Icy Tower 1.4 Released!

By: Derek Yu

On: June 4th, 2009

Version 1.4 of Johan Peitz’s popular jumping game Icy Tower was released today, and features a number of improvements, including new graphics and options for stat-tracking and customizing your experience. The last version of the game came out at least 3 years ago, but Icy Tower has maintained its large and loyal fanbase since its release in 2001. And it’s perfect timing for Classics Week… did you plan this, Johan?

TIGdb: Entry for Icy Tower

  • salejemaster

    looooooool they still make this, can’t believe Oo

  • Skofo

    Nice! Haven’t played this game in a -long- time, but it’s still as fun as ever.

    I don’t appreciate the adware in the installer, though.

  • cactus

    I remember when me and my friends were playing this nonstop for weeks on end. He was so much better than me that I eventually gave up, though.

    Met Johan while drunk, riding the tram to a bar a few days ago, and he told me there would be a new release of Icy Tower. Nice to see it posted :)

  • exender

    Way to go Johan!

  • johanp


  • Daniel

    I was just thinking of this game the other day! No joke. I used to play it on a shitty hewlett packard hahaha

  • Cougarten

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WINEable! (just had to enter my name as quickly as possible so it does not get stuck somehow)

  • Paul Jeffries

    I really like the game, I really hate the toolbar it installs even though I’m pretty sure I told it not to. Seriously, what is this bullshit?