Time Fuck

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 17th, 2009

It’s time to get fcuked! Time Fcuk, the puzzle-platformer from Edmund McMillen, William Good, and Justin Karpel (previously teased here), is out now on Newgrounds. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll just say this: It’s very good! It’s got a slightly unsettling vibe to it, and a surprising amount of atmosphere, but the real treat is the gameplay. Throughout the game more and more ways to manipulate each screen are introduced, and by the end your brain will be tied in a knot. There’s quite a nice balance between logic and action here. Do give it a try!

Play Time Fcuk here.

EDIT: Oh! I should also mention there’s a built-in editor and database for creating, sharing, and rating levels. Pretty cool!

  • Andy Hull

    Wow… this was almost too easy until I hit this “Statis” level. And now I feel like an idiot.

  • superflat


  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Some of the user-made levels are hilarious. :)

  • Manpon

    Wow, this game is bad.

  • jimmykane

    Oh dear.

  • kappa

    love the typo in the post title, someone was bound to fall into that trap. :)

  • guy

    100% CPU usage
    gotta love all those unneeded effects

  • tom

    why are all the characters in blackface? this game is so racist

  • Anonn

    Played through meatboy and spewer, each in one sitting. And loved them. Nice to see more games from their creators. Thumbs up!
    Tom: I didn’t even notice that. Maybe it means YOU are more racist than me then ;)

  • TCM

    First post!

  • Guy

    I didn’t play this game, since I am very protective of my subconcious.
    This might be a bit paranoid, but I don’t like when people flash text messages for a split second.

    But I hope anyone else who played this game enjoyed it, and kudos to the developer for the effort to create something so interesting.

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    @TCM I don’t know if you did that on purpose, but if so, bravo.

  • siht

    had to skip one room (one before the final). this is truly a one fine mindfcuk.

  • cm

    This is their best game ever.

    How many levels are there?

  • someone

    It was alright, but the whole “atmosphere” they were gong for felt useless and distracting. Also, the game is basically just port and shift, like.. together. What’s unique or new about this? Ugh.

  • Epitaph64

    It was well animated, although I got bored somewhat quick since it didn’t really pick up in difficulty fast enough and got a bit too tedious. Anyone else annoyed by the misspelling of plane as plain? hah :P

  • SirNiko

    I loved the game. I loved the unsettling messages and graphical style and introductory cutscene. I just felt like the actual gameplay was wrong for the game.

    I was expecting to play through a series of puzzles that rely on perverted logic and illogic to solve. Instead, I get a series of logical puzzles based around repeatable and understandable mechanics.

    Despite this, it was an enjoyable romp than I gladly played through from start to end to see both unsettling endings. Keep up the good work, Edmund!


  • Mulanananananana

    As someone said, this borrows heavily from Shift, and, I’d like to add, also Paper Moon, which was itself extremely annoying and smelt funny.

  • SepticNuckers

    I wet myself when I saw this. I was holding a cup of juice and the flashing screen gave me an epileptic fit and I dropped my cup. Thank you so much bastard.

  • Paul Eres

    the people complaining that it’s not innovative forget that nobody really said it was innovative. there are a lot of games that use the two words to switch between mechanic. eversion is another one, besides the ones mentioned.

    i don’t believe edmund consciously made it like those games, though — he had never heard of eversion when i mentioned it to him as similar. so it could be an independently discovered thing. no matter how new you think your idea is, chances are some game in the past on some system or other already did what you are trying to do, and better. there are just that many games.

  • Esquar

    It’s a platformer, by McMillen. That’s what you get.

  • hu

    Since it’s a McMillen, where’s the obligatory c*nt?

  • ssid

    I really dig the atmosphere. Gives me that chilly “Killer7” vibe. Also, some of the levels are named after good songs. I like Ed’s taste in music.

  • Xeno

    Seen the movie Primer? It’s a mind fuck. And a time fcuk. I’m playing this game now.

  • Alive

    Awesome game is all I have to say

  • cm

    I disagree with the people calling this game derivative. How many games out there use the “shifting between two states” mechanic? Probably hundreds. This is a fresh take on it. Besides, the controls are unusually tight and the levels are really well-designed. Plus I haven’t run into any irritating “hard for the sake of being hard” levels yet which is pretty nice.

  • Dusty Spur

    It was enjoyable up until the ‘Baal’ level where I just gave up. That was the only level up to that point that I felt was just stupidly annoying.

    So overall I’d say it was okay I guess. Some of the random messages were funny, while others were pretty dumb. The music was kind of painful to listen to after a while.

  • hu

    This game is SOOOOO derivative. For one thing, it uses a KEYBOARD for input. I mean, relly!! And it uses the computer monitor for output. Not just that, but it involves interaction with the user JUST LIKE ALMOST EVERY OTHER GAME. And it has levels, graphics, sound which is like every other game out there. Come oN!!! SOOO DERIVATIVE!!! TOTALLY!!!

  • cm

    … Edmund?

  • Paul Eres


  • 1

    Not quite as satisfying as the trailer made it out the be, but still, nice atmosphere, decent puzzles. Would play more games by this author.

  • Paul Eres

    there are like 30 other games by this author, look up his games, they’re generally great

  • http://shinji16.110mb.com Shinji16

    This game is ballin’

    Fuck tha haters

    No, really, great game, and I applaud the people that put amazing effort in to it. Agreeing with the masses the music gets a bit grating after a while (music is fine, just repeated waaaay too much), but that’s my only complaint.

  • Allen

    “Since it’s a McMillen, where’s the obligatory c*nt?”


  • hu

    Cheers for that, Allen!! :)