Attract Mode Shop Opens

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 16th, 2009

The Ultimate Gaming Culture Shop

In case anyone’s wondering what to get me for Christmas, Adam Robezzoli’s Attract Mode videogame culture shop has at long last opened its doors. (You may know Adam from the equally excellent ARTXGAME/Giant Robot shows.)

Currently featured are some excellent shirts, a number of chiptune records, Tetris ice cube trays (!), some super cool pins from the likes of Auntie Pixelante and Cactus, as well as gigantic prints from Mr. Craig D. “”" title="s u p e r b r o t h e r s “>superbrothers” Adams. (Who you should check out if you haven’t — he’s great!) Tell your moms friends!

If you missed the link: You can find the Attract Mode shop here.

  • BMcC

    *O, to have money.* :|

  • TheCube

    Love the Psychosomnium buttons. I might get those just so I can stick them on my backpack.

  • Eclipse

    uhm, but will Cactus get a royalty off them?

  • Nikica

    Aww. Don’t you just love 8bit music CD covers?

  • hryx

    Everybody aught to check Alex Mauer’s 9999. It’s a huge lump of genuine chiptunes programmed for 9 different game consoles/machines. Nobody is writing music quite like he is.

    Those Psychosomnium buttons are next on my list.

  • Quetz

    I think this would be worth putting in the External Links section!

  • Caliber9

    Oh sweet, yeah Alex Mauer’s stuff is really great, I was eyeing up his 9999 album as well as those psychosomnium pins. Im sure cactus must get some kind of cut of the sales. Id be happy to help support this shop seems very cool. I wish there was a super brothers shirt though :(.


    If Cactus doesn’t get money then don’t buy this

  • Adam Robezzoli

    Thanks Brandon!

    For those that are wondering, Cactus and Anna (and everyone else that I’m working with) are making money from the products.

    One of the main goals of the shop is to bring another revenue stream to indies.

    I mean, we’re not gonna get Clean Asia 2 if Cactus is slumming it on the streets with an emachine and dial-up…

  • hryx

    Sleep soundly and purchase blithely, motherly indiepersons!

  • TheCube

    I think if Cactus touched an Emachine, it would set itself on fire in shame of not being worthy.

    Okay, so it would set itself on fire regardless of who touched it, but whatever.

  • Chris Whitman

    eMachines: The Ford Pintos of the computer world.

    Also, man, I am so ordering a bunch of this stuff.

  • JoeHonkie

    They should seriously link from the album descriptions back to a place where I can easily sample the music. Not that I can’t just google up most of those folks myspace pages or whatever, but it’d make it easier for me to decide to buy stuff.

  • Toadsanime

    I really, really, really want a pack of those Psychosomnium and Calamity Annie badges. Simply wow.

    Long live this shop, I’m loving it.