Super Meat Boy Featurette & More

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: August 8th, 2009

Just a quick little post — here’s a Super Meat Boy Nintendo Channel Featurette with Tommy and Edmund blabbing about the upcoming WiiWare title, which is promised to be “the most epic game ever, that ever will be.”

UPDATE: Another video I missed, featuring stills of the latest build as well as one of DannyB’s excellent tracks, after the jump!


  • BMcC

    Look at that face! Tommy was made for the screen.

  • Glaiel Gamer

    Lol you can almost smell how much Tommy hates doing interviews in that video.

  • Dinsdale

    Dear Lord…

  • Eclipse

    the baldest coder ever, that ever will be

  • Dusty Spur

    I wish Tommy would have suppressed his laughter. Seeing him say that stuff with a straight face would have been amazing.

  • schripper

    Most epic game ever? You shouldn’t say that, ever.

  • Nava

    Haha, the best part was Edmund feeding Tommy lines about the game from off-screen. Pure excellence.

  • Scott

    of course it’s going to look bad if you say its the most epic ever

  • Corpus

    Of course you’re going to look bad if you’re not tipped off to the fact that someone’s joking by their sniggering.

  • Tommunism

    yea…I had to be mid talking about something when the youtube half way point happened! And, it will be the most epic game ever guaranteed.

  • Vincent


    These guys are completely crazy.
    They live their games and walk around in butchers-workwear.

  • Edmund

    Why didnt you post the video with the new Danny B music and ingame screen shots!?

    N+ RIP OFF!!!

    also the artist guy looks like a fat elija wood!

  • undertech

    I know! I wonder what he looks like naked, hmm?

  • Tommunism

    I can’t get over how fucking hot I look in that screencap of the video.

  • Tommunism

    I can’t get over how fucking hot I look in that screencap of the video.

  • Derek

    LOL best still frame.

  • BMcC

    You look like you’re about to backhand the interviewer.

    “How _dare_ you mention Cave Story.”

  • BMcC

    UPDATED with stuff from the actual game!

  • ben

    Epic ?

    pff a lot of blood to compromise the lack of any artistic skill, like animating or drawing..

  • dannyBstyle

    yea, EDMUND

    don’t you know that blood is UNCREATIVE

    maybe if meat boy excreted party favors and travel brochures, it would be EPIC


  • Nicholas Lee


    “Compromise” does not mean what you think it means.

  • Rad

    I’m an indie gamer, but I think I’ll criticize Edmund becuase he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • Dusty Spur

    dannyBstyle is a pretty cool guy.

    And I am totally not admitting that I almost got fooled by Edmund’s post.

  • Eclipse

    <3<3 EDMUND&TOMMY <3<3

  • Pete

    I wonder if matt from Matt Makes Games is totally pissed off right now that you stole his whole thing and you got on wii-ware and he didnt. He needs money to live!!!!!!

  • Ogmo

    This was a good game. I wonder where the got the idea to make meat boy a square and have him jump

  • if you read interviews with ed

    you would discover that he first played jumper _after_ he made meat boy. no rip off, also does ogmo leave a trail of blood wherever he goes?

  • Guy

    Looks like a nice game, though climbing and sliding on walls was already made in knytt, so its not something new.
    So I am looking forward to see what other game mechanics this game has.
    Or maybe I can’t judge the difference by the screenshots and short video anyway.

  • Movius

    Can I play as a digital pen?

  • hey guy

    climbing and sliding on walls was first done decades ago. does every game need to be innovative? just a thought. also, play the flash prototype< its cool

  • Guy

    No, I definitely don’t think games need to be innovative.
    In matter of fact, I believe ideas are worthless and what matters is implementation.

  • Guy

    Argh, that level with intervaling crumbling squares with saw behing them!

  • MasterShake

    Guy said 1 day later:

    No, I definitely don’t think games need to be innovative. In matter of fact, I believe ideas are worthless and what matters is implementation.

    The entire crux behind Cave Story.

  • Sparky

    What this video doesn’t reveal is that those aprons were covered with the entrails of unfortunate members of the GDC attending populace who Tommy and Edmund sacrificed to the blood god.

  • Dusty Spur

    Sparky, that is SUCH a Dungeon Crawl ripoff. GOD WHY DON’T YOU BE ORIGINAL FOR A CHANGE HUH BUB

  • 7seven

    I am very disappointed to see Jon Blow working on such a standard platformer game, a genre that should be left in the past IMHO. I thought he was better than that! And his alias “tommy refenes” isn’t fooling anyone.

    Get with the program, Jon!

  • Kobel

    This game isn’t even out yet, but I’ve SOLVED it. IT HAS FLAWS. I’M GOING TO TELL PEOPLE… ON THE INTERNETS!

  • Guy

    Kobel, there is very simple solution to these kind of comments.
    Disable comments all together.

  • alastair

    you are amazing edmund

  • davidp

    haha, awesome interview, especially the ending. best game ever :D

  • Bob Saget

    I want to nuzzle up with Tommy’s bald magical indie head.

  • FISH

    it’s too expensive.

  • Eclipse

    Meatboy looks a lot like the jumper protagonist, that’s true, but jumper is only a platformer, it hasn’t something to clone.
    Said that, i find both meatboy (the character) and the one in Jumper quite ugly. I’ll buy the game (on PC) because Edmund knows how to do entertaining games

  • Reality

    “the most epic game ever, that ever will be.”


    How about a little humbleness for fuck’s sake, everything is the greatest thing ever, how about letting your work speak for itself.

  • BMcC

    **@Reality:** How about understanding when someone is obviously kidding around?

  • Lurker

    Wow… lots of flames directed at a game involving a sack of meat.

    Barbecue, anyone?

  • Holyschnitz

    Wow, what the heck is wrong with all of the angry people here? All of the kidding around is great but guys like “Reality” need to wake up to reality and realize that part of the interview was just plain humorous. “WHY SO SERIOUS?”


    Okay, I just had two brilliant ideas for new meatboy characters that could be unlocked, ready???

    The Joker as Meatboy (with quotes and laughter)


    Ron Jeremy as Meatboy (get it, Meat-boy… man-Meat???) uhhh… I don’t know where that came from. Anyway, I think it would be great to see a fat, aging, cheesy mustached, greesy & hairy, porn star Meatboy…

    Come to think of it… Is that where Shigeru Miyamoto got his idea for Mario??? MY GOD, I’ve had an Epiphany!!!


  • Reality

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. What really pissed me off was the word “epic”, it’s such an overused blanket when describing games and their features…

  • BMcC

    Ah, definitely. But did you see the video? Tommy starts cracking up right after. :P

  • True-But…

    Yes okay Reality we understand, but, Ron Jeremy IS Super Mario!!!! That’s epic!