Send Edmund Your Love!

By: Derek Yu

On: October 6th, 2009

Edmund McMillen

Hey, all. Edmund McMillen just had gall bladder surgery a few hours ago and is recovering right now. He fell ill yesterday and went to the hospital early last morning. Thankfully, he is okay and will hopefully be able to go home soon.

Please send him your love and if you’ve ever wanted to give Ed a donation for all the fun and hijinks he’s given us, now would be the time! Unfortunately, a trip to the hospital means a bill, and Ed doesn’t have health insurance. You can donate via PayPal here. Also, here’s his Facebook if you want to write something to him on his Wall.

Get well soon, Edmund! We’re looking forward to Super Meat Boy and whatever games the surgery will inspire in you.

  • God at play

    Just to make things clear, from what I’ve heard, Edmund himself has not asked for anything at all.

    Other kind indie developers have just started spreading the word and supporting him.

    So please don’t judge him for that, it doesn’t seem to be true based on the information I’ve received.

  • Satanist

    Get well soon, we love you!

  • judgespear

    what an attention whore.

    first that video of him bitching about people not liking that one game he made, now this?

    my friend is suffering from cancer, i know plenty of people who are in worse shape than edmund is. And you don’t see them whoring on the internet for sympathy. Boo freakin hoo.

    I hope Super Meat Boy flops. I’ve had it with this asshole

  • judgespear

    and yes, Super Meat Boy is a jumper rip off. This guy really pisses me off.

  • Paul Eres

    but… edmund didn’t make braid…

  • glorns

    You fuckers need to mellow the fuck out.

  • Satanist

    Briad made edmund

  • Dinsdale

    I cannot play this game.

    I’m not donating shit!

  • Muz

    i swear Edmunds beard is a drama beacon….

    no matter what it is someone has to create drama around him |:

  • raidenmkii

    this internet panhandling crap has to stop. since when did “person who creates indie games” = “starving artist begging for money and attention.”

    it’s not only stupid but completely unrealistic to think that people who play your games on the internet should also foot your hospital bills, give you free money and care for you so you don’t have to get an actual job.

    and Edmund is no stranger to attention whoring, watch a certain video featured on this a while back. This guy is worse than Bob from Bob’s Game.

  • raidenmkii

    *on this site a while back.

  • vic viper

    This is part of the reason why I don’t even like to associate with the word “indie” when it comes to games I make. Because of pretentious hacks like this guy who think making games as a hobby is some sort of lifestyle that is supposed to pay for itself. Hell, that’s probably why Pixel doesn’t even care about the fact that any of you enjoy Cave Story and wants nothing to do with indie brawl.

  • KennEH!

    Well, here’s to full and quick recovery.

  • xerus

    Haha jesus christ, the whiny haters sure have come out of the darkness for this one.

  • Chris Zamanillo

    The assholes are out in full force today.

  • Paul Eres

    um, now some of these comments make me wonder why these people read this site. i mean, if you hate indie games and the people who make them, why read tigsource?

  • GC

    I admit I listen to Rush sometimes. I say that it’s because I think he’s funny, but really I think we all just need someone to hate.

  • maskofthesun

    I’m sure it’s more the fact that people just hate Edmund and anyone who uses this site or their games pretentiously or as their personal soapbox, and how that reflects indie games as a whole. Part of which was the influence behind the parody site PIGScene.

    And I admit, I don’t really like Edmund much either (as a person, I mean). His games are fine. I loved Gish. But as a person, he has always struck me as sort of arrogant. I’ll be nice and leave it at that.

  • maskofthesun

    I remember when he was arguing with someone a while back and kept using the excuse that people who haven’t made a game before shouldn’t have an opinion, to which someone tried repeatedly telling him that “you don’t need to be a cook to tell that the food tastes bad.”

    The way he handled it afterwards just stuck me as very snobbish and even stereotypical PIGScene-ish (all “indier than thou”, etc.). Yeah… I understand why people don’t like the guy.

  • Deacon Blues

    Dear Edmund,

    I hate all of your games, and that video was kind of whiny, but my Mom had gall bladder surgery, and it’s terrible. Get well soon!

  • azk89

    A perfect fate for such a vile, arrogant, pretentious windbag. Maybe this is karma for you shrugging off other peoples criticisms as “oh they’re just haters lol.”

    I hope he makes another video complaining that people don’t like him or better yet, that people don’t give him enough money so he doesn’t have to get a real job.

    This guy doesn’t deserve our money, and he can croak for all I care.

  • azk89

    And indeed, perhaps the final straw for me was him ripping off Jumper. I hope he burns in hell someday for that.

  • RazputinOleander

    I hope I get this hardcore of a fanbase someday. All the spit flying and finger shaking, but they can’t quite articulate what it is they really feel.

    Like azk89 said – getting surgery to hopefully fix your gall bladder issues is a perfect fate. Good luck with the recovery!

  • Mooseral

    “A perfect fate for such a vile, arrogant, pretentious windbag.”

    “This guy doesn’t deserve our money, and he can croak for all I care.”

    If all he’s saying is “oh they’re just haters lol.” then I think he’s a leg up on you. Even if you think he’s a bit of a dick, wishing death upon him is going a tad far.

  • GC

    I can’t tell if half of these posts are serious. Did the subject change to Tim “Edmund” Langdell somewhere along the line?

  • Derek

    Yeah, getting a serious illness and having to get surgery is totally appropriate retribution for “shrugging off other people’s criticisms!”

    Oh wait, no it isn’t. At all. Jesus, what is wrong with you people?


  • Derek Yu

    Why was this posted to unicorns? I see no unicorns.