Assemblee: Part Two

By: Guest Reviewer

On: December 6th, 2009

Assemblee: Part Two

Greetings citizens of Tigville! I am Lord Andy of Whitshire. Duke Derek is tending to important matters in the shires of Mossmouth, and asked me to deliver this news in his stead:

“Our cup hath overfloweth with an amazing amount of awesome entries to Part 1 of Assemblee competition. But the journey is long, and we must persist. For ”">Part 2 now awaits brave adventurers.

To assist ye in your task, I, Duke Derek, have linked to resources on the Part 2 page which shall aid in collecting the materials required for building your game.

And so I send ye forth to now assemble. Good luck young ducklings.

-Duke Derek of Tigsourcia"

I trust ye all know what to do…


  • !CE-9

    yes we are.

  • Craig Stern

    Awesome. On my birthday, too! What a nice present. :D

  • John Evans



    Okay! I’m excited, let’s roll. :D

  • Charlton heston

    Wow the sad people are green now

  • Jag

    They’re happy birds (I only just realized this).

  • Scypher

    >sad people


  • Xion

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw sad people. They are sad because of the rectangular tumors.

  • Sparky

    Ooh, I’m excited about this. I’m in.

  • Sparky

    P.S.- I think they are people with four arms.

  • Tokyoma


  • JMP

    So there’s no massive asset downloads anywhere? How does this work? Are we supposed to read the 11 pages worth of threads to find what we want in the Part 1 forums? Thanks.

  • BigLon

    I am still hoping a massive torrent or some download link to ALL the assets will ‘magically’ appear. Till then I am going to make use of the forums and look forward to seeing Derek’s ‘Organized Links’.

  • ngajoe

    Wow, those are BIRDS?

    Holy crap…

    I thought it was funnier with sad people than birds.

  • undertech

    People should be forced to use random assets; saves the trouble of picking through everything.

    You’re welcome. There is no fee for that consultation.

  • anothergol

    Someone has to make the “Happy bird vs sad guy pushing blocks: the game”.
    (as long as it’s not an artist doing it in like 6 hours with a useless message about life/death/love of birds and pushed blocks representing files moved around in your HD)

  • fuzz

    no there is a massive asset thing somewhere, i don’t recall what it’s called

  • Andy Wiltshire


    I am Lord Andy of Wiltshire…

  • Frosty

    I also saw two sad people.

  • Jag

    I think it’s a Rorschact poster-blot.

  • nik

    i just for the first time saw two birds :)
    after days of seeing sadness, i bet my changes are growing !