Holiday Music

By: Derek Yu

On: December 10th, 2009

Just ‘cause it’s Christman/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus doesn’t mean you have to be listening to Jingle Bells and all that festive stuff (although you’re very welcome to!). Here’s some music from the indie game world to rock your stockings as we approach the new year!

Aquaria OST

The Aquaria OST – Alec put together an amazing production for the Aquaria soundtrack, which he composed. This 2-disc, 50-track beast comes with an 8-page booklet that features artwork by myself and Marian artist Katie De Sousa, as well as an 8-panel mini-poster featuring screenshots from the game and liner notes. It’s a really beautiful package that comes in 3 flavors: unsigned, signed, and digital.


Fez Demo EPs – The mysterious Polytron Corporation has released 3 demo tracks from Fez, their upcoming XBLA game. The tracks, composed by Jason “6955” DeGroot, are available as a free download, or can be ordered as a limited-edition CD (250 copies). Check it out if you like chiptunes.

Zeno Clash OST – The Zeno Clash OST was released yesterday. Composed by Patricio Meneses, the soundtrack features 18 tracks and can be downloaded via iTunes or purchased as a CD.

Machinarium Bonus EP

Machinarium Bonus EP – Amanita Design has released five free bonus tracks for their incredible adventure game Machinarium. These are available as mp3s. The full soundtrack comes with the game if you buy it directly Amanita’s website (what are you waiting for?).

Game music 1

Game music 1 – Finally, the legendary indie chiptune artist Phlogiston released a free compilation of music he wrote for various games, like Bisse’s I Was in the War, cactus’s Air Pirates and PING PONG, and Darthlupi’s Wonder Bounce. He invites indie game designers to contact him about releasing their soundtracks through his label Pause. You would be amongst good company.

Well, that’s a lot of great indie game music right there. Hope you all enjoy these stocking stuffers. Please be sure to post any good soundtracks I may have missed that came out recently.

Happy Holidays!

  • FrankieSmileShow

    Gadzooks, that sure is a fine cover for this Game Music album I bet the author is a very handsome man

  • Rolf

    No mention of songs for cure ’10? seriously?

  • Scattle

    Wasn’t there a track for one of my games in there? That’s odd, I guess I’m not important enough for a mention haha

  • Derek

    @Rolf: Where?!

    @Scattle: Sorry, I hadn’t played the game. But now I realize that was a stupid reason not to post it.

  • You neglected to mention The Protomen? Blasphemy!

    For those unfamiliar with the Chip-Hop/Punk/Arena Rock/Big Band/Mariachi/Rock Opera gods, go here:

  • Andreas

    We put together a Bandcamp page where you can download (name your own price) the soundtracks of our games Mr. Bounce and Understanding Games, all composed by Martin Straka.

  • ithamore

    I think Rolf is referring to the Indie Music Cancer Drive for 2010, which can be pre-ordered.

  • Anonymous

    heh festivus…

  • Milieu

    Hi Derek! You might like the soundtrack I did for Eufloria (previously Dyson) which is available in its full 2.5-hour glory here:


  • Josh Whelchel

    @Milieu – You did a 2.5hr soundtrack for Eufloria?! Seems excessive but SO AWESOME. I’ll be all over that before xmas.

  • Milieu

    @Josh – Yes sir! Thanks a lot! It does seem like a lot of music but really it’s only 17 songs, most of which are in the 8-15 minute range because of the slower (longer) pace of the game itself. There’s also a handful of tracks on the OST that weren’t included in the game, and it comes with a bunch of Eufloria desktop backgrounds as well!

  • Davioware

    A festivus for the restivus.

  • Ken-NZ

    You missed the Trine soundtrack which was released a little while ago.

  • Tom Jubert

    It’s not out yet, but Mikko Tarmia (composer on cult indie series Penumbra) is just about to release the critically acclaimed soundtrack to said games.