World of Goo Birthday Sale

By: Derek Yu

On: October 15th, 2009

World of Goo Birthday Sale

World of Goo has turned one year old and is having a big sale this week to celebrate. Until October 19th, you can pay whatever you feel the game is worth! Yowza!

  • Eclipse

    if there’s someone that reads this site that still hasn’t this game now he can’t escape

  • Adam

    “Please enter an amount greater than zero.” :(

  • Alex

    Nobody loves me. :'(

  • Rampancy

    Having already bought this once for myself and once for a friend, I’m having trouble justifying a third purchase… There must be somebody I know who would like this…

  • salade

    oh wow, my musician friend was just telling me about doing this with his album – it’s really popping up all over the place. I guess this is really the way for indies to go, no?

  • Annihilator

    Now is a good time to gift the game to friends. I’ll buy it again when it comes out for the iPhone.

  • Kimura

    Great stuff, I’ll replace my pirated copy right now.

  • rumrusher

    could I pay in pictures of how awesome the game is?

  • YM

    Perhaps, if the picture is a drawing of a spider. Make sure it has eight legs, not seven.

  • lerouxb

    By the way, you really should fix the title tags on your post permalinks. When someone adds links to your posts on delicious (or wherever) it keeps picking up “The Independent Gaming Source” for everything. Other than that it will really help your search engine rankings. (and I mean that in a “people will actually be able to find things on your site on Google way, not a nasty black hat SEO kind of way)

  • The Monster King


    yeah apparently it’s a good way to make money when indie, compared to a lot of other ways I guess, my friend FrankieSmileShow told me he and his dev friends talk a lot ’bout it, you guys know Frankie he makes games

  • Rayza

    YAY! A sale! Bought and now pretty much finished…

  • Mooseral

    The problem here is that “what it is worth” is subjective. If I were to name a price of “what it is worth”, I don’t think I could actually afford it.

    Anyhow, I managed to find a retail copy up here in Canada, which I thought was rather odd. So, I’m all good anyhow.

  • Paul Eres

    of course it’s subjective, mooseral — that’s the whole point of choosing your own price, now isn’t it? they’re not asking you to pay what you think the game is objectively worth, they’re asking you to pay what it’s worth to you.

  • FartyButt

    I feel like it isn’t worth my time.

  • FrankieSmileShow

    Niiice! I am really curious to see how this promotion will do! I hope the nice 2dboy folks will make some article about it when its over…

  • Rich

    Hey Hey! Just picked World of Goo for $1.00! I told a bunch of my friends and they’re buying it for a buck ($1.00) too!


  • godsavant

    This is an interesting idea, I’ve been thinking about this mode of distribution…though it might only work for established identities like 2D Boy or Radiohead.

  • Rolf

    Can you call it a sale if the price goes up? *wink*

  • Tekyei

    Yeah I just bought it for a buck too!! I had only played the demo before, but you can’t go wrong for a dollar! Way to go 2DBoy!

  • Roger Levy

    Geez I’m poor as anything and just about to deposit my paycheck so that I can buy it and I was gonna pay $5. Cheap skate $1 payers!

  • machineisbored

    Wish I had a spare $50 so I could pay what its really worth. Goo will stick in my mind long after all the Call of Need for Final Madden Fantasies fade.

  • Elvis Brevi

    the Radiohead legacy

  • Lord Metroid

    I had not bought it yet, cause I am really frugal with my money and could not justify their recommended price.

    However as they now given me the option of buying it for what I value the game for(after I tested the demo(I did not pirate the game in respect to the developers that are in the same shoes as oneself)). They got themselves another sale they wouldn’t have had and hence more money for the same costs as they had without giving me the option to buy.

    How can this not be a good idea?

  • Greatballsoffire

    Hah, I got WoG for 1 dollar as well! More and more people should buy it now. Just think, if even a million people buy it at one dollar that’s an extra million they’ve made! Well time to go play my new game! Cha-ching!

  • Steve

    FYI guys, you have to at least pay $0.01. So it’s not entirely accurate. I was hoping to pick up 10 or 11 copies for a total of $0.01 to $0.02.

  • Rolf

    Why would you buy 10 drm free copies?

  • Steve

    To give out to friends.

  • Lord Metroid

    Considering paypal has a transaction fee… I don’t think a purchase of such a small quantity has any positive effects.

  • Anthony Flack

    I’m afraid I’m just not going to have ten bucks to spend before the offer closes. And I don’t feel right paying less than that.

  • MisterX

    You could just buy it for $5 and donate the other half later.