TIGSource Presents: The Adult/Educational Competition

By: Derek Yu

On: June 27th, 2009

Adult / Educational Competition
So what do Leisure Suit Larry and Mavis Beacon have in common? What would happen if Custer got his revenge in the middle of the Oregon Trail? Maybe nothing. Maybe a LOT. The choice is yours.

The first-ever TIGSource dualcompo is upon us! The themes are Adult Games and Educational Games, and you can choose to do one or the other… or BOTH! The compo officially starts tomorrow, and you have six flippin’ weeks to come up with an idea and implement it. Start your entry today, before the game burnings begin!

Sex and education – they’re both better when they’re interactive.

(Thanks to bigpants, the biggest Hall and Oates fan, for the video. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!)
  • O

    Drugs and sex and fun are bad, you heard it here first.

  • AmnEn

    On a completely unrelated note. The Trine Demo is awesome.

    On a more related note:
    I’m all for actually limiting the adult games to adults. After all a 12 year old kid really shouldn’t get his morals from Manhunt and his manners from Postal. However its more a problem of education and care in a schizophrenic society based upon competition.

    For the Kids, the best route would be to have their parents actually be there for them. To be near them when the kid is about to stumble over some weird gore website and to actually talk about some of the things that happen. You know, just be there for the Kid.
    I’ve said schizophrenic for a reason though as one simply can’t combine personal career and family. To be successful in a specific line of work you have to invest huge portions of your time. Work takes up more than 60% of your day, sleep takes another 30% and the rest is being too damn tired and exhausted to notice anything else but flashing images on the TV Screen.

    There is just no time to take care of your kid. You do need the money to keep your current Status Quo and not drift into Poverty at the cost of not being able to live with your child. Or you can decide to be there and plummet into Poverty.

    So if your average guy comes home, he doesn’t have the time to care about what his junior is playing or doing or even helping him with homework.
    He occasionally peeps onto the screen though and suddenly finds his son strangling humans, ramming glas shards into necks of people while clobbering virtual dogs with Shovels and having true to the word pissing contests in the open street.
    And suddenly, he realizes that while he was at work, there was no one preventing his kid from seeing these things. Worse, the Kid seems to enjoy it. Who is he gonna turn to?

    Welcome Politicians. The demand for a ban on those games is testament to a failed system. A system that favors sheer workforce over family values. So instead of fixing the broken system (that would mean going up against a truckload of Lobbies) they try to “solve” the problem by censoring it.

    It’s a bleak and desperate act. A facade. No amount of censorship will prevent little Tim from playing that brutal game his friend talked about. Plus we all know about the lure of forbidden things, in our youth we all have done forbidden things here and there.
    Its some sort of Perpetuum Mobile for elections. Promising parents to take care of that so they don’t have to take care of it and can invest more time into the world of work. That renders all kinds of factions happy, factions that pay money and vote.
    The “handful” of adults that have to suffer from these measures and are limited in their hobby are simply too few to matter. Plus its just another emotionally charged topic. Trying to discuss it with “outsiders” is a painful experience. It’s perceived as virtual murder, not a game and as such, even wanting to play that renders someone a freak in the eyes of said outsider.

  • renkin

    “Yes, but remember that we are talking about Virtual violence. Why the hell would violence OR sex be bad at all if it’s virtual and unreal ??”


    I just think it’s really hypocritically christian to be dead afraid of showing naked people but not people beating each other to death. If anything, it should be the other way around.

    But again: agreed.

  • ShawnF

    As an American living in Germany, I have to say that I think the cultural differences are hugely exaggerated. As far as I’ve seen, for people of our generation, everyone is about equally reasonable about sex, violent video games, and whatever else. It’s only in the older crowd where you really see the differences.

    As for the American students being the craziest when abroad – I can’t say, I’m a bit older and haven’t been around that crowd. What I CAN say, though, is that it’s not because they’re suddenly being released from some “iron fortress” of rules and regulations. Despite the reputation, for the most part people are just as open and sane sexually in America. I’m not sure what IS going on there, but I’m pretty sure you’re misreading the situation.

  • Tim Langdell


  • nikki

    ‘As for the American students being the craziest when abroad – I can’t say’

    not crazy , just annoying loud and snobby

  • Tim Langdell

    I was an American student once, before I turned to the dark side. I wish I was young again, and American, and a woman. Maybe then somebody would like me.

  • PHeMoX

    @54: I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got close to no idea what you’re talking about.

    It’s really not an exaggeration as I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I could easily bring up some juicy anecdotes (complete with video footage), but that would be inappropriate.

    Students of all kinds of countries tend to do wild things, it’s what students do. I am well aware of that, as I’m a student myself. But really, 18 to 25 year old American students do the most idiotic/crazy/hazardous stuff.

    There’s this very clear boundary where ‘fun’ stops and ‘idiocy’ starts…

  • ShawnF

    You should read my post again. It doesn’t say what you seem to think it says.

    Also: relax. Jesus.

  • @PHeMoX

    Video footage please.

  • Lyx

    Germans aren’t after pornography-censorship and other stuff on the net because they’re prude, but rather because they’re buerocratic and idealistic morons. See, there are various laws for other media… regarding identification of content, author (including full address details), registration, etc… in short, if you want to publish something in germany, you first have to beat the law-fu master. Now, theres that new thing called “intanet” – it too is a media, so obviously it must be treated the same as other media. (Hint: if in germany you want to run a blog, you have to publish your full private address and phonenumber on the website, because it is treated like a print-magazine). So, its not as if germans are pude – they’re just f*cking stupid buerocrats.

    – from an alien which crashlanded in germany

  • Radix

    PHeMoX, you’re coming off as prudish and jealous more than anything with your tangent. Maybe you you’ve got good reasons to be critical, but this isn’t really the right place for it.

  • PHeMoX

    Hahaha, jealous?? Now why would I be jealous?

    And trust me, I am anything but prudish in my own behavior. In fact, your comment is weird when I was more so talking about the real extremes here.

    Girls wearing miniskirts and doing sexy dances is not extreme at all, girls dancing naked on a bar having oral sex with the closest guy a few minutes later… clearly is. Not saying I’m not okey with that, if she wants to do that and ain’t drunk, why not.. All I’m saying is that there’s a boundary to things and that has nothing at all to do with being prude or not. I’m really not prude.

    By the way, you’re missing my point when you think I am really complaining about anything here. I was merely defending my own experience and observation.

    “@PHeMoX said 3 days later:
    Video footage please.”

    Got an email address??

  • Radix

    I said you’re coming off that way. I don’t really care whether you are or not, but
    I do care how much the front page comments suck.

  • @PHeMoX

    joseppem at yahoo dot com

    You know, just for documentation’s sake.

  • Shaman

    Will a sexual education game be part of both competition?

  • Arty

    Radix said: “I said you’re COMING OFF..I do care how much the front page comments SUCK.”

    Coming off? Suck? Clearly, Radix is already into the spirit of the competition! ;)

  • krizzl0r

    so.. this competition is all about german law and timboy?
    cant wait to see THOSE results.