Unless you go to NeoGAF or any of the other places the article has been reposted. And if, after reading this, you’re wondering, like I was, about Mirror’s Edge, you’ll be happy to note that Mr. Langdell’s EDGE Games is currently working on a new game called “Mirrors a game from Edge,” which I’m sure will not conflict in any way with the popular parkour-inspired FPS.

Jokes aside, the most frightening thing about this entire debacle is not how greedy and disingenuous human beings can be (you should be used to it by now), but that Mr. Greedyguts himself is a board member on the IGDA, a non-profit organization created to empower game developers and advocate on their behalf. Which is, in this author’s distinct opinion and should in no way be construed as a fact, somewhat like having Joseph Mengele on the board of the Red Cross. It’s absolutely fucking ridiculous and brings the credibility of the organization to serious question. How does this happen and what are they going to do about it?

Thanks to mklee for pointing this out, via TIGForums. Thanks to John Nesky for pointing out the GDC roundtables.

Update: The IGDA has responded, and so has Tom Buscaglia, the “Game Attorney” (and also an IGDA board member).

Update 2: The follow-up to this article can be found here.

  • Tyrone


    The best thing to do is to calmly and logically get the word out, but it’s really up to the Mobigames more than anyone else. It’s really their battle and one that they might not be able to fight because of pending litigation.

    Maybe start a website: http://www.reasonstoavoidnamingyourgameedge.com

    Partially in jest, but if developers know that using this generic word will land you in a world of legal hurt it’s pretty easy to avoid. It’s not like Langdell’s patented the jump button–we might have a problem then.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    Joe, bless you man.

    You can call everyone loons and kids all you like, the only thing it serves to do is make you look like a massive prick.

    Stop it, there’s a love.

    You’re not the same Joe who said that Langdell is the only “indie” from the Eighties still around are you? Man, I best go tell some of my friends they don’t exist.

    They’ll be heartbroken.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    “Keep fantasizing about things that will never happen. I’m sure you’ll change a lot of things that way.”

    Because Jules Verne & Leonardo DaVinci were huge dumbasses.

    ps. I’ll go on record as being one of the guys that will “kill him a chainsaw” any day of the week. As much as I disagree with Langdell, my hatred for chainsaws runs much deeper.

    pps. if we do an EDGE compo, that’s totally what i’m doing. Kill as many chainsaws as possible with your EDGE® Blade.

  • avoidobject

    sign me up for that compo, because that sounds freakin’ awesome

  • Derek

    Joe is obviously a captain of industry, here.

  • Joe

    Not only is Tim an “indie” from the 80’s, but he’s the real deal. He’s not some punk who just made a game in some “Easy Instant Game Maker 2000 Pro Edition” in two minutes and decided to call himself a professional game developer. No, he has actual experience in the field and has more games (actual games, things sold at retail) credited to him than you’ve had hot dinners.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    How many did he actually make, Joe?


  • Joe

    I really don’t know what’s worse, your jealousy or the fact that you think you can actually challenge those with actual credibility in the games industry. How about you stop pretending to be game developers and actually gain some real credibility (maybe even graduate from high school or college, possibly start a successful game business) before you try to knock those who are more successful than you?

  • fucrate

    I’ve had a lot of hot dinners. Estimating at least one a day, considering I’m 24, 365 + 10 for food-friendly holidays, 24 * 375 = 9000, plus 6 for leap years, around 9006, give or take 1000.

    All in all it comes out to about you are an idiot.

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu

    hot dinner is for suckers. you’re right.

    Another game idea…

    Eat more hot dinners than Langdell games. Control all of your teeth with every button on the keyboard and chow to victory. Watch your burnt tongue meter though, hot dinners are dangerous.

  • Derek

    So real he had to edit his own Wikipedia page! So real he’s purposefully creating brand confusion (“Mirrors Edge”)! So real that a guy named “Joe” has to exclaim loudly on the comments of a blog that he’s real and, in the process, insult the indie developers who Tim, Tom, and the IGDA purportedly care about!

    Joe the Plumber, meet Joe the Game Developer.

    If he’s real, his work should speak for itself.

  • Not me guv, honest.

    I’m not jealous Joe. Is that the best you can muster, you potty mouthed peanut?

    So, I’ll ask again.

    How many did he write, Joe?

  • raiten

    Wow, this is incredible. Is this the same Joe that actually is Cheri Davis that actually is Tim Langdell that now is suggesting he knows Tim after saying he didn’t on the forums? Oh this web of lies! Or is it just a bizarre joke?! It’s damn hard to tell!

  • The Doctor

    I still have no idea why Joe/Tim Langdell is supposed to be so great after all this.

    The only thing he seems to do is sue small independent companies and tell other devs (That I’ve actually heard of) that they suck compared to him because indie devs aren’t real devs according to him. (Why the hell does he work for IGDA if he seems to think that?)

  • raiten

    Dude, he sues big companies too. or at least objects to their trademark registrations, see the Namco case. THAT HE LOST, I might add, despite what Joe/Tim/Mr. Space Crazy has suggested.

  • ben2theedge

    I AM jealous. I wish I had anonymous alias trolling forums to defend my honor. And I wish I’d invented the word EDGE(tm). How do you get a sweet gig like that?

  • fucrate

    Obviously, Joe/Tim/Cheri has never watched any of those movies where the dad tells the son that he can’t do a thing, and then through a series of trials and events the son does the thing and the dad says “I’m sorry son, you were right. Good job doing that thing.” Then they hug and shit.

    This is the same situation, only instead of hugging I’ll probably piss on Joe’s grave. Because he is old, and will die of natural causes soon. Most likely from heart disease as it is the number one killer in America today. Second is Cancer, so he better watch out. Cancer uses a baseball bat.

  • RazputinOleander

    I actually thought Joe was serious at first. :D Forgive me, I’m a little slow with these “internets.”

  • http://Www.dyson-game.com Alex May

    Best tigs comments thread ever? I’m drunk though, it’s a factor we should consider

  • Jesus

    If Tim Langdell had more games credited to him than I’ve eaten hot dinners, then according to…. gee I don’t know, everywhere, like http://www.mobygames.com, I’d have died of starvation.

    Grats on fail, Tim.

  • FBI

    This is the FBI. You’re all under arrest for saying mean things about insane has-been wankers who’ve filed more frivolous lawsuits than you’ve had hot dinners. Remain where you are, you will be collected. Thanks for the tip, Joe.

  • Tim Langdel

    hey guys, just dropping in. Unlike you nut jobs and douchebags, i am totally amazing. I invented a word, and i get my wife to make me wiki articles! I have so much respect, and i am a legit “game developer” from the 80’s, my most known work is a special thanks credit on God of War, which makes me famous like the friends,family,coworkers and children of the people who really did make that game.

  • friendly observer

    tim looks like the manchild of hitler, and the dude(big lebowski)

  • The Doctor

    Tim Langdell once beat a nun to death on the steps of a church.

    Tim Langdell finds it impossible to become aroused unless something dies in front of him. He has several well used VHS tapes of executions for this purpose.

    Tim Langdell next game is going to make you his bitch. It’s going to be worth TEN (10) hot meals.

  • avoidobject

    Please make the EDGE game compo happen. I want to make games regarding hot dinners with gameplay that will put you on the edge of your seat.

  • ben2theedge

    Think of your favorite videogame. Odds are that Tim Langdell developed it at the same time as he was romancing your mother. And he never called her back.

  • RazputinOleander

    Tim Langdell singlehandedly invented the first computer solely to play videogames; created Atari, Nintendo, Sega, EA and Square; then spawned the internet with Bob Dole.

  • fucrate

    Tim Langdell once strangled to death a puppy that had just recovered from lung cancer.

  • Nino

    Genuine questions for Joe:

    Hi Joe,

    I’m asking honestly, because you’re the only one here to agree with Langdell it seems.

    1) If you are or were in game development and you know Tim Langdell, can you tell us your real name? No one is really anonymous on TIGsource, may they be hobbyist or pro. So you don’t have anything to fear, since you seem proud of your point of view, please tell us who you are. This will back up your stance on this issue.

    2) Tim Langdell’s credits are hard to find on the internet. According to you his Mobygames credits aren’t anywhere close to complete, so please can you list some of his credits?

    I hope you will answer and not insult me. You must realize though, that your behavior here doesn’t make Tim Langdell look any better. To which you will say it doesn’t matter because our opinions are those of worthless wannabes, but still.

  • someone

    My house is rigged with so much explosives that I could blow up the whole district.
    I’m wating for the FBI with one shotgun in one hand and a chainsaw in the other hand. And the chainsaw is for you Tim langdell. I’ll be there when you don’t expect me. Baltimore downtown is nice in the spring.
    I hope you don’t mind if I wear your skin.

  • Max

    The totally cheap shot Tom B refers to is this:

    “The last time Langdell developed a game worth playing Madonna still had all her original body parts.”

    That was about the time I started working in the games industry and I can truthfully attest that I have never once choked a chicken or any other poultry or fowl.

  • chutup

    “Easy Instant Game Maker 2000 Pro Edition”

    haha you have to give him points for that one

  • raiten

    Joe said: “I really don’t know what’s worse, your jealousy or the fact that you think you can actually challenge those with actual credibility in the games industry.”

    Yeah, because Tim has a lot of credibility left. Like, when people are considering inviting him to give a speech for whatever event they’re hosting and Google his name they’re not going to be the least concerned that this guy apparently forged his own Wikipedia article, is being referred to as a “trademark troll” by major gaming site Kotaku and seems to be the laughing stock of the entire industry.

    Who are you trying to fool? Try and convince yourself they’re going to miss all those articles and just zigzag their way to your LinkedIn-profile. Maybe that will help you keep the tears back at night, but it won’t become reality any time soon.

  • ben2theedge

    Because game maker requires NO SKILL! You don’t have to be a good game designer or artist or anything, it does all that for you, right? Right?

    I’m going to make games like Uncle Tim from now on. I’m going to start by inventing the word “War”. That should give me a lot of titles to slap my name on!

  • Paul Eres

    the interesting part about langdell, joe, and that “game attorney” guy is that these types of people — self-aggrandizing folk people who harm those less successful than them and don’t care about it and then put them down as wannabees etc. — are not just crazy corner-street bums, but actually are the people who rule the industry, and the world

    to address what joe said earlier: no, most of us are not against copyright, and most of us don’t pirate games and make up excuses about that. many indies such as myself have in fact sold games and have had them pirated; most of us feel that copyright in some form is necessary.

    but trademark isn’t copyright, and the purpose of trademark is to avoid consumer confusion by having two similarly named products or companies in the same field. but there’s obviously no chance of consumer confusion between a company named edge which hasn’t created a game in decades and a game called edge on the iphone. trademark law is intended to serve people, by avoiding confusion, not the owners of the trademark who don’t even use the trademark anymore except in court. using a common word that someone else used already happens, and the careers of indies should not be endangered or destroyed over using a common word in a game title.

    tim langdell is “successful” only in the sense that he’s weaseled his way up the social ladder through hook or crook (mostly crook). like, i suspect, most of the board of the igda. but this is a different age. in the information age of the internet, as politicians are learning, you can’t as easily lie about yourself and claim to have done things you haven’t done and get away with it forever. there’s just too much easy access to information and history on the internet for it to be possible anymore to fake your way through life.

  • hot dinner

    when does the edge games competition start?

  • The Doctor

    Tim Langdell has a douchy smile.

    Tim Langdell is the embodiment of “Big ego, No fame or skill”.

    Nobody really knows who Tim Langdell is or what he’s done. This has nothing to do with him being an 80’s game developer. He’s just that bad.

    Tim Langdell’s number one hobby is grabbing cats by the tail and swinging them around until they come loose and fly into a wall.

    Once a year Sid Meier dons a red coat and hat and delivers presents to children around the world.

  • Super Joe

    Hey Joe. Can I interview you? Thanks in advance.

  • ben2theedge

    What’s also probably not coincidental is that Joe and Tim Langdell both seem to have an unreasonable disdain for little developers. Joe mocks them for, in his opinion, accomplishing nothing. Meanwhile Tim sues them when they get too accomplished.

    Something about little people working hard for very little financial gain simply because of the passion for their craft really rubs Joe and Uncle Tim the wrong way. I wonder why that is?


    Hey, just thought I would mention that prefacing your statement “this is opinion” doesn’t insulate you from defamation liability. Think the Jersey Boy type statement: “No disrespect, but your mother is a whore.” The “no” preface doesn’t actually do anything.

    Saying it is opinion might make it less reasonable for people to interpret a border-line statement as defamatory, but will not protect you if it is, in fact, defamatory.

  • O

    Yeah, so just as a guideline; when dealing with a yeasty litigious cuntbag it’s better to call them a smegma-chewing megadouche than anything
    concrete like ‘extortionist’ or ‘baby rapist’. Or just abuse ‘allegedly’. If you’re a pussy.

    Also I love the sudden burst of activity on tigs today but does anyone else get the feeling that it’s an attempt to push this thread off the front page?
    I get it if Derek’s sick of Cheridavis fagging things up and stuff but this is has been a really fun read.

    Sorry if I’m way off the mark with this terrible accusation.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Nah, Classics Week was planned in advance. :P

    Also, this thread gets funnier and funnier.

  • Lurk

    Paul Eres” these types of people – self-aggrandizing folk people who harm those less successful than them and don’t care about it and then put them down as wannabees etc. – are not just crazy corner-street bums, but actually are the people who rule the industry, and the world”

    This sentence has power.

  • mangum44

    Oh, lookie what I found.

    Tim Langdell, ladies and gentlemen, screwing up game artists with more talent and less money than him since the C64 days!!

  • http://infinitelives.net jenn

    I feel bad for Tim Langdell. He must be the unhappiest man in the world. All this to quite literally make a name for himself.

    I wonder how he threatened GSW to get that article pulled.

  • ARelativelyHotBoy

    Where did Joe go? :

    He’s right, I am like a little kid in my parents’ basement. I need a big, strong, forceful man to teach me the ways of the world.

    To take me in his arms and make everything right.

    Why don’t you save me from my own fragile innocence, Joe?

    You could make me yours forever…

  • tims face

    i am sad

  • tims neck

    where am i?

  • Michael Yamada

    I am entertained. And upset. And angry.
    But still entertained because Joe is thinking up the lousiest arguments to defend himself. Ha.

  • beef

    most unfortunate life was bestowed upon his soul.