Trailers A-Go-Go

By: Derek Yu

On: July 15th, 2009

Canadian animator, illustrator, and cartoonist Michel Gagné and the programming team at FuelCell have released a new trailer for Gagne’s upcoming XBLA game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. (Source: Tim, via

A trailer for Death Party aka Shotgun Ninja II aka the sequel to my favorite cactus game.

Finally, here’s a sneak peak Erin Robinson’s Puzzle Bots, the sequel to her popular adventure game Nanobots. The game is being made in collaboration with Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games (The Shivah, The Blackwell Legacy), and also includes pixel art by Ishi (Treasure Treasure).

  • Anthony Flack

    Wow, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet looks pretty great; it deserves a better name.

  • Garbled

    I was excited about Fez for a long time, but hearing that it’s going to XBLA didn’t make me want an XBox.

    Seeing this trailer for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet **does**.

  • Krux

    i think there was a trailer for insanely twisted Shadow Planet before. It is really looking cool

  • toastie

    Wow, that Twisted Planet trailer was amazing.

  • mots

    screenshots really don’t sell this game… in motion it’s just beautiful, I might have to get a xbox

  • Eclipse

    i remember [s]fapping[/s] watching videos of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet two years ago at least, good to hear the game is still alive and kicking

  • ChevyRay

    Ah man, that ITSP video is even better than the previous! Gosh I wish I had an Xbox :(

  • GC

    A few more of these and I might well go buy one.

  • skaldicpoet9


    Apparently the game is listed for the PC as well (from Kotaku) :)

    The game definitely looks amazing, I always love a good visual ride. Death Party looks pretty damn good as well, I am going to have to check out Shotgun Ninja now…

  • Sparky

    Wow, these all look really worth playing. Congratulations to everyone involved in making these titles.

  • Rampancy

    ITSP looks great, somewhat similar visually to Night Game (which I also want).

  • Ezuku

    ITSP looks great. But I think part of the beauty will end up being ruined by me dying ever 20 seconds and trying to stay alive.

    Death party looks like fun, but I’m still holding out for air pirates.

  • nikki

    a few words ,
    chris crawford,

  • Carl (Small Cave Games)

    ITSP trailer was more effectively eye-opening than my morning coffee. Wish MS would allow more true indie titles like this to have some spotlight.

  • Dots

    Yeah, that Twisted Shadow Planet game is actually listed ONLY for the PC right now, with no mention of XBLA. It does look really good. Hope it makes it to Steam.

  • Eclipse

    I’m following Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet since two years at least, i really hope it’s for PC and not another f*cking XBLA indie exclusive like Fez (sorry phil!)

  • Eclipse

    also, will Puzzle Bots be commercial? I love Erin’s games :]

  • ShawnF

    Yeah ITSP looks incredible.

    Uh, anyone else notice the bit of music that sounded almost exactly like the Mario dungeon music in the Puzzle Bots trailer (0:42)?

  • Bob

    You know, the platforms for ITSP hasn’t exactly been confirmed. It’s likely to come out on XBLA, but PC isn’t totally out of the question.