Trailer Crazy

By: Derek Yu

On: May 30th, 2009

I know we’ve been going crazy with the trailers lately, but what the hey. It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to play. Playable games coming soon!

Let’s start it off with a little cactus. Trailer music by The Death Set.

Dean Dodrill’s Elysian Tail: Dust is an XNA fighting game with some really gorgeous animation. And furries. Currently in alpha state.

Here’s a preview of the next Blurst game, which is coming out next month. Music by Alec Holowka.

  • skaldicpoet9

    These all look really, really good. Crane Wars really grabs my attention, is it going to have multiplayer?

    The new game by Cactus looked so good it made me re-download Cactus arcade again which delightfully has a few games I hadn’t played on the new version yet.

    Not sure how I feel about Elysian Trail, but I have to say it has a very nice polish to it and the combat looks like it could be very fluid and fun.

  • lolwut

    Elysian Tail: Dust looks beautiful. Wait, furries? What? N–no.. what is this, why?

  • Ezuku

    Ah, these all look really awesome.

    Cactus’s Air Pirates looks simply amazing, his unique art style here really tops things off.

    Elysian Trail looks very polished, and the animations with it seem very cool. Cross fingers for two player co-op

  • wollsmoth


  • apnea

    Blurst are always good for a laugh :)

  • superflat

    cactus goes from strength to strength… so much joy in his work.

  • Eclipse

    I think i was one of the ispirator of Crane Wars, as during the Blush launch one of the dudes at Flashbang was playing with a toy crane and i started to yell stuff like “forget Blush, we need a crane combat simulator!” in chat :D
    Guys at Flashbang are totally awesome.

  • Eclipse

    Also i see that Dean Dodrill did the animations of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 intro… so he’s a prof. animator and he was already working in the industry!
    Well awesome job on that game, now i wonder if he’s alone or he has a team!

  • Koholint

    It’s a shame Elysian Tail is already getting written off as a “furry game,” because I think it looks pretty cool.

  • Valkyrie

    I have no doubt that Air Pirates or Crane Wars will be ridiculously awesome, as always, but Elysian Tail: Dust really caught my attention. Those animations are beautiful. I’m totally cool with furries so long as they don’t do all that sex stuff, so I’m putting this on my watch list.

  • DominicWhite

    I’m just wondering when the internet is going to stop freaking out over *anything* with talking animals in it.

    Been at least 5-6 years now, and no sign of slowing.

  • Xion

    Elysian Tail Animations are really really really awesome. Looks incredible.

  • Gio

    That Elysian Tail: Dust game kinda reminds me of Odin Sphere for some reason.

  • Snow

    If you get to destroy furries in Dust, then it would be worth it, otherwise… gross.

    Does look really good though.

  • plvhx

    gio, see oboro muramasa.

  • gio

    ah yes that game, from the same creators of odin sphere and grimgrimoire. ive been watching that game for some time now, cant wait till its released.

  • Anthony Flack

    The Dust animations do look great and the combat looks like it flows really nicely. Could be a really cool game.

    And Cactus’ graphics just keep getting more rad. I really love the working method he’s developed.

  • Kevin Gadd

    Aw shit. Elysian Tail is going to wipe the floor with me if they enter DBP this year. :(

    I wonder if those are meticulously animated sprites or cleverly shaded meshes. Can’t quite tell from the video. Looks amazing either way – on par with Odin Sphere, even.

  • The Monster King

    Mr Derek Yu that is not a fighting game, that’s a Beat ’em up! (with furries)

    Beat ’em ups are the best to play with friends.

    Yeah that one does look gorgeous.

    But then they all do.

  • Deacon Blues

    Official info leak: At the end of Air Pirates, you get shot for no reason.

  • Secret Admirer

    Man, that Dust game looks niiice.

  • Gainsworthy

    Effing A. Air Pirates is looking good, natch. Nice music choice too. As for Dust, those animations are ah-mazing. Crane Wars looks fun too!

  • Cactus Fan

    Air Pirates is multi-layered; it looks like a simple arcade side shooter but it’s actually a metaphor for anal penetration.

  • Robert

    Dude, not cool. Keep it clean, bro’.

  • Marshmellian

    Dust is smooth but is more of the same japanime. weird animal-people waving big swords and magic powers and scripted attach sequences. this boss has this weak spot. hit, jump back, hit, jump back, repeat. boring.

  • Cactus Fan

    @Robert, I didn’t make it. Blame Cactus.

  • Rulude

    Elysian Tail is rather reminiscent of Odin Sphere, from the looks of it that is.
    It looks brilliant.

    but Odin Sphere is even more <3

  • Dinsdale

    But of course, metastasized all over the internet, 4chan’s idiocy shines through once again. Raging over talking animals peaked at April Fursday and has been steadily declining in funny ever since, and now it is so past the bearable joke threshold that it is absolutely ridiculous and should really be done with.

    That said, Elysian Tail looks really awesome and as long as it won’t have any yiffing going on, I cannot wait!

  • david

    all three looks cool, especially the 2nd one :o

  • Person what enjoys indie games

    Maybe some people find talking animals genuinely creepy, or the idea of assuming a persona based on a non-sentient animalian lifeform to the point of wearing a costume thereof creepy.

  • Turbine


    Elysian Tail looks fantastic, even more so if that guy really is developing it all by himself. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of skill and dedication?

  • offensiveorgymode

    The furry accusations aren’t unfounded though. The guy who made Elysian Tail is indeed a furry and is active in the furry community and even has an article on him on Wikifur.

  • offensiveorgymode

    And hating furries didn’t start on 4chan, but rather on Something Awful, who are probably the earliest example of “exposing” furries and their whole subculture I can think of.

  • offensiveorgymode

    But, hey! The game still looks pretty damn nice though.

  • Furries


  • tard

    Is it bad that I keep watching the cactus trailer over and over again just to listen to the death set?

  • avoidobject

    yeah it means you don’t care about the actual game itself and should feel bad

  • Phasma Felis

    Yeah, the furry hate is just utterly surreal. It’s like assuming all sci-fi games have alien sex in them, because Kirk totally did that and all sci-fi is just like Star Trek.