Flixel Workshop

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 17th, 2009

UPDATE: Above is Adam “Atomic” Saltsman’s Flixel workshop, recorded live today. It was helpful and useful. (Nice job, Adam!)

Adam “Atomic” Saltsman is giving his Flixel workshop live, RIGHT NOW.

  • dr phil

    this is awesome

  • Gutter

    I don’t usually go around worshiping indie dev, and while I couldn’t even name 3 “popular” indie dev, Adam Atomic and Flixel are probably the first indie endeavor to impress me that much.

    I shall remember his name!

  • AClarkFS

    very cool but I missed the beginning! hope I can catch the recording later on.

  • Melly

    GODDAMNIT, I missed it.

    Also, I don’t think there is any recording in ustream.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    It’s up, Melly!

  • Melly

    Yay! *humps leg*

  • Melly

    Wait, does this mean Alec’s little concert was also recorded?

  • Smelly

    YOu like leg? I got leg. I got TWO leg. You hump my leg???

  • fucrate

    Oh shit, there was cupcakes? I missed out double-much…

  • hu

    fappin anal shiepuss cupcakes love

  • http://infiniteammo.ca InfiniteAlec

    The piano was locked… I didn’t get to play shit. :

  • TeamQuiggan

    That is the most disheartening part!

  • Jellybit

    Lovely comments on the video:

    akuryo: I don’t like flixel. It make easy gay work even easyer. And gayer.
    7 hours ago · Comment

    akuryo: PS : flash and gamemaker *****es should go learn real programmation.
    7 hours ago · Comment

  • davidp

    i’d say, they need to spend more time on grammar, instead of [i]programmation[/i].

  • nik

    flixel trixel, jaqscauwxel

  • Pyabo

    That’s going on my resume. “Programmation Expert”.

  • hu

    I’m programmating a game right now. But my programmation skills are not goodarily. Sometimes i have to spend hours debuggering my code.

  • Nemsin

    “debuggering” lol :)

  • Rokth

    would be nice if he let you dl the video instead of forcing you view it over a stream, especially a stream loaded with chatter

  • FISH

    yeah, stupid adam atomic dictating how you can use ustream. that guy’s a real dick!

    why cant he just mail me a blu-ray of it instead?

    he owes me that much!

  • Nemsin

    Oh, you said ‘mail’ a blu-ray. For a moment there, I had an image of a guy having sex with a blue manta.

  • noblybobly


    So you’re not only a buggerer of boys you’re a buggerer of computers… sick.

  • Akuryo

    Hey, i’m the akuryo.

    I hate GM and flash. seriously. I mean flash is ok, it’s programmation but… AS2/AS3, come on! any language is faster than this shit.

    Instead of losing your time on slow, buggy, hateful gamemakers project, go learn some C++ . The final work gives you a LOT more satisfaction. And it can actually become a real game.

  • Akuryo

    Ok, i wasn’t able to post my wall of text on the gay ustream, so here it is :

    I’m serious.
    i mean… The guy(s?) that created flixel are probably skilled, and they probably did a great job here. But… flash is sooo easy to use, AS2 is soo easy to master… I stopped programming in flash when i was 12. I mean, flash is GREAT to begin programming, really. You draw something, you press F12, you put 5 lines of code and you have a moving character.A vectorized character.

    Doing that in C++ ask to make a new project, link a library, eventually add your little personal classes and make a graphic environment to begin to draw something. But it’s a lot faster, and the possibilities are a lot bigger.

    Seriously… AS2 can’t even run a very basic 3D engine. it’s start to get all buggy after 20 polygons! If you’re using it because it integrates into your browser, go and learn java! It’s faster, and you can design your own 3D engine pretty easily! My game boy advanced is faster than your adobe/macromedia flash shit…

    And i’m not talking about gamemaker… You take time to do NOTHING. It’s horrible! And did you see their firefox addon? It doesn’t work for half of the people, and the other half still need to wait hours to load it…

    Go get some nice C++ tutorial. You’ll begin with a hello world, some more or less game…etc. After some work you’ll be able to create some cool 2D platform engine with your prefered graphic library(it’s going to be SFML, because SFML rules). And then you may eventually use Irrlicht or Ogre to make some 3D shit, found an indie team, make simple games and get money like Notch with Minecraft.

    Oh wait… If you become an indie game maker, that will make the indie game market poorer… Yeah, never mind, stick to your gamemaker shit making useless game.

    Phew, that was a long one… I’m just saying this to prove i’m not some random troll going around the web.
    Have fun and go to TIGsource ;)

  • Akuryo2.0



  • hu

    @noblybobly, you sound hot. you need your source code debuggered?

  • Oyruka

    In MY opinion, there’s only ONE way to make games and that’s to use C++ because everybody is the same and there is no need for VARIETY and OPTIONS. Everybody should just use WHAT I SAY because I SAID it and I’M SO GREAT AND FANTASTIC AND I’M HAVING AN ORGASM JUST THINKING ABOUT MYSELF–

  • Pookuryo

    Shit dudes, you should check out my boner right now – I just happened to walk in front of a mirror and HOLY SHIT. Too bad you guys aren’t this hot. Maybe if you used C++……


  • idn

    Is there anyway to download this video? I can’t watch it real time by my bandwidth.

  • Haha

    “flash is sooo easy to use, AS2 is soo easy to master… I stopped programming in flash when i was 12”

    So, you’re basically admitting that you have no idea about what you’re talking about when it comes to AS3.