TIGSource Presents: Assemblee Competition!

By: Derek Yu

On: October 24th, 2009

TIGSource Assemblee Competition

Calling all artists, musicians, and programmers! A two-part TIGSource Competition is beginning! In Assemblee, artists, musicians, and coders will work separately to create games together.

The first part is a month-long art and music competition, where entrants submit as many cool art and music assets as possible. Anything your febrile creative mind can come up with – characters, backgrounds, user interfaces, random icons, crazy tunes, sound effects, and who knows what else. We’ll cheer you on as you dump your brain onto the internet for us to look at.

In the second part is for you design monkeys and code wizards. You guys will have one month to make games using only the assets created for part 1. Could that sprite be used as a character for my game, or maybe as something else entirely? What kind of game does this song make me think of? You guys and gals better cheer the loudest for the artists and musicians, because whatever they make, you’ll have to use!

This is a competition about interpreting game artwork (both 2d and 3d) and music and finding interesting uses for them. It’s also about sharing – all the art and music will be made freely available to the public for non-commercial usage. Part 1 is beginning RIGHT NOW! Join the fun!

  • http://elvisbrevi.blogspot.com Elvis Brevi

    wow cool idea!

  • Quiest

    Very nice!

  • http://www.videojogos.org/ videojogos

    Is the project still active?

  • Guest

    i Believe RotMG won (Google, its first thing you come up with)

  • Anonymous

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  • Mohammed

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