By: Derek Yu

On: January 18th, 2010

Here’s the first official trailer for Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe’s Closure, which is coming to the PC and Mac (and possibly other platforms) in 2011. The game is up for 3 IGF awards this year: Excellence in Audio, Technical Excellence, and Nuovo.

I realize I haven’t posted anything about cactus’s Tuning, a psychedelic platform game. Tuning has been nominated for the Nuovo Award at this year’s IGF and has won an award at Indiecade for “Sublime Experience”.

Finally, here’s an old trailer for an abandoned game by Joakim “konjak” Sandberg, the esteemed creator of Chalk and Noitu Love 2. Mina of the Pirates is a Metroidvania that was much-anticipated in the Klik community back in the day (we’re talkin’ circa 2003), and was apparently quite close to becoming a finished game before it got canned. Well, never say never, because here it is! Thanks, Joakim, for releasing this bit of indie gaming history into the wild.

Now if only Ben Berntsen would release Chaos Gate, all the old Klikkers would be satisfied…

  • Oryx

    less old trailers, more assemblee!

  • fuzz

    the closure trailer isn’t old

  • jsmith

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Oryx

    Just being silly

  • bateleur

    No Closure until 2011? Sad now. :-(

    Pretty trailer, though!

  • Dave C

    Chaos Gate 4 ever! Seriously, that game looked so rad. It makes me want to make little fighty, platformy things out of all my projects.

  • SmallCaveGames

    I think I’d have more fun watching someone play the first two. :) They look cool, but can’t really get a sense of gameplay.

  • The Monster King

    Konjak stop doing like everyone and not finish awesome looking games oh wait it’s finished or half finished or maybe I should just download it that’s a good idea

    Herm anyways those two other gams are lookin goood

  • konjak

    No problem, Derek. I like unleashing poorly designed games to lessen myself (just kidding).

    @Monster King: I have only really released one game in recent times that was a game I abandoned at the time rather than several years earlier, it’s just people get the impression I’m just releasing loads of unfinished things.

  • FISH

    closure trailer is nice, but too long, and with too many quotes.

    the music explains the nomination.
    sounds haunting!

  • jrjellybeans

    Mina of the pirates looks awesome!

    I’ve been hearing about Closure for some time now. The video looks kind of interesting.

    Congrats to all!

  • jon schubbe

    sorry about the length of the trailer! i will make it much shorter next time!

  • Bennett

    Please somebody tell me that this Konjak game isn’t made with Klik ‘n Play.

  • konjak

    It is. There is no scrolling and only MIDI music.

  • Phasma Felis

    Bennett: Not sure what you thought “much-anticipated in the Klik community” meant. :)

    Konjak: It sure looks like it has scrolling…

  • Dodger

    What a cool line-up. I really like the look of all of these.

    Closure looks and sounds haunting. I really like the atmosphere. I really want to play it right now. Which consoles will this be developed for anyway? I noticed PC but the quotes in the trailer also mentioned Consoles.

    Tuning looks almost Techno-Organic. It’s hard to describe but there’s something alive about the movement of all the blocks. I can’t tell what’s supposed to be going on or if there’s an objective but it looks damn good. I really like the way 3D was used in the game and there’s something beautiful about the flow of it all. I want to see a finished game of this one. It looks like something that could evolve onto the Playstation Network, either way I just want to try it out cuz it looks so fluid and interesting.

    Mina of the Pirates looks great. It actually looks much more ambitious than NL2 (which was also a great game but much more refined). This would have made a great cart for the SNES with a little more work. Still this is a nice little (free) surprise. :) My only question is, is there a proper ending to it? It reminds me of so many other titles without actually robbing them of their aesthetics. Downloading now. Let me know if this game can be finished Konjak – What I mean by that is, can I play it from beginning to end without it ending abruptly? That’s what I meant by is there an actual ending to the game.

  • konjak

    It was never finished so there’s no ending, of course.

    There were two more areas after what’s in this released version but they were in seperate files with their own issues.

  • Dodger


    Well it sure does look good. Was it more frustrating to try and finish it or more frustrating to not have finished it? It does look like you spent a lot of time on it.

  • Phasma Felis

    Can you actually go anywhere from the eastern side of Beuticia, or is that one of the unfinished things? I go a where-do-you-want-to-go menu, but I can’t do anything except exit.

  • Bennett

    There must be some flexible, usable version of Klik & Play which is different from the version I’ve tried :/

  • konjak

    Phasma, press enter to pick. And I lied, it’s made in MMF 1.5 which has scrolling…

    Now, let’s not make this a FAQ section, you can use my site for that.

  • Phasma Felis

    I tried Enter, it doesn’t work. Only Space to leave or Esc to quit. :(

    But okay, I’ve left a comment on your site as well, we can continue the discussion there. :)

  • Strange

    Obviously can’t wait for cactus’ game..

    Funny – the first thing that came to my mind when Closure’s little quote appeared at the end “Welcome to Purgatory”, was ‘…Punishment?’…

  • kwyjibo

    I’m a bit disappointed with the direction Closure’s taken. It’s all clean lines and nicely defined shapes. Even the instruction keys are nice solid images of your keyboard buttons.

    The original had a haunting dirty rough look. The wind running through the speakers matched the desolate and hellish environments.

    The new game though, looks all wholesome and conservative. I’m sure the gameplay will be great, but there can be such a pleasure in lo-fi.