Direct2Drive Sale – The best of Indie (Apparently!)

By: Xander

On: August 5th, 2009


Direct2Drive currently have a sale on until the 9th of August, with the five above games on sale for £11.50/$17.75. It’s not often when Direct2Drive gets a shot in on Steam with the deals and so whether you would actually agree if these are ‘THE BEST OF INDIE’ or not they’re certainly a steal for the price being asked, and for these kinds of bundles in the future I will be looking at the site to see them if they are there or looking again another day to see if they are after they have not been there before when I have looked.

So, who’ll be picking these up? Any game in particular you’d be most interested in with this pack?

(Source: Indie Games)

  • Ivy

    Just bought it. It reminds me how apprehensive I am about the “race to the bottom” in terms of indie game pricing, but man, this is a pretty good deal.

  • mots

    “pretty damn good indie games”

  • Extraordinary Gentleman

    The Path is among the worst (and most pretentious) indie games. Ok, but that Zeno Clash game is tempting me… Downloading :)

  • Anon

    I hope the Zeno Clash and Defense Grid guys are getting a bigger cut because they’re the ones selling this pack.

  • bateleur

    @Ivy – Yup, with price cuts like this all those “long tail” business models are looking increasingly suspect. :-/

  • Sisyfos

    Wow, that must be the longest sentence known to man. The last part is really fucking confusing.

    Anyway, probably a good deal if you’re not only interested in ZC like myself.

  • entrope

    xander, is this babel-english a joke?

  • Eclipse

    the most interesting for me is Democracy 2 as i already own Zeno Clash, Defense Grid is pretty casual to me, not indie at all

  • Skybox

    “…and for these kinds of bundles in the future I will be looking at the site to see them if they are there or looking again another day to see if they are after they have not been there before when I have looked.”


    In the future I will be reading this comment thread to see if there is a response and if there isn’t one I will check back frequently if there hasn’t been a response in a long time to see if there’s a response to my comments from before when I wrote it.

  • Manpon

    Beaten! I was just here to type that. What a long, nonsensical run-on sentence.

  • english

    hilarious skybox

  • skaldicpoet9

    Of course they have a sale when I am broke. I would totally buy this though. I really need to play Democracy 2. Heh, I just thought if something, it seems to me that Democracy is better suited as a game, amirite? :P

  • zork nemesis

    wow. tower defense, fighting, and rape simulation. what more could you ask for

  • ngajoe

    I already have that TD game, and I’m seriously thinking about getting it still

  • bob

    I already own Defense Grid and Zeno Clash, and the demos for Cogs and The Path weren’t really for me, so I’m not going to be picking this up. So the part of this pack I like most is the promise of the subtitle: Volume 1.

  • bob

    @ngajoe: Defense Grid (and Zeno Clash) will both be serial keys for entering into Steam. So you’ll be able to give the Defense Grid key to someone else to enter into their Steam if you do get the pack.

  • Anon #3266

    They are just Steam resellers? Meh, that’s sad. I’d love to play Zeno Clash and Defense Grid (already have the Path and the others aren’t really my kind of games). However I HATE Steam. I’m not touching this steaming pile of DRM :D

  • Xander

    I just couldn’t think of anything more interesting to say about any of the games having only played ZC before.

    Though now I can say COGS is pretty swell.

  • Manpon


    Get over the Steam hate. It’s a good service, really.

  • Tuck

    While you gimps are arguing over what games to buy there are kids around the world dying of starvation. For shame.

  • Dinsdale

    Awesome sentence aside, I cannot wait for “The Best of Large Video Games Publishing Companies Bundle – Vol. 1, hopefully with Madden NFL, WoW, SIMS3 and Arma II included.

    Nice cash-in you got there, son.

  • Synnah

    Is it wrong that the first time I read that sentence, it made perfect sense to me? It was only when I went back to read it again that I noticed how gramatically strange it was. Guess I need to pay more attention!

  • QXD-me

    @zork nemesis

    “Rape simulation”? Have you ever even played The Path?

    In most simulations, you repeatedly do whatever it is you’re simulating. In Driving sims you drive, in hockey sims you play hockey. So in a rape sim you would expect to rape. If you’d played The Path you’d know that there is no rape whatsoever in the game. There are parts where you could interpret it that rape happens (personally, I didn’t), but no rape within the game itself. Therefore, not a rape sim! Unless you want to be a douche and start using the archaic definition, in which case you’re a douche, as previously mentioned.

  • Soulliard

    Since when was Defense Grid considered indie? I checked the game’s credits, and there are at least 3 dozen people listed.

  • Kenzya

    A game being independent has nothing to do with how many people worked on the game…

    If you look, you’ll see that Defense Grid’s developer is Hidden Path and their publisher is Hidden Path. The game was produced independently and published independently.

  • DRM free

    Anyone know what kind of DRM the package has (total and individually)? I saw Cogs supposedly has no DRM, but there’s no info for those that do have it.

  • Nathaniel607

    Well, this is a great deal!

    Also, it is worth buying even if you only do like ZC (unless you have already bought it), as the deal is cheaper than ZC alone.

    Unfortunatly, D2D is SHIT and won’t let me buy the game.

  • bob

    @DRM free: Cogs and Democracy 2 are both listed as DRM Free. D2D needs to work on a cleaning up their site — Cogs has a logo but doesn’t mention it in the red text box, Democracy 2 is the opposite.

    ZC and DG are both actually steam games — D2D will provide you with a serial key, a Steam installer, and a backup image of the games. You can just copy/paste the serial straight into steam if you already have it installed and would rather download the game directly from steam than D2D. Either way you’ll end up with the game in Steam, and only in Steam.

    The Path doesn’t say it’s DRM Free, so I’d assume that it has a D2D activation-check when installing (I think there’s a default limit of 5 activations on D2D games, but I’m not sure).

  • eyuzwa

    Democracy 2 for me…always wanted to give it a shot but never made the time.

    Anything possible to help support Indies and good games..:)

  • DRM free

    Thanks bob. And seriously, relabeled Steam games? Digital distributors are now selling goddamn coupons?

  • bob

    @DRM free: If you look at it that way, the boxes for Saint’s Row 2, Dawn Of War 2, Empire: Total War, Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, and probably several others contain nothing except coupons. And the boxes for GTR Evolution, Dark Messiah, Prey, Unreal Tournament 3, and Defense Grid (the boxed edition includes a non-Steam version) include complimentary coupons.

    The games just use steam/steamworks. It doesn’t matter where you buy them from. But I’m guessing it isn’t reselling — the money presumably goes to the publisher, who then give Steam whatever they’ve agreed to in exchange for steamworks.