game mod

By: Derek Yu

On: September 24th, 2009

This caught my eye. It’s an old workshop (2007) led by Steph Thirion, who created the iPhone game Eliss. In the workshop, Steph gave students the source code for a simple Breakout game (made with Processing) and had them modify the code to create something new. Most of the students were graphic design majors and not game developers, but they managed to make some cool mods during the workshop.

Now, when you edit animated shapes into a music video, of course they look great, especially if Steph Thirion is the editor. Also, this isn’t really a new concept, considering mods, hacks, and open source have been around since the dawn of games. Still, it’s an interesting idea to create a game that’s made made specifically to be deconstructed and reconstructed like so…

The source is Marie Foulston, via Tigers Hungry.

  • John Evans

    You know, there’s a decades-old tradition in *music* of remixes and remakes. But there isn’t as much of the same thing in games, because game source is much harder to “sample”. It’s just not available most of the time!

  • cm

    I’m sure we’ve all played plenty of games by artists. This makes me think how cool it would be to play a game made by a graphic designer.

  • aeiowu

    Reminds me of top-chef last night.

    Cool stuff.

  • josh g.

    I’ve been thinking about posting some shmuply goodness coded in Processing and letting people go crazy with the code. Want a shmup remix?

  • Megan

    That was amazing and game companies need to start hiring graphic designers right this instant. Also the music was awesome.

    This should be our next comp.

  • Alex May

    Really great. Top marks.

  • torsion

    This reminds me of watching Second Reality on my 386. In a good way.

  • Danman

    @ Josh g. – YES

  • God at play

    Now _that_ was inspiring. Thanks :)

  • ssid

    Oh, even I could get in on a Processing schmup. That’d be awesome.

  • ssid

    And yeah, the music was great.

  • FISH

    every time good graphic design and games meet they turns into magic.

  • henry

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