Surprise Surprise

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: July 2nd, 2009

Oh Shiiii--

Fez. XBLA. 2010.

  • fag

    i liek to make n i dun care abut fans

  • Synnah

    I think it’s awesome that Polytron secured an XBLA deal. Stop whining, people, it’s bound to be released on PC eventually!



  • whyTheHate

    wow you people like to complain alot…the IGF demo was a PC version and its was developed using XNA so who didn’t see this one coming…

  • Corpus

    I dislike nearly everybody who has commented here.

    I suppose it is the TIGS frontpage, though.

  • FISH

    man, all this microsoft money sure smells good.


  • TakaM

    But what does the TV say on the other back?

  • TakaM

    “other back”

    god damn it…

  • Krumbs

    My only complaint is that horrible yellow for the background of that picture.

  • Ezuku

    For those of us who don’t remember unreleased indy games by name, a little text or even a picture would have been appreciated.

    Anyway, I really don’t see what the fuss is around Fez. PC gamers missed out on a platformer with a cool (but probably just gimmicky and annoying) mechanic. Poly chose not to give it to us, but we really have enough games to last us a lifetime anyway. Just go play something older that you’ve skipped and consider you’ve saved yourself some cash…

    I’m not fussed unless Fez turns out to be the greatest platformer ever made, but even if it is, it’ll just get released for the PC anyway.

    Good for the 360 players, consoles don’t have nearly the volume of games we have.

  • BeamSplashX

    Have you all played every good game in the NES library? If not, get to it! Emulation is your friend.

    Once that’s over, play all the good NES rom hacks. By that time, you should’ve made up for not having Fez by playing several things that aren’t available on XBLA or any current console. For free.

  • O

    Shit. Now I can’t pirate it.

    Unless it comes out on PC six months later, which it probably will.

  • Mooseral

    It’s true that the XBLA platform will probably garner them more sales (due to pirating, audience, etc etc) than PC; ultimately for Polytron, it’s probably a better platform, individually, than PC.

    On the other hand, the game originally did seem to be heading for PC, to at least some extent. And there are some fairly secure PC channels, particularly if your game has online elements. I mean, if they are on XBLA, it’s not like they would have trouble getting onto Steam.

    But yeah, I’m sure it’s a good game, I’m sure people will enjoy it, and I’m sure they should make a fair bit for their next one off it. Polytron probably deserves it considering how long it has been in development. But, for a PC gamer, seeing an ad saying that it will be out in 2010… on XBLA… is a bit meh.

    But hey, it’s not necessarily a site for thems PC gamers. My prior comment may have sounded a tad harsh; at least it is good to see indie games (poised to be) doing well on the market.

  • raigan

    I didn’t even know that this was news, I thought it was always assumed to be an XBLA game!

  • Mooseral

    It is kinda the logical platform nowadays. But still, some kind of PC release date would be nice.

    “Oh yeah you PC guys over there, hmm, y hello thar, I herd u liekd piratin so I pit a gam on ur consoll so u can plah while you plah”


  • O

    Yeah, that’s how you construct a yo dawg, and even if it were you should still be shot.

  • anothergol

    This reminds me of Outcast. And by the time Outcast came out, its voxel engine already looked outdated and everyone realized the game wasn’t really good.

  • Anthony

    That’s not a big deal, I’ll just convince one of my friends with a 360 to buy it. Now I won’t have to pay for the game or a 360, yay!

  • entrope

    for those not in the know, the majority of fan frustration stems from the following factors.

    there are a lot of people who have been waiting to hear news about the game since the igf. the mainstream gaming press has been all over it, lapping up every screenshot or blog leak that’s been released.

    recently, claiming a lack of funds for developing the game, fish asked for fan support by selling merch.

    most other indie devs have the courtesy to be open and honest about their development process and present fans with even small amounts of feedback especially when asking for financial support be it through preorders or whatever. the comments in various forums as well as polytron’s website and trailer videos have been literally filled with people asking for info regarding the target platform, a reasonable question. phil and renaud have selectively answered people with certain questions about the game while ignoring the vast majority of fans and supporters. the best we get are these viral-esque image dumps with a single line of text and a headline?

    stating that they’re using the xna framework was NOT equivalent to announcing that the 360 was the target platform, any more than a little green ‘a’ button indicator in a screenshot. microsoft themselves market the controller as the ‘360 controller for windows’, and tons of games support it.

    the icing on the cake, besides refusing to address fans and supporters in a straightforward way as mentioned, is the total PIG vibe this exudes. brandon leads the post with the patronizing title ‘Surprise Surprise’, suggesting as others have, that people “in the know” have really been aware of this all along, meanwhile the fans and supporters are expected to lap up this throwaway attempt at drumming up hype and content-free posing instead of simple honesty.

    what’s the story tigsource? not everyone is ‘hip to the scene’, you’ve just typed out what’s already on the damn image, with a hyperlink to the ‘company page’. this is even worse than the garbage that passes for what the mainstream gaming press tries to pass off as news. it’s a far cry from the usual indie humility we see around here.

    it’s fine if YOU don’t care about Fez, or a PC release, but the point is that some people DO, and have given their time and money in anticipation only to be thoroughly screwed over now that they don’t know if they’ll even have the opportunity to play it.

  • xerus

    It’s reducing itself every time it recycles, so eventually it’s going to disappear…

    You listening?

  • entrope
  • Corpus

    xerus, how many times have you watched that film?

  • Corpus

    also, entrope, you’re a whiny git with a sense of entitlement. neither of these properties becomes you well.

  • entrope

    lol corpus did you buy a tshirt

  • BMcC

    **@entrope:** Dude, shut up. You’re acting like a spoiled brat.

    The post is titled “Surprise Surprise” ’cause XBLA has *long* been rumored and assumed to be the target platform. Everywhere.

    And nobody’s misled anyone. Not breaking a contract with Microsoft is hardly an “excuse.” Get a grip.

    ALSO, if you want better posts, fucking pay me. You’re not entitled to *anything*, you know that, right? I’m amazed how someone can still manage to piss their pants over what may be the most innocuous post I’ve ever made.


  • FISH

    the rest of the internet is pretty happy.

  • Paul Eres

    also, entrope, keep in mind that tigsource is not a news site, it’s a hobbyist site — there’s bit of a difference

    anyway, as someone said above, there are a lot of other games to play; don’t get caught up in so much hype for one game. i want a pc version too, and will also be disappointed it if doesn’t have one, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t and it won’t affect me very much; i’ll just play something else instead. there are more great indie games than anyone can keep up with.

  • entrope

    yeah um, that was kind of my point paul! glad you agree.

    the rest of the internet appears to want a pc release too phil, but whatever, it’s just an observation. obviously there’s a lot of froth for the game and that only says good things about your work so far. i’m sore that there’s no info on a pc release and it looks like you’re gritting through your teeth wanting to admit it’ll happen despite gag-contracts or a desire to be cryptic or whatever.

    lol @ bmcc
    no pants pissing on this end, if you’re damp just delete my comments, top notch vulgarity there tho

  • BMcC

    I can be vulgar when I want, thanks.

    Your comments don’t need to be deleted, but they are whiny and selfish.

  • FISH

    you can play fez on the platform of your choice. as long as it’s an xbox.

    -henry ford

  • Ezuku

    Off topic, but can somebody explain why there’s no XBLA for PC? As somebody who doesn’t own a 360, my impression was that XBLA is a quasi online service like steam, so there’s no real ability to pirate anyway, no? And there’s enough cross compatibility with the framework to make cross ports easy, no? And if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t microsoft sell the platform at a loss, so wouldn’t they be happy(ish) if people bought the games without buying the console?

  • Mooseral

    Just make sure you rip the doors off the PC version, if anyone makes it.

    (make sure you use your bare hands)

  • Paul Eres

    the reason is probably that pcs differ so starkly from one another that pc games never work on all pc’s, there are always video card problems, driver problems, and so on. consoles eliminate that problem. making a game for the pc is very hard because there is no “pc”, there are a billion unique pc’s, and no promise that if it works on one it’ll work on any other.

    so making xbla for the pc would take a lot of time and resources and would also have to compete with services like steam, and steam has already kind of cornered the market for non-casual pc game direct downloads; they’d be fighting a losing battle

  • Mooseral


    There is something somewhat like XBLA for PC, GFWL (“games for windows live”). It gave itself a poor reputation to start, as it was originally in a pay format when things like Steam were free, and was also considered generally inferior.

    Now stuff like Steam have most of the market, and pretty much fill all the roles any Windows XBLA might have.

    Also, people still pirate Steam games, just to a lesser extent.

  • OverwatchTM


    But hey, if they make a PC release several months in advance (like Braid), it wouldn’t be such a bad move to make, wouldn’t it?

  • Kenzya

    Several months in advance? Braid’s PC release was several months late.

    But, either way, you’re all whiny faggots. Getting your indie game on XBLA is a big deal and I wish the developers all the luck in the world.

  • apnea

    Once again, the PC gets the shaft, even though it’s PC gamers who are chiefly responsible for word-of-mouth promotion for all sort of non-mainstream games; but hey, I guess actively participating in the community and expecting a little consideration as consumers in return make them all pirates/entitled brats/whiny/etc.

    Good going guys.

  • RobF

    Would it really hurt to y’know, just be happy for the guys at Polytron for getting a chance to hit big with Fez?

    Would it?

  • no

    They don’t give a shit about us (PC gamers), so why should we be happy?

  • PC Gamer

    boo hoo hoo! I want my mommy :(

    mommy, why can’t people release games on the platform that *I* support, even though there is no reliable commercial channel for small developers, even though it would be a massive financial risk, even though it will get ported as soon as the marketing exclusivity for the other platform lapses in a few months?

    oops i pooped myself

  • youre winner

    I would have bought this game, now I’ll just pirate it on my modded 360. Good job at stopping piracy by the way.

    Also awesome job with getting people to buy shirts for something they’ll never get to play, that’s hilairious. Epic trolling right there, I must say that I am impressed.

  • Siiseli

    How the bloody tits will I play this now. Crap.

  • Battlerager

    Gotta love the TIGS frontpage. :(

  • Ezuku

    Isn’t the whole point of the XNA framework the fact that it’s shared on both PC and 360? Or is there more to it than just that?

  • RobF

    There’s more to it than that. Fixed platform developing for one.

    You want it to run and sell well on windows? Deal with all the different configurations folks have and cope with whether people have stuff like .NET installed etc…

    You want it to run on someones 360? Hey, it just -does-, throw in stuff like the integrated achievements/scoreboard stuff (for XBLA, obv) and it’s not difficult to see which is the more attractive proposition to dev for primarily.

    It’s so much nicer knowing that your game just works and there’s no messing around.

  • avoidobject

    XNA games work fine on Windows without messing around. Just play the demo of Aces Wild or Kenta Cho’s Mazer Mayhem.

  • Flamebait

    I’ve long thought the whole “PC games never work consistently” line of thought, while certainly based on a real problem, is grossly overplayed.

    You don’t need to look at high-level stuff like XNA to find working PC games. A native executable using a myriad of separate libraries works fine over 95% of the time, at least for me.

    Obviously that’s from the gamer’s perspective; I can see how inconsistency would be more stressful for a dev. Buuut if we *are* talking about XNA, then it’s not a likely reason they went to the 360. Would the Polytron guys find it a pain in the ass to package a .NET redist installer? I doubt it. Integrated achievements/scoreboard? Sure, but how many PC gamers require that stuff?

    They merely went for a different audience in order to make more money. In time they’ll release it on PC, to make more money. If there’s any exclusivity deal in place, it has a time limit, because MS likes when software comes out for Windows OSes, because it indirectly makes them more money.

  • Lucien

    A 360 game, eh? What that really tells me is that a game isn’t really different enough to be challenging to a more high-brow audience. After all, Braid was merely a rather-dull 2D platform-puzzler with a time mechanic and loads of pretentiousness. Aside from the time mechanic and the pretentious tone (which I felt it could’ve done without), it was the same as all those platform puzzlers I saw back in the 16-bit days on home computers and consoles.

    The only thing we’ve seen of Fex so far is the trixel thing, which is mildly intriguing but I don’t really find myself captivatted by it, nor have I with any of the releases that’ve ended up on the 360. So for me this is just another game that I won’t have to spend money on.

    And not all PC gamers are pirates, not even 90 per cent thereof, that’s the second biggest pile of bullshit I’ve heard recently (the first being Obama’s global warming policy, and don’t get me wrong, I like Obama but that particular policy is ill-considered at best), and if it were true then Steam would be struggling to turn a profit, wouldn’t it? As opposed to, you know, Valve being the business power-house that they are. It’s obvious how idiotic a claim it is when one considers that alone.

    Just look at Valve’s sales figures. It’s idiocy, lies, poor research, and nothing more.

    Anyway, I’d instead recommend people buy something like the criminally ignored Maw, or wait for the rather beautiful Trine (which I’ve played around with and was thoroughly ensorcelled by). There’ll always be other games, and if something is headed for the 360 then it’s probably not worth the time one would invest in playing it anyway. A lesson I learned well with Braid, what a bore that was.

  • Harold

    This comment has been left intentionally short.

  • RobF

    Flamebait, I’m not for a second saying it’s difficult but it’s not as simple as just packaging something up in an installer and letting it roll.

    What if the game (like Braid was) is designed for a fixed resolution? Running at 1280×720 may cripple sales, so you’ve got to add res switching, then there’s controller support and a myriad of other things (do you go with solely shader 3.x or have a drop down to 2.x, more work…) that whilst not hard to implement add to dev time and costs. Throw in the post release support you’ll likely need to do too and it all starts to add up.

    That’s time you could be y’know, making other stuff or rolling around on a desert island in a sea full of money or whatever it is people do when they have a hit game on their hands.

    There’s loads more stuff to consider for a PC release than there is when punting out for a platform with a fixed setup and that’s where it gets to be a pain in the arse.

    I like to play stuff on my PC, sure, but I understand why console dev is a more attractive proposition and not just for the potential money (which as some XBLA dev’s will (un)happily testify isn’t guaranteed to cover your backside never mind your development costs).

    Lucien – I’m glad you can judge one game you’ve never played and only seen small portions of on the basis of not liking totally different games made by totally different people. That’s an awesome logic you’ve got there.