Classics Week at TIGSource!

By: Derek Yu

On: June 1st, 2009

Hey, guys! Welcome to Classics Week at TIGSource. All week long, from today’til Sunday we’re going to be covering classic indie oldies that haven’t gotten their due respect on the site and adding them to the TIGdb.

To start us off, I’m going to link some of the classic games we’ve already covered:

  1. Memories: Brainchild Design
  2. Memories: Bloodlust Software
  3. Classic: Kingdom of Loathing
  4. Classic: Marshmallow Duel
  5. Classic: Drain Storm
  6. Classic: Obake
  7. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Triplane Turmoil
  8. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Tremor
  9. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Siege
  10. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Gladiator
  11. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Liero
  12. Multiplayer on One Keyboard: Triumph! War 2099

What is considered a “classic?” Anything that you enjoy that is more than a few years old. If you have suggestions, shout ‘em out in the comments, or hit up this thread on the forums. And please write your own “review,” if you’re so inclined. Happy Classics Week!

  • Little Mac

    Looks like TIGSource has run out of content. Oh well, recycling old content never fails.

  • Corpus

    Yeah, 6 posts in 3 days. Hooo, boy, it’s getting tight.

    Consider this, Ronald: Derek thought of something which would be nice to do, and which would bring exposure to some lesser-known gems from the past.

    Yes, that’s right. He wants to use a blog which serves mainly to bring exposure to lesser-known gems to do exactly that.

    How embarrassing.

  • Derek

    Dude, you really hurt my feelings. Ouch, touché, etc.

  • Little Mac

    I’m just kidding.

  • yodatreat

    Umm, would it be looked at as terribly narcissistic to do a feature on Blackeye Software, Someone other than Derek could do it of course.

  • Little Mac

    Derek should do it, it’d be interesting. I could leave comments accusing him of being a narcissist and it will be fun.

  • Paul Eres

    what’s ‘blackeye software’? eternal daughter?

    and it’s not really ‘recycling’ since we won’t be reviewing games previously reviewed in tigsource, but games released before tigsource existed

  • Screwtape

    The other day I was browsing the database, and saddened to see that Neverball wasn’t listed:

  • Skibs

    BES; it does the body good.

  • RocketSlug

    I was always a little bummed that Little Fighter 2 didn’t get mentioned during the Multiplayer on One Keyboard articles. My friends and I spent countless hours battle the hordes of enemies in Story Mode up to the last boss.

  • cm

    I remember playing a lot of MoraffWare games in my childhood. I remember them all being shit, though, so I dunno if they’re really the best candidates for a feature.

    How about JJSoft? Petwings was pretty awesome. I downloaded a while back and was disappointed to find it’s a lot easier than I remember.

  • adam

    Wow, I loved Triumph AND LF2.

    I’d love someone to point me in the direction of a working link to Spacejack, remember the crystal defending game?

    Also there was a game where you played little fleas, and you bounced around the level (Multiplayer, one keyboard) can’t think of what it’s called though.

    And remember all the old Mark Pay oldies?

  • adam

    Woah, and Anthony Lopes ‘Adventures of Mark Basehore’. It’s all coming back to me.

  • Wilson

    Siege looks pretty cool but the download link is dead now. I don’t suppose anyone might know where to get it?

  • Wilson

    Nevermind, I found it here:

    Google is my friend…

  • Nillo

    Progress Quest!

  • salejemaster

    The ol’ Kye and Xye, such fond memories :’)

  • cm

    I posted a comment last night and it got flagged for moderation? What gives? I just wanted to suggest Petwings :'(

  • Paul Eres

    any comment with a url in it is moderated. best to leave links in the url field, not in the body of text.

  • sal

    Walusoft’s Warheads is easily the longest played game I have, starting way back around 1997 when we got our first family computer. On the first ever demo disc bought from walmart (i miss you 1001 games disc), Warheads turned out to be a long running favorite. In the same vein as Scorched Earth, you and your opponents take turns selecting defenses and firing weapons, all this IN SPACE, using the different planets’ gravity to whip your shots around.
    the site is painfully slow, so be patient. here’s a vid of the gameplay.


    Kingdom of loathing of course!
    It’s the best textbased sarcastic MMORPG i’ve ever played! I love it!


    Oh crap. I missed you already had covered it…

  • Rudolf

    This is great stuff. One of the worst things about video games is the lack of appreciation for what has already been achieved.

  • Larry Martin

    Exciting to see Classics Week kicking off at TIGSource! Looking forward to exploring these overlooked classic indie games.
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