Send Edmund Your Love!

By: Derek Yu

On: October 6th, 2009

Edmund McMillen

Hey, all. Edmund McMillen just had gall bladder surgery a few hours ago and is recovering right now. He fell ill yesterday and went to the hospital early last morning. Thankfully, he is okay and will hopefully be able to go home soon.

Please send him your love and if you’ve ever wanted to give Ed a donation for all the fun and hijinks he’s given us, now would be the time! Unfortunately, a trip to the hospital means a bill, and Ed doesn’t have health insurance. You can donate via PayPal here. Also, here’s his Facebook if you want to write something to him on his Wall.

Get well soon, Edmund! We’re looking forward to Super Meat Boy and whatever games the surgery will inspire in you.

  • Danielle

    Awww derek! next time I see you, it wont be the usual sucker punch it will be a big sloppy kiss on your wittle cheek<3

  • Mooseral

    “Unfortunately, a trip to the hospital means a bill, and Ed doesn’t have health insurance.”

    This kind of stuff always seems odd to me. People criticize Canada’s (“socialized”) health care, but yeah… I dunno. Paying doctors to make you not die seems strange? It’s a nice thing to take not doing for granted.

    Anyhow, best of luck to him.

  • Anthony Flack

    Get well soon Edmund!

    And yeah, guys, seriously, health care reform. Seriously. Join the civilised world.

    It won’t turn you into the USSR, I promise.

  • Tommunism

    Thanks to everyone for your support. Ed and Danielle are both super grateful for everything and all of the support and love given during this time.

  • Ivan

    We’ve never met, but you seem like a standup guy, Edmund. Donated, and get well soon!!!

  • xerus

    I love edmund, and hopefully my love will heal him faster.

  • God at play

    Get well soon! I hope you’re back to good health in no time.

    The one good thing that could come out of it would be some amazing game ideas. I think that’s what I’d think about in his situation. “Get me my sketchbook, I have some ideas!”

  • AClarkFS

    Sorry to hear, hope he gets better soon. I can’t stand to hear about insurance issues….

  • Sargeant Fuckwit


  • Gainsworthy

    EDMUND! Gall Bladder Surgery. Glad to hear you’re recovering well. Think I’ll donate some mulah, ’cause you seem like an awesome guy. At the very least, for all the beautiful madness you’ve brought us over the years.

    Man, paying in full for emergency surgery? The American healthcare system is something I find genuinely bewildering.

  • Hideous

    I donated like $2.10 because that’s all I had in my paypal. But hey, if 100 people donate $2, you suddenly have $200, right? :)

  • konjak

    Yes, and that will take care of 1% of the bill!

    Go America!

  • Jordan Magnuson

    Best wishes Edmund. And yes, we should reform health care.

  • Matt

    Yep, it’s kind of retarded how hospitals act like debt collectors after they save your life. Actually…that just gave me a great idea.

  • Matt

    Also, how can you _NOT_ want to give money to that face?

  • Graham Goring

    Good luck with the recovery! And stop eating gall-stones without chewing…

  • ed

    From one Ed to another, get well soon you crazy-bearded loon!

  • UDM

    Hey Edmund, glad the surgery went well. Now get well soon or else! :P

  • Alex May

    Get well soon Edmund!

    Much love, Alex.

  • Steve

    Actually, he wouldn’t have had this bill if he only had health insurance. It’s not the country’s fault that he didn’t think it was important enough to insure his health.

    Anyway, hopefully you had them remove the growths from your chin and head, as well.

  • Rob

    I swear, if I wasn’t broke I’d donate. Get well soon!

  • Nikica

    Get well soon, I can’t wait to kill those hitlers!

  • Ohmlove

    buy games instead :)

  • Tommunism


    Apparently you don’t understand insurance. It’s not the act of “getting insurance” its the act of paying for insurance, then paying the deductible when you get treatment. To make any sort of health insurance affordable to someone in mine, or Eds, or countless other peoples income bracket, the deductible has to be high. For instance, I’m a diabetic, but luckily I got my insurance before I was diagnosed so my insurance is $140 a month…that’s fine, however, my deductible is around $3500. That would totally break me and did when I went into the ER. Had I got it AFTER I was diagnosed, it would be around $400 a month. In order to get it after I was diagnosed, my deductible would have had to be around $5000 and that would still put it in the $200-$250 a month range. It just isn’t affordable to everyone, it is as simple as that. People just don’t have the money. So please, don’t make this into an issue of “Edmund being irresponsible” its an issue of “Edmund didn’t have the money”. Understand your argument before you spout off shit that just makes you sound like a stupid inbred red state hick, k?

  • !CE-9

    chipping in the man-love. hope you get well soon, Edmund!


  • Tommunism

    I apologize for the harshness at the end of my last post. This healthcare thing is an issue for me, and has been for a long time. Its something that affects myself and countless people around me, both friends and loved ones. Steve, you probably aren’t a stupid inbred red state hick…you are probably someone who has had nothing like this happen to anyone you know or you simply have the means provided to you that abstract you from the reality of about 50 million people in the US. Its a tough thing to go through and if you are not an empathetic person, and have not had it affect you directly, it can seem like an easy fix…I assure it you, it is not.

    Anyway, I apologize for the name calling Steve.

    The donations Ed got and continue to get are amazing and it is truly a special thing to see people give, many just strangers that are doing it just to do it…that to me is amazing and I hope one day that sort of thinking is what the majority of the people everywhere live by.

  • DudeSheep

    If Edmund gets bankrupt and suffers extreme monetary hardship so that he can save his life, I’m gonna shoot the first tea bagger I see. For the first time I’ll be happy about the 2nd Ammendment.

  • Muz

    Get well soon ed!

    Also on this note, movember is coming up.

    To anyone that doesn’t know, it is where men raise money by growing moustaches throughout November to help aid in mens health :). do a google search if you want to know more.

  • EBK

    I’m glad we’ve taken a spot meant to give well wishes to a recovering man and twisted it into a political soap box. Classy!

    All the best to you, Ed.

  • mklee

    Here’s hoping Edmund recovers quickly! The indie community would be quite a different place without his contributions. Hopefully the word can spread among the general game community and help with the donations!

  • FISH

    how do americans without a fanbase survive?

    anyway, get well big guy.

  • Nitromatic

    Rest and come back with good smile,will ya!

  • TheCube

    Gallbladder surgery, that sucks, man. My wife had that about a 6 months ago, it wasn’t any fun, and we’re just lucky my job had benefits at the time. I’d donate if I wasn’t broke, not having health insurance bites. Get well soon!

    P.S. Did they remove your belly button, too?

  • F

    I had to stop working on my games for a while whilst i had chemo. maybe I should have made it public and got lots of free money.

  • Patrick

    I would say he should come to Argentina for the operation, where health care is free, but here they´d just take out his gall bladder and maybe cut his dick off.

  • Patrick

    Hey, does that moderator approval thing apply to everyone or did I do something to earn it? It´s like an achievement: “Uber Troll” – you´ve offended over 10 different readers.

  • FISH


  • Patrick

    Ahhh ok the word “dick” raises the troll flag.

    Seriously public hospitals here are great unless you need surgery, in which case you have better odds outrunning a mod in the villa.

  • Alex

    You can edit my posts all you want but I’m only saying the truth. This fat hack of an artist/game designer deserves nothing. He makes shitty games and then asks for your pity? A real man doesn’t fall on hard times and put his hand out and beg. He can spend all of the money he rakes in from you morons buying his Super Shit Boy game on his medical bills, he doesn’t need money for food, he can stand to lose the weight.

  • xerus

    Alex, you’re Edmund’s biggest fan — don’t deny it. You’ll follow him to the ends of the earth just to claim that you hate him oh so much, but the real truth is you can’t get enough of him.

    In fact, you’ve inspired me to buy multiple copies of Super Meat Boy with your constant campaigning for him.

  • Tommunism


    Looking at your badges on NG it says you played time fcuk quite a bit. What’s that all about?

  • Chris Whitman

    Fun fact: of all the people in the US who are bankrupted by the medical system, 80% are actually insured. Depending on your income bracket and any preexisting conditions, you have the option between no coverage at no cost and negligible coverage at a high cost. If you can’t afford top notch health insurance, it often makes more sense to simply go uninsured.

    Alex, you’re a petty, petty man. When you get to hell, tell Ayn Rand I said ‘fuck you.’

    Back to the original topic: get well soon, Edmund! I’ll be trying to send some money your way shortly.

  • Paul Eres

    “Looking at your badges on NG it says you played time fcuk quite a bit. What’s that all about?”

    well, alex from microwaving dot net is a well-known “hater” in the indie game community, you do best to ignore him; not a week goes by where he doesn’t bash some indie game or another, so i imagine he plays games to death in order to find ways to ridicule them :) — he prolly should have been banned long ago from here and indiegames dot com but his comments are funny (in the laughing at alex rather than with him way of course)

    anyway, get well soon edmund! you need to survive so you can teach me more about flash!

    also, regardless of whether you’re for gov funding of health care or not (i’m not, but!) it’s indisputable that the amount the us gov spends on health care per person (through medicare and medicaid) exceeds what any other country spends on free health care, so going to a free health care system would actually cost less than just giving out money through medicare and medicaid costs. strange but true.

  • Sigvatr_

    I hope he dies.

  • Bezzy

    Less dick moves, more donations.

    Get well Ed!

  • Mousse420

    “This kind of stuff always seems odd to me. People criticize Canada’s (“socialized”) health care, but yeah… I dunno. Paying doctors to make you not die seems strange?”

    It’s totally fucked up.

    Just a reminder that all intelligent people should be leaving North America if they want to live.

  • Mousse420

    A stupid asshole named Steve said:

    “Actually, he wouldn’t have had this bill if he only had health insurance. It’s not the country’s fault that he didn’t think it was important enough to insure his health”

    Some people can’t afford it. More prosperous countries use socialized healthcare. Socialized healthcare has been scientifically proven to be better in every way. I’ll bet anything this cunt grew up with his parents buying insurance for him. I really don’t give a shit what his situation is, he needs to shut the fuck up regardless. I’ve never personally known a Swede or Canadian who complained about their healthcare.

    It’s very simple; You have 2 basic choices:

    1. Pay a virtually unlimited amount based on how bad your health problems are. The worse your health gets, the MORE money you owe. Keep in mind that as your health is getting worse so is your ability to do the things you need to do in order to earn that money you need to pay your obscene medical bills. Lovely.

    2. Your healthcare is socialized and you DONT GET a medical bill. You already paid for it in your taxes. Socialized healthcare costs the taxpayers LESS. You don’t need to deal with insurance companies; they don’t exist. This has been PROVEN to work, it IS working in BETTER countries than the United States.

    I suppose you’d also think it was cool to be given a bill when the police make an arrest, or the fire department saves your house. Just like fires and crime, health is something that affects our entire society; Sick people can make other people sick and in other ways affect the health of society at large. Don’t worry, rich cunts can still compensate for their small penises and feel like they’re better than everyone else by owning nicer cars and clothes, big houses etc.

    What about the children of poor families? You can’t blame THEM for their situation and just call them “irresponsible”. I’ve debated enough conservative jizzmops to know your next response will be to blame their parents. But again I want to reiterate that socialized healthcare has been proven to be cheaper for EVERYONE. So basically what you’re telling us is that you’re willing to pay MORE for healthcare, because you want to make sure poor people DON’T get it. Basically the problem is that you want to make sure that having more money ensures you get EVERYTHING better than poor people, even if it means effectively making yourself pay more for less.


  • AuthenticKaizen

    Get well soon Edmund so that you can smile again like on that awesome photo! :)

  • Kinten

    Hey Edmund, I had the same surgery earlier this year.
    Now we’re gallbladder-less pals!

    We can form our own club and have tea-drinking meetings where we discuss matters that only people with no proper gall storage would know about.

    Give me a call!

  • Adam

    Get well soon, its unfortunate that this story has been hijacked for the whole healthcare/death thing, but it has, and even though I’m from Britain and have a lot to say on the subject I wont.

    get. well. soon. Edmund.