Wanderlust Update

By: Alehkhs

On: September 2nd, 2009

A while back we previewed a great indie co-op RPG, Wanderlust: Rebirth, shown here in a great tongue-in-cheek trailer (hooray for TIGSource citing!)

Recently, development for this project has picked back up, and an official demo has been released. The demo is a big update from the version we previewed, and now includes several new features.

  • 3 Chapters
  • 4 Bosses
  • Items to craft & collect
  • Dedicated Hosting options
  • New “Crawl” Game Mode: Where you can fight unlimited waves of enemies who increase in difficulty each level. After each level you get treasure and/or tokens for you and your team.

The team continues to work hard on the project, and I look forward to seeing the game reach completion.

Download / Game’s Site

  • Humus

    This looks exciting. I’ve always been a sucker for indie RPGs.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    phrases like “4-player co-op arcade action rpg” makes me think about what the word “RPG” really means. if it’s just about the stats, then Championship Manager is an rpg.

  • creath

    Someone on this project is my gamer/dev soulmate. For the last 2 years I’ve been independently working on my personal dream project, which is a 4-player action RPG titled “Traveler”.

    Either way, this looks like great fun, so kudos to them. I am most certainly their target audience.

  • Gutter

    Awesome game, I sense a hard-on coming!

    (Only posted so that this quote gets to their next video)

  • mots

    I remember playing the demo a year ago, it seems.

    it’s a fun zelda like online co-op rpg, a little shallow but extremely fun and easy to get into.

    I’ll be downloading the demo to see how much has changed.

  • Matt Griffin

    Haha! Nice comment Gutter. We’ll consider quoting you in our next trailer for sure! =P

    Optri: Wanderlust is kinda genre-bending; I’m not someone who thinks RPGs need to be boring or easy, but unfortunately the mass of the gaming public are used to these traits.

    Still, I agree with you; Wanderlust doesn’t really have any ‘story choices’ in it, which I think are pretty much required for a game to be a true RPG (like Star Wars: KotOR or Mass Effect).

    In the end, our primary focus is to make a challenging and fun co-op game with some rpg-stuff mixed in. I think we’re on the right track. =D

  • drugon

    By the way. This map incuts remind me some strategy game with such style, that has been developed some months ago. Does anybody remember it’s name?

  • raigan

    Um.. this might be a stupid question, but is this an online-ONLY game? Cause I can’t seem to figure out how to get out of the first screen..

  • d2king10

    Yes it is. Well if you don’t have an internet connection then you could play it single player, but this game was made to be played online.

    If you want to play by yourself, then you can just host a private game.

  • Nicholas Lee

    Well, in a private game, I am unceremoniously slaughtered, so I guess I need some friends.

  • Austin Wilburn

    I have a question. The page won’t load. After trying to download GUBS I’ve found the wanderlust site to be inaccessible from my computer. Why does it not work? Does the internet hate vista?

  • d2king10

    Here is the direct download link, let me know if this works or not:

  • Stargoat

    The lack of a LAN play option is a bit sadface. Pretty nice, everything else considered.

  • Epitaph64

    Pretty entertaining, but seems to be a bit laggy/unresponsive on my laptop.

  • DixonPro

    Very enjoyable, can’t wait for the full game.

  • Sir Robin

    This is actually a lot of fun, most fun I had in a while with a indie title, kudos to the devs.

    In other words I would pay for a full version.

  • ignus

    Still hate the music for Fez. It sounds like random beeps. The guy who composes it has a very limited idea of what 8-bit is. He should play some Tower of Heaven or La-Mulana. Now that’s what I call 8-bit, and *awesome.*

  • 28 days later

    Singleplayer sucks

  • ssid

    ??? What the?? Did my comment get deleted?

  • d2king10

    What did you say?