Bob Came in Pieces – Released

By: Xander

On: December 22nd, 2009

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Bob Came in Pieces is a puzzle adventure game released today by Ludosity Interactive.

Though there’s no demo available at the moment, the trailer does seem to be reason enough to be interested in this game. The basic idea appears to be that you use your ship in order to solve immediate puzzles in an attempt to accomplish your greater goal of collecting all the parts of your ship in order to return home. However, the more pieces of your ship you recollect the more you can alter the actual ship itself to better solve the puzzles. This could mean improving your score on earlier levels, or perhaps entirely alternate methods of solution through far more imaginative machinations.

The presentation appears to be pretty solid, with some nice looking ice effects and physics, and at less than $10 the overall package is rather tempting. Hopefully a demo is the next logical step from the developers, but I think the price point is quite well-pitched to my own curiosity so if nothing else I’ll hopefully have something more to say later on.

  • Laawd


  • UDM

    Looks like a very charming puzzle game. The trailer has definitely caught my attention.

  • Benji

    At first this sounded like you were describing commander keen, haha. Looks much cooler than that though.

  • Moose

    It’s pretty good. And it’s pretty much THE quintessential Unity game.

  • deadeye

    This game looks neat :)

  • God at play

    In the similar videos playlist at the end is the game M.I.F.O. by the same dev.

    It looks very similar to Bob Came In Pieces. I think it’s interesting to compare the two games – MIFO has less thought to it in terms of theme and story. It’s pretty much straight-up gameplay-focused. BCIP seems to be a lot more story-oriented, at least from the trailers.

    You don’t usually get the chance to see two different takes on a such a similar game by the same dev. Fascinating.

  • reallyjoel

    MIFO – My identified Flying Object, was the workname for Bob.. also that old teaser for MIFO was based on an older version made with Ogre (but really rendered in Maya =) Hm, even I’m confused now.. Anyways, I hope you like the finished game!

  • Steve

    Why no demo, I wonder? My guess is that it’s an hour and ten minutes to complete the whole game.

    Is that the case, roughly?

  • Eclipse

    I’ve played the first level demo and it was quite nice

  • SirNiko

    This was exactly the concept I was hoping Nintendo’s Pikmin would follow, except, it didn’t.

    This looks pretty nice. I may spring for this.


  • Entar

    This looks pretty sweet. I like the concept of rebuilding the ship in different ways – some good gameplay concepts there.

  • TheCube

    Possibly worth buying for the music alone. Reminds me of the recent Giana Sisters DS, or less recently, Pocket Tanks. Apparently I’m in to slightly-retro-laid-back-techno-ambience? I dunno what to call that.

  • Frank

    Storyline sounds original…

  • Trullz

    I think i still have the one level unity mifo “alpha” somwhere.

  • penis

    Logo totally says ‘Boob’

  • really

    Yes, but boob is good, right?

    There will hopefully be a demo soon!

    The game is more like 5 hours the first run through, not including revisting stages to get all the secrets.

  • Maxim

    This game is not an one hour game for sure. It is lots of fun just to rebuild your crazy ships. I’m wondering when we will see ship designs as a swastika or a dick..

  • davidp

    looking megasweet <3

  • Maxim

    I’m wondering when we will see youtube videos of ding dongs and other crazy symbols created with the ship…

  • Elvis Brevi


  • jumps

    hey it’s like that alien artifact game that got released today

  • God at play

    Ahhh, no wonder the games looked so similar! It’s still interesting to see the two trailers side-by-side, though.

    Thanks for the info.

  • wiivn

    is it available @ steam?

  • TrolleFar

    @wiivn, We are working on getting the game out on Steam and other channels. Keep an eye on the homepage and the blog.

  • Phasma Felis

    Dang, now I want to play MIFO :) It looks adorable.

    Well, BCIP looks like fun too. I may give it a try once I finish these umpteen zillion other games. :-/

  • nullerator

    Seems like something I’d enjoy. Purchased it now, just waiting for the order info to arrive. *twiddles thumbs*

  • Kappe

    To you guys who has bought the game: we would love to hear what you have to say about it. What you liked, what you would like to see more of etc. Would really appreciate it. Maybe it is best you mail us at [email protected] instead of taking it here?

  • The Vagrant Werewolf

    This looks absolutely lovely, like a mix of LittleBigPlanet and Jetpac.

    I’m very tempted to give it a shot, too.

    I have to hope it’ll be a little better than Trine, to which it looks a little similar. Trine had such promise, but it run out of steam (and ideas) pretty quickly and went downhill after the first few levels.

    But this looks… very imaginative, so I’m hopeful! Very hopeful.

    May give this a look, indeed.