By: Derek Yu

On: July 24th, 2009

La Mulana

La Mulana

La Mulana

See: Nigoro and Nicalis Make Friends <3

(Source: enigmaopoeia_, via Madam Luna_’s Livejournal post, through Paul Eres’s Twitter)

  • Sean

    The new graphics are awesome, and the old graphics are awesome.

  • crackers

    Can’t really say that new graphical sheen isn’t faithful to the original. If I had a Wii I’d be all over this.

  • MisterX

    While it looks totally different, it also looks great. And with graphics “upgraded” that much over the original, I wouldn’t know why there shouldn’t be an option to switch between the two graphical styles, like in Monkey Island Special Edition or that R-Type remake.

  • Camdog

    Aw man, they ditched his green threads. Now his just a boring old brown and beige Indiana Jones clone. As opposed to being a green one.

  • Bob

    Oooooh, looks nice. Seeing as how Cave Story Wiiware will have switchable graphics and music, I don’t see why this wouldn’t…well, actually, there are some copyright issues I guess.
    Oh, speaking of music, I wonder how that’s coming along? Hopefully it will include the old two music options as well as a new one (maybe even two).

    Now the wait! With Nigoro working along with them, hopefully it’ll come along faster.

    That said, I’m hoping to get more pumped for this as I keep playing La-Mulana.

  • falsion

    he’s still green. look closely at the first screenshot.

    he’s not neon green like before due to this not using the MSX color palette, but it’s still there.

  • AClarkFS

    You guys might be mad at me for saying this, but I hope the gameplay is altered/updated. I couldn’t find myself playing for more than an hour.

  • Garbled

    Looks like you were right!

    Now **that** is how you take a screenshot.

  • alspal

    wonderful improvement

  • FrankieSmileShow

    Oh god damn this is awesome

    I am PUMPED

  • Paul Eres

    ah, the seldom used la-mulana category — still the only indie game great enough to get its own category

  • Nektonico

    Doesnt look like a MSX game anymore. Now all we need is for Spelunky to be ported over to Wii with upgraded graphics :-)

  • FishyBoy


  • Zaratus

    I can’t think of anything meaningful to say, except ZOMG. And how I’ve been thinking about playing La Mulana again but now I shall wait for this instead.

  • Siiseli

    I love la mulana but I sure as hell hope I get my beloved msx graphics as an option.

  • bateleur

    Very nice art.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    looks very cool, well at least on printed paper

  • renkin

    Wow, this looks really nice. It’s hard to imagine more fitting 16-bit graphics for La Mulana. It is more clean than the original, though, so it looks like it could lose some of the feeling of not knowing whether some symbol/thing in the background is part of a puzzle or just backdrop. That’s part of what made the game so interesting to explore. It felt like every stone could hide a secret (and many did). Nevertheless, as long as they don’t dumb it down in other ways, I’ll want to play this.

  • Ezuku

    Kind of defeats the point.

    But ah well, at least they’re relatively faithful to the original. I think I’d want an option to turn it back to MSX style, as opposed to… you know, SNES style. Good way to try to make the game appeal to a broader audience, but I doubt the graphics were the turn off for most people anyway (contrast to say… Dwarf fortress).

  • renkin

    Or actually, the only thing I would approve of “dumbing down” is the interface. I mean, switching ROMs for saving was fun the first five times, but then it just got annoying.

  • Feg

    “switching ROMs for saving was fun the first five times, but then it just got annoying.”

    Yes, i´m with you all the way there, i like though how you can combine roms for extra special effects but the saving part just got boring. That said i do want old man xelpud to be the only save option, no save stat system please.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Yes yes YES. <3

  • PF

    I should point out that for many, the graphics *were* a turning off point. 8-bit graphics, especially graphics like the MSX had (one color enemies etc) are disliked by more people than you think. This is a good business idea.

    Also, how will they do the special Hell Temple reward in higher resolution? D:

  • http://dock.livejournal.com Dock

    I’m excited to play this! I could never really get into the PC version, but I’d love to give it another try. I like the new graphics too. I wonder whether they’ll offer an MSX mode.

  • Xander

    I am excited, and there’s no reason the original MSX style version wouldn’t be here anyway would there? Maybe they’ll include that as either an alternative version or an unlockable.

  • renkin

    PF: Good business idea, of course. Isn’t the problem with games today that they are full of good business ideas? In this case, I happen to like the graphics, but I hope they won’t fill the game with more good business ideas. And yes, Xelpud should have saving monopoly, of course. :)

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    those are not 16 bit graphics btw

  • Hempuli

    I hope they don’t change the movement system though. Maybe make it a bit more reliable, but don’t make any big changes to it, or the gameplay overall!

  • Canti

    HECK YEAH!!!!!

    Oh, wait, winter 2009? Aaaawwwwwwww….

  • Canti

    And, by the way, when this, Cave Story and Night Game come out, Megaman 9 and Gradious Rebirth are getting the fuck out of my Wii, I’m practically out of blocks

  • Dangerous Rick

    Rick Dangerous????

  • Ezuku

    Bad PF, Bad PF.

    The first rule of hell temple, is that we do not talk about hell temple.

    Especially that.

  • Tye The Czar

    Now I have an excuse not to play the PC version. Unless there’s level-editing tools…

  • Gutter

    Between having La Mulana on Wii without the original MSX gfx and not having it at all, I’ll take the version without it.

    I wish that they are would be in there, but, lets face it, we’ll all buy it with or without them, so if Nicalis bother with it, it’s only a bonus.

    And, depending on if the animations are affected by the “update”, and they will probably have to, I don’t think that adding the original gfx would be that easy.

  • Koholint

    So are they going to make up ROMs or actually get the rights to use the names of all those MSX games?

  • Paul Eres

    they’re going to replace them with NES titles

  • Ezuku

    Eh, seems like they’re just going to turn it from MSX focused to Nes focused. The graphics even look like Nes graphics.

  • poorwill

    How the hell do those look like NES graphics? They look post-SNES.

  • Craig Stern

    Those graphics look lovely. And yeah, they look post-SNES for sure–post-Playstation too, for that matter.

  • Jason Dyer

    The graphics remind me of the Amiga, not the SNES (which isn’t a bad thing!)

    I’m also one of those heretics who wants some things changed … but even a difficulty slider (which allows it to be played like the original) will raise a hue and cry, I’m sure.

  • Armyofnone

    Spelunky is the new la mulana. /cough.

  • http://blog.omgpop.com Charles Forman

    Wouldn’t it be “ah sou”? Not to be one of those jerks though :)

  • Robotacon

    I saw a TV program about Thor Heyerdahl on TV yesterday where they showed the reference for the head on the last screenshot.

  • cmspice

    new graphics look pretty bad. They look like a tacky indie “retro” release that just got prettied up to boost sales. I doubt it keeps the classy and stiff gameplay of the original anymore either. Probably has some easy save feature. Can’t they just port it with the original graphics and not try and spiff things up to boost sales.

  • cmspice

    looks like braid D:

  • Sparky

    I don’t usually like graphical overhauls, but this looks really stylish and atmospheric! I’m curious to see what a decent quality screenshot looks like.

    This is one of those games that I have played a fair amount and respect a lot while not really being in the game’s target audience. It’s really appealing in so many ways, though… This makes me want to finish playing through the game.

  • Canti

    Oooooooooooh, have you guys been around the website now that the countdown is over? That’s a kick in the pants

  • Zaratus

    There’s a message on the original link to the “Countdown” now though, if it means anything.

    5 2012 627>727

    The date is currently 7/27 if that means a thing. =P

    So, either they’re trying to throw us off the scent, there’s a riddle here, or they’re just screwing with us. =P

  • Echo

    I really hope they update the gameplay… I could not have played the game without a FAQ. It’s so extremely hard! Hope they fix that (though not making it easy of course, just make sure it’s POSSIBLE to understand what you should do :P)