Eufloria – Released!

By: Xander

On: October 23rd, 2009


“It’s bloomin’ great!” – Xander

Sorry for that. Anyway as you should be aware Eufloria, previously ‘Dyson’, has been released on Steam, D2D and through the official site. If you didn’t know this then I’m afraid you’re simply not cool. However in reading this post you now DO know this, and have automatically been saved from an awkward moment of self-doubt and an accusing glare. It’s fine, no need to thank us, we’re just doing our job. If you really do want to show your gratitude then why not pick your favourite digital distributor and play one of the most elegant strategy titles of recent memory.

If you’re still on the edge, you can also play the demo to find out if nothing else just why we needed to tell you that you could.

TIGdb: Entry for Eufloria

  • Alex May

    Coming Spring 2010:

    Eufloria: Fucked Planet ($10 DLC)

    Summer 2010:

    Eufloria: Surnames Make Me Feel Great ($10 DLC)
    Eufloria 2: It Grows On Trees

  • Nathaniel

    I’m not sure I’ll try this… Destructoid’s review ( makes it sound awful…

  • Paul Eres

    @Zixinus: i wasn’t saying that people necessarily should buy it, just saying that there is one of many reasons someone would want to buy it (to support the developers), whereas you (or someone else?) claimed there was absolutely nothing good that would come out of buying this game, no reason to buy it at all, because the free version was essentially the same as the paid version. by anti-social i simply meant that it was a very mercantile/consumerist approach to life to not want to buy something to support the people making it just because you can get something essentially similar for free. if that were really true, and if the goal was just to save money and have the most fun with the least money spent, there’d be no reason not to just pirate the game, right?

    @seth: if you regret buying it, ask for a refund by all means; i give refunds to people who regret having bought my game, i doubt they’d be any different

  • trav

    So when did tigsource start getting hard core trolls?

    I thought dyson was pretty cool, I probably wouldn’t pay $20 for it either, but yeah, as many have said, don’t be a douche and start typing in all caps that there’s no reason for people to buy it.

  • Alex May

    Quite happy to give refunds yep :)

  • Me

    So were there people asking for refunds after having bought Inmortal Defense :{? WTH, your game is beautiful, Paul Eres. (and this comment is from a guy who plays all mainstream, super-hypped, eye-candy games. Yes, Inmortal Defense is a gem).
    As for Eufloria, I think that some may have a point in their criticism, but in their website they say that Eufloria is primarily conceived as an ambient game, so I wonder if those criticisms -while fair- are rightly spot on. If I buy a book that sells itself as a poetry book, I don’t expect a narrative full of exciting actions with a load of characters-at least not conventionally-; more so if the poet have made me read some poems and told me “this is a sketch of my upcoming book”. You simply don’t expect the book to turn into an epic, or a novel. In the same way, I think most people is missing the point of the game’s genre(s). That being said, perhaps the expectations many were leaning more towards an strategic-conquer RTS than towards a ambient-conquer game. In the first, you think and act quickly, in the second you watch and listen, action comes later. I didn’t follow the development of Eufloria, so I cannot say, but perhaps it wasn’t clear what the game was going to be or what the community was expecting it to be.

  • Moose

    If you really are offering refunds, I’d like one.