Time Donkey

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 2nd, 2009

Time Donkey, the latest game from Flashbang Studios (and the 9th on Blurst!), has been released. In the game you play as a donkey working at a fast food joint who discovers a portal and becomes “trapped in the very fabric of time itself, doomed to relive the same 30 seconds again and again.”

It mostly plays like your standard 3D platformer — running, jumping, collecting tacos — but the trick here is that you can press R to jump back in time and try again, while “ghosts” of your previous tries play out. You can then interact with them, allowing you to reach new areas and such. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get a handle on the controls and start planning your moves, it’s quite fun. (And pretty darn hilarious!)

The music is, of course, by the indefatigable Danny B.

Play Time Donkey here, on Blurst!

  • MisterX

    Frankly, I find that, as with most other games since after Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, this isn’t very fun to play. I felt that this time around it isn’t even very polished.

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but to me it seems that the concept of spending comparatively little time on such games, especially 3D ones without “tried and true” gameplay, doesn’t work out, or at least it doesn’t result in worthwile games – for me, anyway.

  • creath

    Well, their goal is to be highly experimental, so I’m not surprised many of their releases aren’t loads of fun.
    There are a couple good games post ‘Safari’ (Blush, for one).

  • http://mile222.com aeiowu


    While I agree some of the platforming isn’t polished to a mirror-finish, I think the mechanics of TD are by far the most fun that they’ve released to date.

    Maybe try giving it a little more time to get acclimated to the controls. The donkey is a stubborn ass. :P

  • Xion

    indefatigable is a magnificent word.

  • dannyBstyle

    i had to look it up, I thought he was calling me gassy.

  • yns88

    This game seems very influenced by Cursor*10: http://www.nekogames.jp/mt/2008/01/cursor10.html

  • Nicholas Lee


    I’m gonna say… no. I was thinking a dash of Braid, myself. Cursor has a similar concept, but the mechanics are just too different.

  • Rift

    I instantly thought of http://www.winterbottomgame.com/
    a game centered around the same “time-manipulation with clones” dynamic. Although it looks like it will have a lot more in it.

  • PHeMoX

    Highly experimental is good, but this one fails when it comes to basic gameplay. Half the time it feels like the donkey is obscured behind too much stuff and doesn’t feel like a true platform character either.

    I liked Crane Wars more than this one. Also.. this one is less funny.