Sculptris Alpha

By: Derek Yu

On: December 20th, 2009

DrPetter, the talented developer behind Deflectorpool and Sfxr, just released an alpha for a new tool, called Sculptris. Sculptris lets you make 3d models quickly and intuitively as shown in the above video. You can export your creations as OBJ files or import OBJ files to use as a base for editing.

It’s really fun to play with. I made this ugly head after messing around for a bit.

This is an alpha, so the good Doctor recommends saving frequently, and reporting any bugs (or general inquiries) to him at the Sculptris forums. According to the readme, the final version is due in early 2010.

  • Rorkimaru


    It didn’t occur to me, thanks for the heads up!

  • Almost

    hmm, my antivirus doesn’t like the sculptris.exe file (and judging by the comments here about people being unable to run the program, my guess is that theirs don’t either)