Tim Langdell and Edge Games: Still at It

By: Derek Yu

On: July 15th, 2009

Tim Langdell, Edge Games

I want this image of Tim Langdell’s face to be seared into the hearts and minds of every person who has ever worked hard to create something of personal value. Memorize it. Take in every loathsome detail. But make special note of the smile. That smile… is the smile of a man who has never known the feeling of creating something in any real sense. It’s the smile of a man, or some semblance of one, who instead wants to take that feeling from other people, prying it out of their hands with cease-and-desist letters and other tenuous legal threats so that he may satisfy his own barren womb. Like an aging and desperate Captain Hook, he strangles Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys for some of their pixie dust so that he might feel the feeling of flight.!

That’s right, Tim Langdell/Edge Games is still threatening game developers over the word “Edge.” Here’s a recap:

1. David Papazian and Mobigame are still being antagonized by Langdell. They’ve received another cease-and-desist from lawyers representing Edge Games1 and Ninomojo revealed on TIGForums that the iPhone game Edge has been removed from the App Store again.

2. Edge Games is now also targeting another indie iPhone developer who would like to remain anonymous right now (although it shouldn’t be hard to guess what word the game has in its title).2

3. In what appears to be another preemptive move by Langdell, Edge Games obtained a trademark for “Edge of Twilight” on June 1st, which is the name of an upcoming game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.3 Fuzzyeyes third-person action/platform game has been around since at least 2007.4

4. Tim Langdell is, of course, still on the Board of Directors at the IGDA. But I’m honestly going to start leaving this fact out as it’s still not obvious to me what the IGDA accomplishes beyond insulting the very people who the organization should be helping. Seriously, if you’re unhappy with the IGDA, stop yelling at a brick wall (that occasionally insults you) and just drop your membership when the time comes. Then start or join an unaffiliated online community or a local game development group in your city.

To address the question of “how does he get away with it,” well, as far as I know there’s nothing illegal about sending people cease-and-desist letters. I’ve never really doubted that what Tim is doing is legal. But is it necessary? No, it’s clear to me that there would be very little confusion over whether any of these games came from Edge Games. And in my opinion it is a serious abuse of laws that are meant to promote growth and innovation by protecting creators… what I see here is the opposite.

By the way, I’m compiling a centralized page of information regarding Tim and Edge Games here on TIGSource, including quotes from various developers who claim to have worked with Tim. If you have any more information or can help verify some of this stuff, please post here in the comments or e-mail me. Obviously first-person source material is the best.

The more successful Tim is, the harder it is for the next guy or gal who has the misfortune of having to deal with him. So don’t forget that face. As painful a prospect as it might seem.

1 Fingergaming, “Edge Trademark War Continues On Multiple Fronts”
2 Fingergaming, “Edge Trademark War Continues On Multiple Fronts”
3 Kotaku, “Trademark Troll Is at It Again”
4 YouTube, Edge of Twilight Trailer
!These are strictly opinions of the author and should not be construed as fact.

  • alspal

    this is a nice person

  • RayRayTea

    Hey Derek don’t take it too personally.

    But yeah, from what I know (admittedly not much) this guy needs to be stopped.

  • Felix

    “as far as I know there’s nothing illegal about sending people cease-and-desist letters”

    I think in some isntances there is.

  • moi

    Super-exclamation-points are going to be very trendy this summer I hear.

  • Autonomous

    Is it just me or is the design of the EDGE logo on his site (http://edgegames.com/) bear a striking resemblance to the EDGE logo of EDGE Magazine (http://www.edge-online.com/)?

    What’s the connection?

  • Mobigame

    Thanks for your support Derek

  • Alexitrón

    You should make a compo with the theme Edge and the number one rule should be to have the word Edge on the games title .

  • mrfredman

    @Alexitron: It already happened, voting closed a week ago. You can view and play the entries here: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=6807.0

  • Cliftor

    Good lord. I’ve been loosely following this story, mostly through this outlet (but otehr game sites as well), and new that he was still on the board, but this is crazy.

    Most of the stonewalling I saw seemed to be grounded in the fact that there wasn’t enough concrete, primary sources to show what a scumbag this guy is.

    It’s good that you’re taking the initiative to start documenting this, Derek. As a lover of games and art, I like to have as many choices as possible, and this kind of abuse of existing law is just hurting that.

    of course, by finding rigorous primary sources, the allegations may turn out to be exaggerated. I doubt it, but it might happen. Truth is key, here, not what we want to be true. We need those sources.

  • http://www.dreamofwinds.com/lonely/ Aquin

    I wish there was some way to get rid of this jerk. You’d think after so many ‘nuisance’ suits, the patent office would just stop returning his calls.

  • Sonictail

    I have to agree, running a indie “edge” competition with focus on spreading awareness isn’t such a bad idea. Especially on the word “Edge!”

  • http://www.dreamofwinds.com/lonely/ Aquin

    Melly already ran the compo. Edge Tycoon was definitely a winner! :D

    Too bad it was nothing official.

  • Benerhos

    I was searching for it on the App Store a few hours ago.

  • KdS

    This is so unnecessary!

    Not like in Twilight when the vampires sparkled, because that was totally unexpected and cool. But not unnecessary like this this is unnecessary!

  • Alexitrón

    @ mrfredman : Oh…..

  • Melly

    The Edge compo has already been hosted. Here is the link to the thread with the entries and winners:


  • skaldicpoet9

    So, what is Tim’s great master plan when he finally secures all rights to the word edge? Will he finally reach some secret nirvana of which we are all ignorant of? What happens when people stop giving a shit and just don’t use the word edge in any video game titles. Does he have some sort of back up plan? If not he is seriously screwed when that happens.

    Kudos on trying to expose this dirtbag Derek. Hopefully, enough awareness will be spread and he won’t be able to perpetuate this nonsense any longer.

  • gamecreator

    Yeah, it’s annoying but I don’t know how it’s a “bad” thing. If you’re breaking a law, take your game down. If you’re not, it’s not an issue… no?

  • Nektonico

    Ah! Mr Langdell, isnt he the guy who single handedly developed Mirrors Edge?¿ … … In any case, please go away now Mr Swindler, your ninja lawyer goons do not scare me

  • Bob Saget

    That smug face of his only fuels my rage. Thanks for staying on top of this, Derek, Langdell needs to be stopped.

  • David Stoner


    *EDGE is not only well known for its many games over the past 30 years, but the EDGE brand has also become famous in the game industry through the superlative EDGE Magazine, published by Future Publishing.*

  • Tim Langdell

    Seriously, stop looking at me in a bad light. I’m awesome

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    @David Stoner: wtf are you saying?

    I really hope that Edge of Twilight guys will bash down this fag with an army of lawyers, but i don’t see that happening

  • bateleur

    @gamecreator> Yes, it might be an issue, because sometimes in order to establish you’re not breaking the law you need to go to court and fight the case, which can be very expensive.

  • Anon

    It’s too bad the EDGE comp has already finished, because I just had a great idea for a game:

    HEdge Games Presents: Edge of the Edge: An Edgy AdvEDGEure
    With such riveting game features as:
    – Edge-grabbing!
    – Falling off the Edge of platforms!
    – Edge-of-your-seat excitement!
    – It’s EDGEucational!
    – Special moves such as Double Edge, Over The Edge, Edge-bomb, and the Langdell Lariat!

  • T.M.R

    @gamecreator: i don’t think anyone has an issue over people protecting their rights, it’s the heavy-handed approach and underhanded way that Edge Games are doing it.

    Edge Games registering the name **Edge of Twilight** some _two years_ into it’s development is nothing short of insidious; now the devs have to decide if they want to stump up whatever Langdell and co. want for the name or risk losing that two plus years of brand recognition they’ve built up by changing the name.

    Having received a cease and desist email myself a few years back, i know from personal experience that they’re a bloody _hideous_ way of opening up a dialogue…

  • negative zero

    this is just stupid. i’ve met some of the fuzzyeyes guys and they’re pretty cool. doesn’t this idiot realize that by doing this, he’s disregarding all the work put into these games?!?!? and over what? some generic word that’s supposed to represent him? ^%$^#&%&#$# asshole!!!

  • Synnah

    It’s saddening that the previous episode, and all of the anger it stirred up, seems to have made little difference to the way that Langdell operates. According to the Fingergaming article, he’s finally called EA out on the similarities between ‘Mirror’s Edge’ and ‘Mirrors (a game by Edge)’. Where is the sense in taking on the biggest company in the industry? I guess we’re relying on EA to do something about him now.

    Thanks for the update, Derick.

  • Synnah

    I meant ‘Derek’, of course…

  • SteveO

    I suspect the sense in taking on the biggest company in the industry mostly comes down to $s at the end of the day. I agree that it is a shame that nothing seems to have changed and just hope he does try (and fail) to take on EA.

  • AmnEn

    Now that would be an interesting turnout if EA were to take on Tim Langdell. Kinda like the forces of hell suddenly duking it out in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil.

  • gen

    Maybe TIGsource should run a competition where the topic is to ridicule Mr langdell, every game could be called “Edge of” something….

  • jph_wacheski

    How does one own a word? sounds like a pathetic abuse of the legal system,. does he just claim any game related thing with the word edge in the name is somehow an infringment on his registered tradmark?? (what specificly did he register? edge games??) if so that is just wacky,. does some court actually back up these claims? or is it just the apple store the bows to an unfounded CAD letter ??

  • The Monster King

    The IGDA seems like the biggest load of bull a committee can be, and committees do tend to become loads of bull, but this one pushes it a lot.

    I wonder if he can be beat at his own game. Can someone copyright Tim Langdell? If you make it a popular main character it’d be pretty cool (he’s a real dick, like worse than House this is how you make popular characters)

  • http://www.ophidianwars.blogspot.com Carl (Small Cave Games)

    Wow, what a mug. Looks like he’s already been knocked around a good bit.

  • DragonSix

    I’m going to trademark the word “The” for videogames.

  • O

    @people who didn’t see the older post or the threads: someone else has already made your clever joke.

  • Scott

    laws and the system isn’t perfect, just because it’s not illegal it doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

    though i think making us remember his face is kind of bad, because i feel sorry for him when i see his face.

  • Sninnyer

    Douchebagus Maximus

  • http://www.cymonsgames.com/contact-us/ Cymon

    @O: Yes, yes. Every clever joke on the subject has already been made. So has the compo. Quit stifling other’s right to expression and creativity. Your as bad as Langdell.

  • kongming

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Cymon… Let’s not say anything we can’t take back.

  • Ezuku

    Has anyone else played Edge Tycoon?

    Now I feel bad for him, it’s hard being Tim Langdell. Those legal teams and trademarks don’t come cheap you know.

  • Pstonie

    Imagine if he and Jack Thompson teamed up.

    “I’ve always loved animals. They’re different from us and their brains are not complex, but their hearts are pure and there’s usually no fat in their bodies, and they will never call the police on you or take you in front of a judge or run off and hide with your money… Animals don’t hire lawyers.”
    -Hunter S. Thompson

  • PHeMoX

    @42: Jack Thompson died the moment he lost his rights as a lawyer. He’ll probably continue to talk bad about games, but at least he can’t sue people anymore from behind his save lawyer desk.

    “It’s saddening that the previous episode, and all of the anger it stirred up, seems to have made little difference to the way that Langdell operates. According to the Fingergaming article, he’s finally called EA out on the similarities between ‘Mirror’s Edge’ and ‘Mirrors (a game by Edge)’. Where is the sense in taking on the biggest company in the industry? I guess we’re relying on EA to do something about him now.”

    Yeah. I’d be surprised if EA loses this though. I don’t see how Tim Langdell was able to copyright an entire word in this way. It makes no sense, even for related products.

    It’s like Microsoft copyrighting the use of an X before a title (of a console I assume), but apparently they aren’t being a jerk about it at all.

  • Brandon Sheffield

    you’re doing good work here, derek.

  • Anonymous

    Ditch the IGDA and form an RGDA (Real Game Developers Association)… or not, since it’s just a waste of resources. ;)

    If this is still going on next year, a silent protest at GDC. Get an IGDA flag (reading “IGDA Member”), and write “EX” in sharpie before that.

  • qwack

    EA might settle out of court. This is high level legal shenanigans for pure economic gain. EA might well say, “the cost to take this to court is X, the cost to settle is

  • Sens

    Why would a developer pay more to go to court than settle?

    Because he could win?

  • ParsonSyunOwen

    Where’s Timothy Hutton when you need him?

  • qwack

    the second X should have a “less than” sign in front of it.